Maths is a very interesting subject once you get into the flow, and learn maths tricks for fast calculation. 

 Never be afraid of Mathematics! Because Mathematics is a loyal subject. The answer doesn’t change according to temperate, location, or the person who calculates it. If you start practicing Maths since childhood, it will become your most favorite subject. For all competitive exams, you have to be very strong in Maths. Your speed and accuracy matter. Speed maths is what is the need of the hour for all those getting ready for examinations.  

 We need not be Ramanujams or Shakuntala Devis to clear competitive exams. But you should be well-versed in formulae and know maths tricks that will help you find a solution most quickly. Quick maths is what you should know to increase your efficiency in solving problems—those who become experts in maths tricks for fast calculation fare well in competitive exams. Let us learn maths tricks in this article and understand by what other means we can improve our speed and problem-solving skills.  

How to Master Mathematics? 

Many students are afraid of Mathematics and keep avoiding it. It seems tough but the more you practice, the better you get at it. A strong base in it can help you achieve great things in life.  

Everyone is not a born Mathematics genius. Remember the proverb, “practice makes a man perfect,” yes, whoever takes time to practice Maths gradually masters it. Many competitive exams like NDA, AFCAT, CSE require one to know basic Mathematics. Knowing Maths increases your chances of clearing any competitive exam. Below are some maths tricks to approach Mathematics as a subject. 

Practicing is the mantra

Whatever you learn in school, do practice at home. Try to solve all the problems by yourself. Also, develop the habit of solving maths calculations in your mind. This mental practice can increase your speed.  

Be thorough with formulae

Most of the problems are based on formulae. Hence, memorize all formulae and understand the logic as well. You can make a chart with formulae and stick it on your study table. Keep revising the formulae whenever you get free time. 

Find out your common mistakes

If you observe, you will know that you commit the same kind of mistakes repeatedly in solving any problem. Correct your error, and this is the best way to improve yourself. 

Use Mathematics in daily life activities

Mathematics is fun if you know how to enjoy it. Try to apply whatever you learn. You will simply love it. Think of Trigonometry. There are many ways that you can inculcate it in your real life. Just discover the areas where Maths can be applied to find solutions. After that, you will never wish to come out of that beautiful world full of calculations.  

Understand the concept before you solve

Before you try to solve a problem: 

  1. Read the question correctly and understand what values are given and what has to be found. 
  2. Split the question, understand the logic and then start solving. 
  3. Don’t blindly try to attempt a problem.  

Now let’s learn Maths tricks

The fastest way to do subtraction from 1000: 

If you want to subtract 769 from 1000, subtract the first two digits in 769 from 9 and the last number from 10. 


Subtract seven from 9 – 2 

Subtract six from 9 – 3 

Subtract nine from 10 – 1 

The answer is 231. Simple, right? 

The most intelligent way to calculate percentage: 

We know this doesn’t sound true but there is a very easy and quick way to find ou out the percentage of any number.  

How to find 5% of a number? Move the decimal point by one place in the given number and then divide it by 2. 

Ex: 5% of 685 = 68.5/2 = 34.25 

How to find 50% of a number? Simply divide that number by 2. 

Ex: 50% of 66 = 33 (66/2) 

How to find 25% of a number? Just divide the number by 4. 

Ex: 25% of 90 = 22.5 (90/4) 

The quickest way to calculate the square of numbers that end with 5. 

Ex: Calculate (85)2  

1. First, multiply the last digits of the two numbers (5*5=25). Now note this as the last two digits in the answer. 

2. Add ‘1’ to the first digit of the first number and multiply it with that number. 

       8*(8+1) =8*9 =72 

3. Now write 72 before 25, which is already written. 


The easiest way to do Division: 

To divide fast, you should know some basic divisibility rules.  

1. When a number ends in 0 or an even number, it is divisible by 2. 

2. If the addition of all individual digits in a given number is divisible by 3, then the given number is divisible by  Ex: 243 (2+4+3=9/3=3) As the sum of the individual digits is divisible by ‘3’, the number is also divisible by ‘3’. 

3. When the last two digits of a number are divisible by 4, then the number is divisible by 4. 

Ex: 5424 (here 24, the last digits are divisible by 4, so the number 5424 is divisible by 4.) 

4. When the last digit is ‘0’ or 5, then the number is divisible by 5. 

5. When a given number is divisible by 3 and 2, then it is divisible by 6. 

6. When the last 3 digits of a number are divisible by 8, then the given number is divisible by 8. 

7. When the sum of individual digits of a number is divisible by 9, then the number is divisible by 9. 

Ex: 5427 (5+4+2+7=18/9=2) Since the addition of individual digits is divisible by 9, the number can be divisible by 9. 

8. When the number ends in 0, then it is divisible by 10. 

Ex: 16780 (Number ends in 0, so the number is divisible by 10) 

Speed Multiplication Maths Tricks: 

Let us learn how to multiply a 3-digit number by another 3-digit number quickly. 

Ex: 406*409 

Firstly, subtract the last digits from both numbers.  



Next, choose either the first or second number and add the last digit of the other number to it. 

406+9=415. Now multiply this number with the number we got in the first step (i.e., 415*400 = 166000) 

Next, multiply the last digits of both the numbers. (i.e., 6*9=54) 

Finally, add 54 and 166000, which is 166054. You got the answer! 

Interesting Calculator Maths Tricks: 

The magical 73: 

  1. Write 73 on paper, fold and give it to your friend. 
  2. Ask your friend to choose a four-digit number and tell him to enter it two times on a calculator. (Ex:2345 2345) 
  3. Now tell him that this number will be divisible by 137. (23452345/137=171185) 
  4. Also, ask him to divide this number by the four-digit number he had chosen earlier (171185/2345=73). His calculator’s answer will be 73, which is the same number that you wrote on the paper.

The Wrap Up 

Mathematics is an easy subject if you start understanding it. You can increase your exams by following the shortcuts besides subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. The more you invest in practice, the faster you will be able to solve the problems.  

Competitive exams test your speed, and hence you need to know shortcuts to finish the exam within the given time. Avoid distractions and practice Mathematics will full concentration. If you are thorough with the formulae, concept, logic, and Maths tricks, you can become a champ!