Direction :Pick the word that best fits the sentence after reading the text and selecting the proper words for the sentence below.
This Parrot __________ small.

  1. Red
  2. Look
  3. Black
  4. Looks


Picture description means to describe a picture in words based on what you can see in the picture.
Singular refers to only one person, animal, place or thing. Plural refers to more than one person, animal, place or thing.

The correct answer is: Looks

    The correct answer is option 'd'.
    The parrot looks small.
    The picture is of a small parrot.
    Therefore, options 'a' and 'c' do not fit in the given blank.
    Option 'b' has the singular form of the verb 'look' which is used for plural nouns.
    Therefore, option 'b' is also wrong.