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Biology chapters

01What is Food Chain : Definition, Types, Examples02Food Web: Characteristics, Types and Management03Organisms: Food And Their Types04Biosphere and Atmosphere Interactions05Geosphere and Hydrosphere Interactions06Components of Ecosystem: Introduction | Definition07Introduction of Ecosystem: Biotic, Abiotic Factors & Types08Factors for Plant Growth: Water, Transpiration, & Photosynthesis 09Factors for Plants Growth: Sunlight and Photosynthesis10Balanced Ecosystem : Components, Factors, Importance11Ecosystem and Ecology – Definition, Hierarchy & Types12Levels of Organisation – Levels and Types of Ecosystem13Competition, Predation and Symbiosis14Growth of the Plants – Matter and Flow of Energy15Formation of Food Molecule – Types, Importance16Release of Energy – Detailed Explanation17Ecosystem Dynamics18Food Chain and Food Web: Difference, Types19Cam Pathway – Process & Explanation20Dark Reaction – Concepts & Explanation21Light Dependent Reaction – Easy Process & Explanation22Bioremediation – Process and Types Explanation23Bioresource – Concepts and Types Explanation24Biodiversity – Concepts, Types and Its Importance25Phytoremediation| Types, Applications, & Its Advantages26Anthropogenic Changes27Biological Changes28Mathematical Representations – Definition & Methods29Physical and Extreme Changes in Ecosystem – Reasons30Pollution – Definition & Causes31Population Dynamics – Definition and Examples32Citric Cycle : Energy Flow in Ecosystem33Electron Transport System : Mechanism and Components34Biosensors- Concepts, Principles , and Applications35Define Ecology and its Classification36Types of Ecosystem and its Functions