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We aim to empower students with personalized & all-inclusive learning while guiding them to remarkable success.

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Immersive learning experience


Live & engaging classrooms


Elite tutors to teach

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We teach your way

We practice delivering quality education to your child.


Transforming problems into mastery

We take pride in Turito having tutors who are experts in their fields & understand student needs. They ensure a personalized learning experience & undivided attention, thereby securing academic success.

You play a huge role in your child’s success!

With our exclusive parent app, it is now easier for you to keep track of performance, attendance & activities. Know more about students’ strengths & weaknesses via comprehensive test reports & progress pulse.

Tech-enabled platform to deliver the best services

A blend of education with technology adds to a fun learning experience with our well-equipped platforms providing various resources like whiteboard & 3D modeling that make classes engaging.

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Going an extra mile with turito

Live interactive classes

anywhere, anytime

Thoroughly vetted tutors

for quality education

Personalized attention

for clear concepts

Tailored curriculum

crafted for your success

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Words from Our Founder

“We envision bringing academic excellence to every student by an ideal blend of expert tutors & technology with customized curriculum. Our aim is to bring a level-playing field where every student can get an immersive learning experience that can fulfill the dream of getting into the top universities.”

Mr. Uday Reddy
Founder and CEO of Turito

Seeing is believing

Let’s hear what the parents & students have to say about their experience with Turito.


I’ve witnessed a significant improvement in the English language skills of my son Trijal after enrolling in Turito’s one-on-one tutoring. Though Trijal is shy by nature, now he is able to interact smoothly because the tutors established a friendly rapport with him in the classes.

Kamal Narang
Parent of Trijal Narang | Grade 3

We are glad to express the fact that the learning of our kid has greatly improved after enrolling in one-on-one tutoring by Turito. With their empathetic and outgoing approach towards learning, the tutors made it very comfortable for kids.

Parent of Airanpreet | Grade 3

We absolutely love one-on-one tutoring by Turito and my kids Armaan and Jaskaran are catching up pretty well. The tutors are very co-operative and they care for the students even after the sessions by establishing a valuable bond. My children are thoroughly enjoying the sessions and eagerly waiting for the next sessions.

Parent of Armaan and Jaskaran | Grade 5

My experience of attending Turito's classes was very good. Their classes were interactive, and I was comfortable speaking my mind. It was interesting and I didn't feel any pressure. The teachers helped me understand the concepts clearly. Before, it was a challenge for me to apply tricks in Math and English. I found it really difficult and I was not confident at all with reading comprehension. But the tutors helped me. They taught me to not just skim through the paragraph, but also understand the meaning of the passage. This process improved my vocabulary as well. Time management was another challenge that I faced but I learned the techniques to finish faster. These improvements were reflected in the consecutive grand test scores. I recommend Turito to other students as well.

Parthiv, SAT

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