Toughest Exam in India

Sure, IIT JEE can be a tough nut to crack, but that is the entire idea behind this competitive exam. Only the most deserving candidates can get through it. They then enter the IITs – the dream destination for all those with an engineering bent of mind in India. 

Is JEE one of the toughest exams in India 

This is a question common to all the JEE aspirants in India who want to get into the country’s best engineering colleges Well, as the research suggests, it is! However, there is nothing that perseverance and hard work cannot let you achieve. 

Nevertheless, this blog post is not on that. Instead, it will help you learn the factors that make IIT JEE a challenging competitive exam to crack. Let us get started with it. 

IIT JEE – The Toughest Exam in India 

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)—an engineering entrance assessment to get admission into various engineering colleges in India—has two different examinations. They are JEE Main and JEE Adv. Only the students who qualify for the former can appear for the latter. 

However, this is not what makes JEE the toughest exam in India. Answers from a recent poll suggest that it is primarily due to its selectivity, enormous syllabus, and many other factors. Below we will discuss some factors that make IIT JEE not only India’s but the world’s toughest exam 

Let the scrolling begin. 

Why Is IIT JEE Tough to Crack? 

From the vast syllabus of the exam to the unpredictable patterns and the soaring high cut-offs, there are numerous factors due to which JEE ranks in the top 10 toughest exams in India 

Below, we have put to break them down for you: 

Out of The Large Number of Students That Appear for IIT JEE, Only A Handful Get Selected.

Annually, many students appear for JEE and aspire to get into the best engineering and technical institutions in the country. However, when it comes to the IIT seats in India, they are limited to only a few. As a result, only a handful make it to the IIT and NIT.  

For instance, if, on average, 7,00,000 students appear for the exam a year, the ones who make it into their desired institute are just 10,000 in number. We are sure you can see that the difference here is explicit. Further, the students who fail at their first attempt do not give up. They make repeated attempts.  

So, logically, you will not just be competing with your batch students but even the ones that have much more experience than you. Again, don’t let this discourage your potential and your success. 

The Syllabus of The Competitive Exam Is Vast 

IIT JEE is the world’s toughest exam for a reason – it has a very vast syllabus. On top of that, the exam has two parts. Only after you manage to crack JEE Main can you appear for JEE Adv. Well, it does not just end here! The syllabus for JEE advanced is different too. Still don’t believe IIT JEE is India’s toughest exam? Read on, and we are sure we will be able to convince you. 

To clear JEE main, you will have to spend at least seven months preparing for it. In simpler terms, the sooner you start, the better. You must be mindful that while the exam is tough, you can easily crack it if you prepare well.  

However, once you score well in JEE main, steer clear of the myth that you can do the same for JEE Advanced without putting in much effort. Since the syllabus for both the exam is diverse, you will have to put in a separate effort to ace it.  

All in all, if you want to crack JEE, make sure that you complete the entire syllabus, practice well, and have time to revise. Last-minute preparations will take you nowhere! 

Clearing the Exam Requires Both Accuracy and Speed 

It is another reason that makes IIT JEE the toughest course in India. Accuracy and speed go hand in hand for this test. Yes, you may know the answers to all the questions in the question paper. However, if you do not manage to solve them in the given time, it would be of no use. 

It makes it clear that while you are focusing on clearing your concepts for India’s toughest exam, spend some time working on your time management. Doing so is quite simple. Once you complete the syllabus, get some sample papers and solve them, keeping the time you will get on the exam day in mind. Once you can do so, you can accomplish both time management and accuracy for your JEE exam. 

You Cannot Just Rely on The Previous Year Questions

Are you among those students who rely on the previous year’s questions for any exam? If yes, IIT JEE is not for you. While the questions that appear during the last years can give you an idea about what is to come, it is not the best practice to rely on them. You cannot leave the result of the most important exam in your life on the previous years’ question papers. 

Instead, make sure to understand all your concepts, and once you complete the syllabus, then move on to the previous papers. On the test day, if you are lucky, there may be some repeated questions. If not, you will know how to solve the ones that are there.  

Sometimes, it is All in The Perspective! 

Ask anyone around “which is the toughest exam in India” for an engineering aspirant, and their answer would be IIT JEE. Also, people often tell how someone who is not a topper cannot ace this exam. If you want to clear IIT JEE, the first thing you got to do is – stay away from all these myths. Yes, you read that right. These are nothing but misconceptions. 

If you approach and prepare for your IIT JEE exam in a systematic and right way, nothing can keep you away from the engineering college of your dreams. Start your preparation from as early as your 11th standard, be consistent in your studies, get enrolled in the right JEE preparation program, and you will make it through. 

After all, clearing IIT JEE depends on your mindset in the first place. However, if you are among those non-serious candidates who give their exams only for the sake of giving, IIT JEE, or any other competitive exam, this might just be the world’s toughest exam for you. 

A Final Advice for IIT JEE Aspirants 

Undeniably, IIT JEE is the toughest exam in India. It checks your concepts, accuracy, speed, and the way you can handle pressure altogether.  

Your level of preparation will be the judge of the toughness of the paper. Also, instead of assuming the difficulty of the exam, focus on preparing for it if you are serious about cracking it.  

Solve as many previous year papers as you can. Many online coaching institutes also offer mock test series. These test series are great practice before the exam. It increases your problem-solving efficiency and accuracy. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your books and pen, and get down to study. Happy Learning!