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Math chapters

01Adding and Subtracting Polynomials02Factoring Equations03Number Sequences: Definition and Types 04Numerical Expression: Definition, Simplification With Examples05Solving System of Equations by Elimination 06Quadratic Functions in Standard Form 07Model With Math - Concept and Explanation 08Addition properties with Examples 09Tables and Lines Graph with Exercise 10Analyze Patterns and Relationships 11Numerical Patterns 12Divide Unit Fractions By Non-Zero Whole Number 13Evaluating Algebraic Expressions with Examples14Equivalent Expressions and Examples 15Simplifying Algebraic Expressions with Numerical 16Writing Algebraic Expressions with Examples 17Evaluating Numerical Expressions with Examples 18Intervals of Increase and Decrease : Functions 19Square and Cube Roots - Concept & Explanation 20Uses of Square and Cube roots 21Algebraic Properties of Equality 22Rational Exponents - Formula, Properties, Examples 23Number Sequences: Definition and Types 24Factoring Polynomials - Methods, Rules, Examples 25Factoring Special Cases - Methods and Examples 26Factoring x² + bx + c - Concept and Example 27Multiplying Special Cases - Concept and Examples 28Polynomial Identities - Examples and Solutions 29Solving and Applications of Rational Equations 30Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions 31Equations by Graphing : Examples and Solutions 32Solving System of Equations by Graphing 33Linear Inequalities in Two Variables : Solutions With Graphs34Slope-Intercept Form: Definition, Examples 35Point Slope Form -Definition, Examples, Formula 36How to Solve an Equation? 37Inverse Function: Definition, Formula, Graph, Examples 38Dividing Polynomials: Definition, Examples .39Multiplying Polynomials: Explanation & Examples 40How to Multiply Matrices? With Examples 41Solve Inequalities: Explanation & Examples 42Linear Equation: Definition, Formula, Graph & Examples 43Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring 44Compound Inequalities: Definition and Examples 45Solving Rational Equations 46Arithmetic Sequence: Formula, Examples 47Exponential Growth and Decay: Graph, Formula, Examples48Solve Systems of Equations by Graphing 49Multiplication Arrays with Real-life Examples 50Evaluate Expressions: Definition, Solved Examples 51Equation and Graph of a Circle 52Solving Radical Equations 53Relations and Functions: Definition, Types, and Examples54Algebra - Factor Expressions with Examples 55Simplify Algebraic expressions - Step by Step Guide 56Increasing and Decreasing Intervals - Definition, Formulas57Solving System of Equations by Substitution 58Solve Proportions: Definition, Solved Examples 59Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators 60Graphing Proportional Relationships 61Graphing linear equations in One and Two Variables 62Solving Rational Equations 63Mathematical Modeling: Definition, Classifications 64Exponential Functions and their Graphs
012 Dimensional Shapes02Composite Figures – Area and Perimeter03Angles – Definition, Properties, Example,& Figures04Classify Triangles05Graph Data Using Ordered Pair06Solve Problems Using Ordered Pairs07Lines - Definition, Types, & Examples 08Line Symmetry - Definition, Types, Examples 09The Coordinate System 10Represent and Interpret Data 11Represent and Interpret Data - Line Plot 12Draw Triangles with Given Condition 13Learn How to Draw Geometric Figures 14Area of A Circle: Formulas & Solved Examples 15How to Find Circumference of a Circle: Methods and Solutions 16Angle – Angle Triangle Similarity. corresponding angles are congruent 17Triangles By Sides and By Angles18Uses of Surface Area Volumes 19Volume Of Cylinders - Concept and Explanation 20Volume Of Spheres - Concept and Explanation 21Applications of Pythagoras Theorem 22Converse Of Pythagoras Theorem 23Uses of Pythagoras Theorem 24Pythagoras Theorem - Concept and Its Explanation 25Congruent Triangles - Definition and Properties 26SSS