The graph between the displacement x and t for a particle moving in a straight line is shown in figure. During the interval O A comma A B comma B C and C D comma the acceleration of the particle is

O A comma blank A B comma blank B C, C D

  1. + 0 + +    
  2. - 0 + 0    
  3. + 0 - +    
  4. - 0 - 0    

The correct answer is: - 0 + 0

    Region O A shows that graph bending toward time axis i. e. acceleration is negative.
    Region A B shows that graph is parallel to time axisi. e. blankvelocity is zero. Hence acceleration is zero.
    Region B C shows that graph is bending towards displacement axis i. e. acceleration is positive.
    Region C D blankshows that graph having constant slope i. e. velocity is constant. Hence acceleration is zero

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