Humanities, as a stream, is a storehouse of courses that students can pursue after completing their 12th.  Pursuing any of these degrees makes one adept to embrace a sensible approach toward understanding the varied level of human behavior, emotions, and society and thereby carve out a perfect career path. Students of humanities have numerous options to choose from: law, literature and linguistics, sociology, psychology, political science, and so on. 

Scope of Humanities After 12th 

Be it honing the essential skills to appear in the most competitive government exams, instilling professional skills like communications or logical thinking, or invoking emotional intelligence to fix a situation – humanities courses offer a wide spectrum of opportunities. From job roles like editor, multimedia specialist, and digital marketing specialist to roles like analyst, psychologist, and data linguist – there is a wide array of job opportunities available for students who aim to pursue arts after completing 12th.  

What is Humanities? 

Humanities courses cater to studies of humans, their thought processes, society, and culture. It technically has no specific subject structure as sciences. However, the arts and humanities courses include a vast number of studies such as modern languages, literature, history, politics, sociology, philosophy, law, and religion. 

Art and Humanities Degree 

Students who aim to pursue humanities courses for their higher education can first get a bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s and then research. Professionals having a humanities degree can work in different sectors. They can work in the government sector, creative fields like advertising, consultant, and so on. Students who want to study humanities degree can enroll for a bachelor’s in arts, Economics or Psychology and Mass Communication. With a vast pool of options of subjects and interesting course works, pursuing arts abroad can be a great opportunity for students after 12th. 

Essential steps to ace the undergrad program abroad  

Ace competitive entrance 

Universities across the world offer well-designed humanities courses. Countries even welcome foreign students to opt for these courses. However, clearing the entrances like SAT and ACT and English proficiency tests like IELTS is the first to study abroad. 

Application form 

After clearing the entrances, students need to fill up application forms to apply to different colleges or universities abroad. Application forms vary from one institution to another. However, the true purpose of such forms is to extract the personal and professional details of applicants. It is the introduction to colleges or universities that highlights the unique purpose and goal of the applicant.  

Transcript/ academic records  

Students need to submit their grades, credits, and degrees received as proof. 

Letter of recommendation (LOR)  

LOR is an integral part of the application process. Applicants are required to submit letters from their professors or mentors. These letters help the admission council to get an insight into students’ lives and proceed accordingly.  

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume 

It can provide a comprehensive insight into the applicant’s academic timeline. 

Top Five Global Universities for Arts and Humanities 

University of Oxford 

Oxford University ranks among the top 5 universities in the world. However, it ranks top for its Art and Humanities department.  The University of Oxford is made up of a central university. It has 38 colleges and six Permanent Private Halls.  The university offers freshers housing facilities. The excellent coursework and high-end research facilities help students accomplish academic achievements if they join this university to pursue higher education. 

Harvard University 

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest higher education institution in the U.S. Harvard is known as the top-ranked globally recognized university. However, it ranks second for arts and humanities.  The university’s academic calendar is semester-based and English is the language of instruction. Every year thousands of students apply to get admission to this prestigious university. The university allows undergraduate students to live on campus for all four years. The research facility of Harvard is extraordinary. This motivates students to even opt for further studies. 

University of Cambridge 

Like Oxford, Cambridge is one of the most celebrated academic institutions in Europe. Cambridge has a specially allotted school for arts and humanities. Cambridge has more than 100 libraries, including college and department libraries. The university has around 140 centers and institutes, advocating for its fine research facility. These institutes contribute to different areas of research.  Cambridge is the world’s third-ranked institution for Arts and humanities. 

University College of London 

UCL or University College London is the sixteenth best global university and the third best university in Europe. It ranks fourth in arts and humanities. The university provides guaranteed hostel service for first-year undergraduates. The UCL academic calendar has three terms. The English language is used for all the instructions. Students from almost 150 countries have chosen UCL for their higher education. 

Yale University

Yale University was founded in 1701, making it one of the oldest institutions of education in the United States. This university is located in Connecticut.  

The university comprises the undergraduate college, the Graduate School of Arts and Science, and different other professional schools. Economics, history, and political science are among the most popular majors for undergraduates. Yale University also offers popular Law courses. 

How Turito’s Gradabroad Program can help students get admission to top universities abroad 

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Students who aim to pursue humanities and arts abroad after 12th have a lot of great opportunities to explore. With consistently good academic performance, customized guidance, and strong determination, they can accomplish their dream of studying abroad and can secure admission to a top college or university in the world.