Exam – The mere thought of this word sends a shiver down the spine. Am I right? Exam fear starts with the announcement of the date and runs till the last day. And who would forget the previous day after our exams, when we felt like we have got wings to fly! What an ecstatic moment, as If there was nothing more other than completing our exams.  

The 19th-century businessman and American philanthropist Henry Fischel, who discovered exams, must have not thought how this fear would have settled among students in the future. 

Has Class 10 exam fear gripped you? Chill. Exams help us evaluate our knowledge and understand how well we can apply whatever we have read to solve problems. Try to possess a proper and positive and proper attitude towards examinations which will help you stay calm.  

 There is enormous pressure on you from family, school, and well-wishers. Fear of disappointing others’ expectations, consequences of the results, and so many other exam thoughts creep into your mind. It is natural to get all these feelings. But you must keep all these aside and work hard without wasting time. Always remember this quote, “The man who wins is the one who thinks he can”.  

Common symptoms of exam fear: 

Exam fear may ruin us. This fear may arise due to many reasons like lack of preparation, fear of failure, etc.  It is essential to have fear under one’s control. Watch out if you have the below symptoms and take proper care. 

  •  Anger, sweating, high BP, headache, fear, negative thoughts, panic attacks, increased heartbeat, and even exam fever before the day of the exam. A person gets affected physically and emotionally due to exam fear. 

How to overcome exam fear? 

You can reduce unnecessary stress and pressure and be a champ with the following tips. Here you go: 

  • Feel confident and stay optimistic.  
  • Create a timetable for every subject and follow it religiously.  
  • Don’t postpone revision. Finish it before two days of the exam. 
  • When you are not able to focus, take a few minutes break. Go for a walk and then begin to study. 
  • When it is a complex topic, discuss it with your friends or draw flowcharts for easy remembrance. 
  • Eat properly, and only this will ensure proper physical and mental health. 
  • Practice meditation to increase your concentration. 
  • Highlight important points while reading, which will help you during revision. 
  • Make flashcards with essential points that will make studying more enjoyable. 
  • Never postpone practicing a complicated problem. Get help from teachers or friends and learn to solve it.

Simple tips to overcome exam fear on the day of the exam: 

  • Stay cool. Believe and give your best shot. 
  • Don’t skip breakfast.  
  • Check if you have pens, pencils, and all other materials before you leave for the exam. 
  • Reach your examination hall early to avoid last-minute tension and traffic.  
  • Keep your mind calm and read the questions carefully before you begin to answer. 
  • Always stick to time in answering every question. 
  • Allocate 10 minutes for revision before you hand over the paper.

Use quotes to stay motivated 

Many get exam fear of exam phobia. Students have this phobia and cannot shine through their exams even though they are brilliant, hard-working, and well prepared. What is the point of knowing everything but failing to deliver due to fear and other negative thoughts? It is highly essential to overcome exam fear and concentrate on your studies. Just relax and calm your nerves. Now a few relaxed exam time quotes to bring a smile to your face! 

  •  You can do it. 
  • Don’t lose hope. Just keep working hard. 
  • Believe yourself. 
  • You will come out with flying colors! Stay confident. 
  • Now or never! Stay put! 
  • There’s nothing to stop you! Charge ahead!

You can choose some good exam time quotes and paste them onto your study table. Reading that every day will boost your confidence.   

Don’ts after your examination: 

For some, the battle starts only after the examination. Discussing with friends, comparing yourself with others, and worrying about your results. Give up this habit! Because if you waste time on the previous examination, you will neither have mental strength nor physical strength to concentrate on the upcoming tests.  

Examinations don’t leave you after your 10th or 12th grade. It comes along for a long time wherever you go, whatever you do. So, fear not! Prepare yourself as if you are going to face a war. Sharpen your weapons and be bold and cheerful. You should put up a brave fight. And, you should also be ready to face the consequences. Give your 100% and leave the rest to nature or destiny.  

Important note to parents: 

  • Support your child by understanding his or her emotional needs during exam preparation.  
  • Provide them with a balanced diet. 
  • Don’t compare them with other kids, instead motivate them. 
  • Don’t pressurize them for ranks and marks as they are already under too much pressure.
  • Be considerate and help them in all possible means by providing the required books and just pat them on their back every day.

Positive study approach 

With proper planning and strategy, you can overcome exam fear and succeed in any examination. Go through previous years’ question papers and take some break by listening to music or talking to friends. Get good sleep and also do some exercise daily to keep yourself fit and fine. All these habits will help in instilling a positive study approach. Let the thought of tests bring in lots of positivity, energy, and enthusiasm in you instead of fear, anxiety, and fever.  

Final Thoughts 

It is not that we hate exams, but we were and are afraid of exams, as it decides our next course of action in life, whether in school, college, or an organization. This is one of those dreadful nightmares that stay with us for a long time in our lives? Isn’t it? This fear could spoil you if you don’t keep it under check. Relax! Examinations are just a means to assess your skills, knowledge, and memory power. Don’t get disappointed if you didn’t do well in an exam, instead keep moving ahead. Face it with the right spirit. Best wishes for your class 10 exam!