Congruence - Explanation and Proof (With Examples) 27Congruence Transformations - Overview and Identification 28ASA and AAS Congruence - Theorem, Proof, Examples 29Applications of Congruent Triangles 30Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles: Explanation, Uses 31SAS Congruence - Definition, Rules, Diagrams 32Essentials of Geometry- Angle Pair Relationships & More|Turito33Points Lines and Planes - Explanation and Examples 34Measure and Classify Angles - Types and Identification 35Midpoint and Distance Formulas - Explanation, Uses 36Segments and Congruence - Explanation and Uses 37Slopes of Lines - Formula, Definition, Examples38Classification of Angles and Lines - With Diagrams 39Theorems About Perpendicular Lines- With Diagrams 40Parallel Lines and Transversals - Definition and Theorems 41Equations of Lines: Explanation, Graphs 42Segments of Chords Theorem - Explanation and Uses 43Tangents - Explanation and Properties 44Angle and Arc Measures - Theorem With Diagrams 45Glide Reflection- Definition and Process With Examples 46Compositions of Transformations - Geometry 47Dilations in Geometry - Identification and Uses 48Graphical Reflections in Geometry 49Perform Rotations: Directions and Origin 50Translate Figures On The Coordinate Plane 51Vector: Uses and components 52Angles of Polygon: Interior and Exterior 53Properties of Rectangles : Identify & Word Problem 54Properties of Rhombus : Definition and Theorem 55Properties of Squares: Definition and Theorem 56Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram : Prove that 57Properties of Parallelograms: Definition and Theorem 58Properties of Trapezoids: Definition and Theorem 59Identify Angle Pair Relationships : Describe 60Midsegment Theorem: Drawing & Finding Lengths 61Angle Bisectors of Triangles: Examples, Concurrency 62Triangle Inequality Theorem: Examples 63Medians and Altitudes: Definition and Theorem 64Perpendicular Bisector Theorem: Examples 65Hinges Theorem: Indirect Reasoning & Examples 66Pythagorean Theorem: Method & Example 67Similarity Transformations 68AA Similarity Postulate : Theorem 69Geometric Mean : Understanding Proportion 70Proportionality Theorem: Detailed Explanation 71Proportions: Explanation and Properties 72Geometric Sequences: Definition and Modelling 73Obtuse Angle: Definition, Degree, Examples 74Parallel Lines: Definition, Properties, Examples 75What is a Line Segment? Formula, Examples 76What is Right Angle? 77Perimeter of a Rectangle - Definition with Solved Examples 78Radius of the Circle: Definition, Formula with Solved Examples 79Special Right Triangles: Types, Formulas, and Examples 80Trapezium: Definition, Formula, Types & Properties 81What is Meant by Coordinate Grid? 82Intersecting Lines: Definition, Properties83Ordered Pair: Definition and Examples 84Perimeter of Square: Definition, Formula, Examples 85Line of Symmetry: Definition, Types, Facts, Examples 86Line Plot: Definition, Types and Steps to Draw a Line Plot 87Angle and its measurements - Guide 88Equation of the Line: Definition and Examples 89Composite Figures: Area and Volume 90Classification and Properties of Triangles 91Properties of rhombuses: Definition, Formulas & Examples 92Volume of Rectangular Prism - Definition, Formula, Examples93How to solve right triangle | Geometry 94Area of a Regular Polygon with Solved Examples 95Area of Trapezoids: Formula, Examples, Derivation 96Bar Graph: Definition, Types & its Applications97Angle and its measurements - Guide 98Lines Angles and Transversals: Definition, Examples 99Interior and Exterior Angles of Triangles
