Question PapersNEET Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions and Answer Keys

NEET Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions and Answer Keys

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All the NEET Previous Years’ Question Papers can be found here. Practice in your own time with Previous Year Question Papers and In-House Question Papers prepared by our India’s Top Faculty. All the experts and tutors along with the students agree on practicing previous year question papers has a significant effect in scoring better. It offers the students an idea on how the questions are framed in the exam and helps them to recognize the patterns in questions thereby making them effective in solving the questions. We have segregated the NEET Question papers from years 2020, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and more for the students to download as PDFs and solve on their own time. The question papers are available with the solutions for students to make the necessary corrections and become better.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers with PDF Download.

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Select the NEET Question Paper from a year of your choice and start solving. You can find the NEET Physics Questions, NEET Chemistry Questions, and NEET Biology Questions with solutions as Downloadable PDFs.

About NEET

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), is a Nation Level Entrance Examination conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency) for students who aspire to get into Top Medical and Dental Institutions across India which offer courses such as MBBS, MD, MS, BDS, MDS.

NEET 2020 comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology.

Concepts/Topics from 11th and 12th Classes and the Exam is Conducted once a year in Offline Mode.


Students who have passed 12th Grade are eligible to write NEET exam.

NEET Exam Pattern 2020

Parameters Details
No. of Questions 180
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Duration 3 Hours
Subjects Biology (Botany & Zoology), Physics, Chemistry
Languages Available 11 Languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, Urdu, Gujarati, Assamese)
Marking Scheme 4 Marks for Each Correct Answer
Negative Marking -1 Mark for Each Wrong Answer
Maximum Marks 720 (180 for Each Subject)

NEET 2020 Cutoff

NEET Cutoff will be announced by the NTA every year. The Cutoff Percentile and Scores for various categories in NEET 2020 have been announced as below.

Category NEET Cutoff Percentile NEET 2020 Cutoff Scores
General 50th Percentile 720-147
SC/ST/OBC 40th Percentile 146-113
General PH 45th Percentile 146-129
SC/ST/OBC-PH 40th Percentile 128-113

About NEET Exam

Students who take the NEET Exam are expected to gain a minimum percentage of marks since the exam does not have a section/ subject wise Cutoff.

But there is a solution if the scores are tied with another student.

In case two students secured the same NEET score, NTA will consider the following factors to rank them.

Better Score in Biology: If the overall NEET score is the same for two students, then the respective scores in Biology are considered and whoever secures the higher marks will be preferred in the merit list.

Better Score in Chemistry: If the overall NEET scores and Biology scores are the same, then the respective scores in Chemistry are considered and the student that has secured a higher score will be preferred in the merit list.

Number of Incorrect Answers: If there is a tie in the above three categories, then the number of incorrect answers given by each student are taken into consideration and the one that has less number of incorrect answers will gain a better rank.

Age: If the tie still exists in all of the above, then the age is taken into account and whoever is elder is given a better rank.

NEET 2020 Section wise Analysis

Many experts who have studied and understood the questionnaire have broke down the paper pattern Grade and topic wise. Here is some analysis on the percentage of topics that will be included in the NEET question paper.

NEET 2020 Physics

Experts analyzed that 38% of questions in NEET 2020 Physics paper were from XI Grade and 62% questions were given from the XII Grade. They rated the questions into easy, medium, and hard categories, and of the 45 questions, 33 were labelled as easy, 11 as medium and only 1 question was labelled as difficult. The overall rating for the Physics Paper was average.

NEET 2020 Chemistry

In NEET 2020 Chemistry, 47% of Questions were from XI Grade and 53% were from the XII Grade. The questions were rated as follows. 25 Questions were Easy, 17 Questions were Medium, and 3 Questions were Difficult. The overall rating for the paper was Easy.

NEET 2020 Biology

While 52% Questions in the NEET 2020 Biology were from XI Grade, 48% were from Grade XII. Out of the 90 Questions, 57 questions were from Botany and 33 Questions were from Zoology. The difficulty was rated as Easy, but it was also labelled lengthy. Out of the 90 questions, 41 Questions were rated as Easy, 34 as Medium, and 7 were rated as Difficult.

NEET Tips & Tricks

Cracking NEET Exam grants students, entrance into India’s most prestigious Medical and Dental Colleges. The exam as is renowned across the student communities, is one of the toughest exams in the world. But with hard work and dedication one can score better in the exam and get a seat in the desired college.

