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English chapters

01Action Words02Naming Words03Oral Directions 04Rhyming Words05Punctuations: Full Stop, Capital Letter, and Exclamation Mark06Adjectives- Concept and Its Types07Adjectives08Adjectives Acting09Comparisons10Figures of Speech11Questions and Paraphrase Problems12Apostrophe13Plurals14Denotations15Word Usage and Nuance16Morphemes17Possessive Adjectives18Determiners19Identification of Action Words20Read and Write Action Word21First Letter of Name and Objects22Letters of the Alphabet and Capital letters23Uses of A and An24Writing – Identify the proper naming word 25Naming Words 26Rhyming Words27Complete and Incomplete Sentences28Grammar One and Many29Punctuations30Degrees of Comparison – Explanation and Its Uses31Adverbs – Concept and Its Types32Uses of Adverbs33Articles – Uses and its Types34Sentence Combining – Concept and Explanation35Modals – Concept and Its Uses36Conjunctions37Types of Conjunctions and Its Explanation38Contractions- Concept and Its Uses39Contractions With Not40Pronoun Verb Contraction – Concept and Its Types41Rhyme Scheme – Concept and Its Uses42Parts Of Speech – Concept and Its parts43Point Of View – Concept and Its Types44Prepositions – Concept and Its Types45Prepositional Phrases – Concept and Its Types46Identify Prepositions47Alliterations – Concept and Its Uses48Subject and Predict – Concept and Its Uses49Sentences Subject and Its Types50Sentence Formation – Concept and Its Uses51Simple and Compound Sentences and Its Uses52Types Of Sentences and Its Uses53Identify Complete Predicate of A Sentence54More and Most55Order of Adjectives56Shades57Types of Conjunctions58Conjunctions59Contraction60Contractions With Not 61Uses of Articles62Prepositions63Abbreviations64Capitalization65Formatting66Hyphens67Punctuation: Commas68Colons and Semi Colons69Adjectives and Adverbs70Relative Adverbs71Questions72Sentences73Statements74Similes75Simple Present Tense76Modal Auxiliaries77Types of Verbs78Prefixes and Suffixes79Present Continuous Tense80Adjectives – Quality, Quantity and Sensory81Adverbs and Types of Adverbs 82Articles 83Contractions and Comparisons 84Interjection – Types and Examples85Complete Sentences with Examples86Types of Sentences 87Simple and Complete Predicates 88Simple and Complete Subject89 Subject vs Predicate 90Prepositional Phrases91Prepositions and Their Objects 92Auxiliary Verbs93Irregular Verbs94Sub Verb Agreement 95Linking Verbs 96Capitalization97Comma 98Commas With Series99Tenses 100Past Tense 101Present Tense102Antonyms103Synonyms104Figurative Language105Adverb106Articles107Omission of Articles108Attribute and Predicate Adjectives109Degree of Comparison110Parentheses111Verb112Adverbs113Comparative and Superlative Degrees114Direct and Indirect Objects115Conjunctions116Prepositions117Punctuations118Colon119Dashes and Parentheses120Hyphen121Semicolon122Question Marks123Quotation124Symbolism125Rhyme Scheme126Adjective127Regular and Irregular Adjectives128Future Tense129Sub Verb Agreement130Types of Sentences131Subject and Object Complement132Compare and Contrast133Rules of Sub Verb Agreement134Verb Tenses- Future, Present and Past135Types of Adjectives and their examples 136Order of Adjectives- Definition and Examples137Types of Adjectives in Brief138Literary Devices – Explanation and Examples139Adverbs: Explanation and Its Types140Adverbs vs Adjectives: What Is The Difference?141Recalling Adverbs: Memorizing the Difference Between Verb and Adverb142Comparing Text – Concept, Uses and Its Advantages143Paraphrasing – Concept, Techniques and Its Uses144Quotation Marks – Rules and Uses145Conjunctions : Explantion146Solutioning – Explanation and Its Types147Hyphen – Explanation and Its Uses148Interjections – Concept, Explanation and Its Uses149Apostrophe – Uses of Period With Examples150Formatting a Sentence – Capitalization and Question Tags151Punctuation Marks – Commas, Semicolons and Colons152Dashes and Hyphens: Explanation and Examples153Quotation and Ellipsis154Allusion155Types