01Estimating Length - Concept and Explanation 02Area and Square Units-Key Concept and Examples03How to Find The Area and Perimeter| Solved Examples04Square Units – Square Centimetre and Square Inch05Learn How to Measure The Area of Irregular Shapes 06Non Standard Units of Area| Solved Examples 07The Different Ways To Measure Liquid Volume Capacity 08Conceptual Problems of Time And Mass 09Area of Figures - Rectangle and Square 10Capacity in Maths - Definition, Types, Examples 11Area of Rectangle 12Convert Customary Units of Capacity 13Convert Customary Units of Length 14Convert Customary Units of Weight 15Convert Metric Units of Capacity 16Convert Metric Units of Length 17Convert Metric Units of Mass 18Convert Units of Time 19Solve Word Problems Using Measurement Conversion 20Understanding volume concepts of composite figures21Understanding Volume Concepts of a Rectangular Prism 22Combine Volumes of Prisms 23Volume and Cubic Units 24Solve Word Problems Using Volume 25Areas of Parallelogram and Rhombuses with Numerical 26Triangle Area Examples and Problem Sums 27Similar Solids: Area and Volume 28Explore Solids: Polyhedron, Prism & Pyramid With Examples 29Sphere Surface Area with Formula & Example 30Sphere Volume with Formula & Example 31Prisms and Cylinders: Surface Area 32Prisms and Cylinders Volume with Examples 33Pyramids and Cones: Detailed Explanation 34Pyramids and Cones Volume & Examples 35Pyramids and Cones Surface Area 36Volume of Prisms and Cylinders: Examples And Exercises |Turito37Volume of Cylinder: Definition, Formula, Examples 38How to Find the Area of Rectangle? 39How to find the Area of Square? 40Millimeter: Definition, formula, and its conversions 41Centimeter And Its Conversions With Examples .
01Learn Counting Sequence and Patterns from 10s to 120 02Counting Sequence with Blocks from 1s to 120 03Learn and Write Time to the Hour with Examples 04Solve Word Problems When Both Addends Are Unknown 05Solve Word Problems When We Compare Situations 06Understand the Concept of Adding one Digit Numbers 07Putting Parts Together - Addition Equations and Problems 08Take From - Subtraction Equations and Problems 09Solve Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Using Equation 10Addition Fact Patterns 11Make a 10 To Add 12Count On and Count Back to Subtract 13Doubles Near Doubles 14Addition Fact Strategies 15Addition to Subtract 16Add With Partial Sum 17Solving One and Two Step Problems 18Add More than Two 2-Digit Numbers 19Adding Using Strategies 20Add 2 Digit Number Using Models 21Representation of Addition and Subtraction 22Identify Even and Odd Numbers 23Make Arrays to Find Totals 24Even and Odd Numbers 25Practice Multiplication Facts with Solved Examples26The Distributive Property-Definition and Examples27How to Multiply Using Arrays with 3 & 4 with Examples28Understand How to Use Arrays to Multiply with 6,7 & 8 29Area of Rectangle 30Measuring Area Using Distributive Property 31Patterns of Multiplication Facts within 100 32Multiplication and Division Using a Table with Examples 33Meaning Of Fraction Equivalence And Comparison Grade 34Compare Fractions: Same Numerator and Denominator Method35Equivalent Fraction : Concept with Examples 36Multiplication Using Multiples of 10 37Worksheet on Numbers to 10000 38Subtraction up to 10,000 With and Without Regrouping 39Multiplication to Divide with 6 and 7 40Solve Multiplication and Division Equation Problem 41Multiplication to Divide With 8 and 9 42The Importance Of Learning Division Involving 0 And 1 43Multiplication Pattern of Even and Odd Numbers 44Patterns in Multiplying Decimals by Powers of 10 45Practice Multiplication And Division Facts 46Relation Between Multiplication and Division 47Use Multiplication to Divide with 2, 3, 4, and 5 48Identity Property with Examples 49Patterns in Maths - Rules and Examples 50Fractions - Definition, Parts, & Examples 51Rounding Decimals - Definition, Types, & Examples 52Estimation in Maths- Definition, Factors, and Examples 53Multiples - Explanation ( With Examples) 54Prime and Composite Numbers, & Multiples 55Factors - Definition, Steps to Find, Examples 56Improper Fractions - Explanation, Steps,& Examples 57Comparing Numbers - Explanation and Examples 58Understanding Place Value (With Examples) 59Decompose Fractions : Different Methods 60Model Additions of Fractions with Examples 61Model Subtractions of Fractions with