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Turito offers a personalised e-learning platform built for the holistic development of students. Designed to cater to the needs and requirements of students for success, we are the enablers while our students are the achievers.

We want to ensure that a strong foundation is built to help students. The programs and tutoring are structured in a way that is personalised, engaging, interactive, and caters to the needs of students. The emphasis on concept clarity delivers an exceptional educational experience. Turito provides the best online programs to students across the US, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe.


quoteUpWe envision bringing academic excellence to every student by an ideal blend of expert tutors & technology with customized curriculum. Our aim is to bring a level-playing field where every student can get an immersive learning experience that can fulfill the dream of getting into the top universities.quoteDown

Mr. Uday ReddyFounder & CEO of YuppTV and Turito

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We believe in holistic development!

Our students are not only conceptually smart, but also become confident, clear, proactive, and happy learners.


We follow the ACARA curriculum to provide tutoring. Our classes are engaging and offer 1:1 interaction with experts. The personalised classrooms are student-paced (we follow your pace) so that the student understands better. We customise the lesson plans to match the requirements of the student. With regular assessments and feedback sessions, we believe in keeping parents involved in the part of students’ journey via the Parent app that allows the parents to map the child’s performance at every step - in subject like Science, Maths, English, Coding and Robotics from Years 2 to 12.

Exam Preparation

Comprehensive, carefully crafted, engaging 1:1 interaction with regular assessments, paper discussions, and feedback sessions. The idea is to get students exam-ready and enable them to improve Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score (Prep). Our experts believe in conceptual and application-based learning – not rote learning. We provide targeted and highly personalised preparatory tutoring alongside prepping for NAPLAN, OC and Selective Exam.