Of Sentences156Fragments157Run-On Sentences158Phrases and Clauses159Types of Clauses160Main Idea – Concept and Techniques To Find161Theme162Thesis Statements163Topic Sentences164Subject Verb165Tenses166Types of Verbs167Literary Analysis168Phrases and Clauses169Restrictive – Explanation, Types and Its Uses170Figurative Language : Types and Examples171Metaphor : Definition and Examples172Oxymoron : Definition & Meaning173Present Tense: Simple, Continuous, Perfect & Perfect Continuous174Action Verb 175Past Tense: Concept and Its Types 176Prepositions and its Type with Examples177Preposition : Meaning Examples178Antecedent Definition & Meaning179Relative Clause: Defintion and Examples180Subject and Object: Examples181Alliterations: Uses and Examples182Personification: Explanation and Examples183Types of Adjectives184Adjectives Acting – As Noun, As Verbs185Adverbs186Conjunctions187Interjections188Clauses189Phrases vs Clauses190Prepositions191Colon, Semicolon, Dashes and Hyphens192Ellipses, Quotations Marks, and Commas193Run On Sentences194Sentence Fragments195Connotation and Denotation 196Figures of Speech197Verbal Irony and Metaphors198Types of Sentences199Parts of A Compound Sentence200Parts of a Simple Sentence201Action Verbs and Linking Verbs202Auxiliary Verbs and Helping Verbs203Irregular Verbs204Mood Verbals 205Subject – Verb Agreement 206Verb Tense207Contractions208Prepositions209Semantics210Active and Passive Voice211Colons and Semi-Colons212Verb Usage213Types Of Conjunctions214Interjections215Types of Sentences216Topic Sentences217Subject-Verb Agreement218Types of Verbs219Personification220Symbolism221Participles222Past Participle223Simple Present Tense224Voice225Objects226Phrases and Clauses227Types of Adjectives228Adverbs229Conjunctions Types230Interjections231Definitions232Nuance233Broadest To The Narrowest
01Writing Meaningful Sentences02Persuasive Writing03Descriptive Writing04Letter Writing05Dialogue Writing06Newspaper Article07Plot08Narrative Techniques09Organize Content10Writing Plural11Dialogue Writing – Concept and Its Rules12 Picture Description13Dialogue Writing14Writing Rhyme Scheme 15Writing A Cinquain Poem16Writing Process: Steps17What is Theme18Theme with story19Author Purpose20Dialogue writing21Write a Drama22Stanza23Write a Poem24Non Fiction25Literature Elements26Author’s purpose27Ballads28Passage29Diary Writing30Notice Writing31Brainstorming: How to Generate Ideas and Improve Your Writing32Application Writing – Definition and Significance33Analyzing Literature & Elements of a Literary Analysis34Persuasive Writing: Meaning and Examples35Paragraph Writing36Precis Writing37Story Writing38Developing and Supporting Arguments39Organizing Your Writing: Tips Methods and Examples40Thesis Statement: 3 Steps to Construct a Great Thesis41Literary Devices – 19 Essential Literary Devices42Reference Skills – What Makes a Referencing Skill Good?43Greek and Latin Words – Why are They Important?44Autobiographies – Intro, Key Elements and Steps45Formal Letter Writing46Informal Letter Writing47Creative Techniques48Appreciation Of Poetry49Main Idea50Dialogue Writing : Importance and characteristics51Describing a Person with Two Steps52Poetic Devices: Rhythm and Meaning53Sound of Poetry: Types and Examples54Poetry Analysis and 5 Characteristics55Haiku Poem: Explanation56Drafting and Finishing Your Memoir57Author’s Purpose and Tone58Email59Text Structure60Persuasive Writing61Compare and Contrast Essay62Writing a Research Paper63Writing an Essay64Writing a Poetry65Citing Words and Source66Organize your Thoughts67Rough Draft68Literary Devices69Paragraph Essay – Descriptive and Narrative70Literary Devices – What are they with Examples71Literary Analysis72Arguments73Effective Writing74Purpose and Tone75Avoid Plagiarism76Informational Texts – How to Write Them77Persuasive Writing78Writing Objective Tone79Essay Writing80Thesis Statements81Revising and Editing82Writing Clearly and Concisely83Dialogue Writing84Argument85Persuasive Writing86Persuasive Strategies