Examples 62Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators : Examples & Steps63Add Fractions With Like Denominators with Example 64Addition of Mixed Fractions Using Fraction Strips 65Strategy to Multiply : Standard Algorithm & Partial Products66Multiply by multiples : Properties and Example 67Strategies for Multiplication : Properties and Example68Use Arrays and Partial Products to Multiply 69Area Models and Partial Products to Multiply 70Area models and partial products : Examples with Steps71Rounding or Compatible Numbers Uses : Estimation 72Use Partial Products to Multiply by 2-Digit numbers 73Multiplication and Division : One-digit & Two-digit 74Working with Whole Numbers : Examples 75Estimating the Sums and Differences of Decimals 76Use Models to Add and Subtract Decimals 77Use Strategies to Add and Subtract Decimals 78Use Models to Divide Whole Numbers 79Use Strategies to Divide Whole Numbers 80Use Sharing to Divide Two Digit Divisors 81How to Multiply Decimals by Power of 10 82Write and Interpret Numerical Expressions 83Absolute Values and Rational Numbers 84Find Distances on the Coordinate Plane 85Represent Polygons on the Coordinate Plane 86Rational Numbers on The Coordinate Plane with Example 87Represent Rational Numbers on the Number Line 88Write and Solve Equations with Rational Numbers 89Relation Between Fraction, Decimal and Percent with Examples 90Uses Of Decimals 91Multi-Step Problems with Fractions and Decimals 92Relationships to Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions 93Relationships to Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions 94Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers95Easy Method of Solving Problems with Rational Numbers 96Understand Rational Numbers: Concept & Examples 97Irrational Numbers - Concept & Its Uses 98Real Numbers - Concept & Explanation 99Decimals - Concept and Explanation 100Exponential Growth and Decay - Definition, Examples 101Prime Numbers (1 to 100)- Definition, Examples 102Distributive Property -Definition, Formula, Examples 103What Is the Order of Operations?- Definition, Rules and Examples104Commutative Property: Definition, Examples 105What is the Associative Property? 106What is Number Line? - Definition and Examples 107Equivalent Fractions: Definition and Examples 108Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers Explained 109Commutative Property of Multiplication - Examples, Formula110Associative Property of Multiplication: Definition, Examples .111Divisor: Definition, Formula, with Solved Examples .112How do you Multiply Fractions? 113Mixed Numbers: Definition, Examples 114Subtraction: Formula, Properties, Examples 115Numerator and Denominator: Definition, Difference 116Dividing Decimals: Definition, Solved Examples .117What is a multiplication fact? 118What is a Standard Algorithm in Math? - Definition, Examples119Partial Products: Definition,Methods & Examples 120Subtraction with Regrouping: Definition, Methods & Examples 121Multiply Decimals With Solved Examples .122Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers 123What is Rounding Decimals? | Roundig Numbers Guide 124Benchmark Fractions: Definition, Charts, Examples 125Addition Properties with Solved Examples 126Add Fractions With Different Denominators 127Comparing fractions - Complete Guide 128Additive Identity Property: Definition with Examples 129Factor pairs: Definition, Facts with Examples 130How to Put Fractions on Number Line 131Add and Subtract Fractions: Like and Unlike Denominators 132Unit Fractions: Definition, Examples 133Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers 134Division With Area Model: Definition, Examples 135How to Add Decimals? Definition & Examples 136Subtracting Integers: Properties, Rules with Solved Examples137Addition of Integers: Formula, Rules, Examples 138Dividing Whole Numbers By Fractions 139Decimals on Number Line: Representation, Examples 140Rounding Off Numbers: Rules, Applications & Examples