Students need to perform well in academics, develop conceptual intelligence on all the topics, develop a strategy that lets them revise at least 3 times over the course of preparation, focus on fundamentals and practice NEET previous year question papers and mock tests from various sources. All these skills along with time management skill will help the students score better in the exam.

Here are some tips and tricks to crack NEET Exam in Detail
  • Time Management
  • The first and foremost skill that is an absolute necessity for the students who aim to rank among the top. This skill can only be developed by the regular practice of test papers from previous years and various sources. NEET Test papers either from previous years or from the Experts at Turito are available in plentiful. Students can signup and start practicing right away.

  • Conceptual Intelligence
  • The first and foremost skill that is an absolute necessity for the students who aim to rank among the top. This skill can only be developed by the regular practice of test papers from previous years and various sources. NEET Test papers either from previous years or from the Experts at Turito are available in plentiful. Students can signup and start practicing right away.

  • Strong Fundamentals
  • As we have seen in the analysis that was provided above, NEET Question papers comprise questions from both XI and XII Grades in almost equal parts. It is imperative for the student to keep the topics from previous years fresh in his mind if he wants to crack the NEET exam. The better way to do this is to revise the subjects not just from the previous year but also from the 9th and 10th classes so that an easier understanding of the fresh concepts develops.

  • Rigorous Practice
  • Practice of the test papers and diverse questions from any and every source available is one of the most important steps in revision. Practicing tests and various kind of objective questions not only makes your process effective but also helps you to recognize various patterns that are being repeated over the years. Another important reason for the emphasis is that they help students realize any of the topics that they have missed. Practice also increase focus in problem solving and confidence.

  • Personal Assessment
  • Personal assessment helps you to realize your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Every student has topics where their mind slows down making it hard to understand or focus. The difference between normal students and rankers is that rankers recognize these areas and shift their focus to them so that they can master the topics just like others. This process only comes through taking time to sit and realize the topics and your mastery on them from time to time.

  • Micro and Macro Level Planning
  • Iron clad strategy that lets you cover the entire syllabus more than twice is as important as the revision itself. Macro level planning that allows a little flexibility and micro level planning that allows you to revise the concepts accordingly is a must for the student. This kind of planning allows you to shuffle timings between the important topics and the ordinary ones each time you begin a new revision cycle.

  • Keeping a positive Attitude
  • Maintaining a positive attitude towards the exam and your efficiency to crack is an integral part of preparation. Only when a student can be confident about his abilities and believe wholeheartedly that he can crack the exam, he can focus on the preparation fully. It allows you to concentrate on the topics with a clear head and zero distractions.

Why Turito?

Turito’s veteran Faculty that has a proven record of mentoring students who ranked among the top 100 will guide you through the entire preparation of NEET through various courses available. Our state of the art technology that is designed to improve the interaction between students and faculty enables students from anywhere in India to directly clear their doubts while in class or in your own time. All the technologically advanced features that Turito provides makes the platform more student friendly alongside offering the best coaching to rank better. Check out our Curated Courses for NEET preparation for 2021, and 2022 that are available English, Hindi, and Telugu.


Solving Previous Year Question Papers is the best way to assess your preparation level. Previous years’ NEET paper will also give you an idea about the layout and pattern of real time question paper. The practice makes you more conscious of the pace and gives you better time management skills.
Solving as many previous years papers as you can is always helpful as it would assist the students to understand the examination pattern and style of the questionnaire. While this helps the students to be faster than others, practicing previous years question papers alone is not enough for better Ranking.
NEET Previous Year Question papers are available in English only.
Yes, some questions might appear from previous years papers but it does not constitute a significant difference. Practicing as many question papers as possible is more helpful for students to stay confident and manage time.
Yes, the question papers along with solutions can be Downloaded as PDF Downloads are enabled.
You can download the question papers by clicking on the link provided for e.g., NEET Question paper 2020.
It is advisable to practice last ten years Question Papers, and if time permits solve some more years question papers also. But practicing only previous year question papers will not suffice if you want to rank better. Practicing Mock tests prepared by the experts will prepare you better for the exams. You can find the Mock Test papers here (hyperlink).
Pattern includes Physics and Chemistry section of 45 questions each. While the Biology section comprises of 90 problems to be solved in a total time of 180 minutes.
NCERT books are always preferrable to get the best insights and understand the topics.
You can improve your Chances of Scoring Better as we provide The Question Papers comprising of NEET Biology, NEET Physics and NEET Chemistry with Solutions.
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