Tips to Conquer NEET with The Perfect 5-Months Study Plan

Wondering if it is possible to prepare for NEET in five months? Luckily, it is. Read the post to come up with a perfect 5-months study plan for NEET. 

Do you aspire to opt for MBBS or BDS after class 12? Then, NEET might be important for you. It is a medical exam specially designed for medical aspirants who want to get into the top private and government medical colleges in the country. Along with being a crucial exam for class 12 PCB students, it can be quite challenging to crack. 

Every year, several lakhs of students prepare for this exam across India, and most of them wonder if it is possible to prepare for it in 5-Months Study Plan. Well, while the exam needs a lot of preparation, there is still a way to get ready for it within this time. Today, we will tell you about the same in this post. Scroll below to look at the perfect

5-months study plan for NEET 

Students need to put in all their efforts to prepare for NEET. All of this needs the right amount of time, timetable, hard work, and a lot more. Any exam preparation needs a strategy. These strategies must be prepared after evaluating oneself and analyzing ones learning potential. This requires time.  

However, what if you only have months in hand. In such a case, the tips we are about to tell you will come in handy. Here is what every candidate must do: 

Come Up with A Perfect Timetable 

When there are just five months left for the NEET exam, preparing for it can be quite challenging. However, there is nothing that a perfect timetable cannot let you achieve. A timetable is the most necessary tool for NEET preparation. Using it, students can optimize their time to complete their syllabus in time, if not before it. 

Even a student who is good at studies needs to follow a timetable to prevent any lag in his/her study hours. Now, coming up with a timetable for a 5-months study plan for NEET is not easy. There are many things one needs to consider. In all this, the first thing you must do is – be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. 

You are the only one who knows their strong and weak subjects. Also, each person has different learning potential. Depending on all this, come up with a suitable timetable. Make sure that the target you need to complete with it is achievable. Also, do not forget that an ideal timetable has enough breaks and time for revision. 

Get A Strong Grip on The Concepts 

Before moving on to practicing MCQs, students need to get a hold of all the concepts in the NEET syllabus. Since there are only five months for the exam, we are sure you may know a lot of concepts well by now. After all, the NEET syllabus matches the class 11 and 12 syllabi.  

Still, if you feel like you lack in some concepts, give them your undivided attention and understand them well. Only after you are 100% sure that you know everything, move on to mock tests and practice papers. It will ensure that, along with accuracy, you learn to manage time well. Here are some of the books you can follow: 

Best books for NEET 2021 Preparation 


  • Concepts of Physics Vol one by H.C. Verma 
  • Concepts of Physics Vol two by H.C. Verma 
  • NCERT Exemplar


  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee 
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd 
  • NCERT Exemplar 


  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – I 
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – II 
  • NCERT Exemplar   

Revision vs. MCQs – Know What’s the Best for You! 

We know five months is not a long time. Therefore, students can face a dilemma between revising the whole NEET syllabus or simply solving MCQs. If you go by our suggestion, MCQs seem like a better choice here. Then again, it is equally important to revise the concepts. An easy way to go through both is to divide your time.  

Give a few hours of the day to solving MCQs and keep some for revising the syllabus. For the MCQs, take the help of mock tests and practice papers. Aspirants can also refer to the previous year’s NEET papers. On the other hand, refer to notes and flashcards to make revision easier. 

Make A Note of Incorrectly Attempted Questions 

While you attempt the MCQs, it is common to make mistakes. There are numerous hard questions one may come across, and some of them may even seem out of the syllabus. However, if you get them wrong, make sure to understand them. 

Make a note of all the wrong attempted questions and put to come up with the right answers for them. This way, students can also keep track of their progress and know what areas they need to put more effort in, 

Take Care of Your Health 

While a 5-months study plan for NEET must have all the above things, it is always incomplete if you forget to take care of yourself. Also, one must follow it with a positive attitude to gain the maximum from it and crack NEET with an amazing score. Therefore, students must not forget to keep themselves active and have a healthy diet. 

 Steer clear of junk and keep yourself hydrated. Try meditation or yoga to focus better on preparing well for the medical entrance exam. Also, take care of the following: 

  1. The goals you set must always be achievable. 
  2. It is important to divide time equally for each subject. 
  3. Never forget to keep your potential in mind. 
  4. Breaks are crucial. Never ignore them to study continuously for hours. 
  5. Stay hydrated, active, and maintain a healthy diet. 
  6. Try opting for recreational activities once in a while. 
  7. Lastly, prepare for the exam without any stress.

Mistakes NEET Aspirants Can Make in Their 5-Months Study Plan For NEET.

The mistakes in the MCQs are not the only ones that students make during NEET preparation. There are numerous others like procrastinating and not giving enough time to important topics. Let us have a look at some critical mistakes every NEET aspirant must avoid while following their 5-months study plan for NEET:

  1. Making a timetable is not enough. Students need to follow it and stick to it daily.
  2. While following reference books, never go through tons of them. Instead, follow one that covers the entire syllabus.
  3. Some topics are extremely difficult. However, these are the ones that may be important, as well. Never skip these difficult chapters.
  4. While preparing for difficult topics or subjects, do not ignore the easy ones.
  5. NEET preparation has no shortcuts. You’ll have to follow a strategy and work hard to ace the exam.
  6. Practice is crucial for this exam, especially when it comes to time management. So, practice a lot.
  7. Lastly, never ignore your physical and mental health. Also, maintain a proper diet.

Final Thoughts 

This is how you can come up with a 5-months study plan for NEET. If you follow it well and with utmost dedication, it is possible to get that desired NEET rank. Do not make the mistake of jumping right into the preparation before making a plan for yourself.

Students also tend to imitate previous year topper’s study plans. While it is absolutely okay to take inspiration or follow parts of what the toppers say, it is necessary to be aware of one’s capacity. This will help you create a plan that would suit your learning pace and capacity. Do not try to run the rat race.  NEET 2021 is just around the corner. So, instead of wasting your time, start preparing for it and take a step ahead to fulfill your MBBS and BDS dreams. Good luck!