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Year 4 English

Year 4

The Year 4 English curriculum develops the child’s knowledge, understanding, and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing, and most importantly, creating continuing scope to expand upon spelling and understanding complex and multisyllabic words and will continue to explore how language is important in areas such as dialogue, linking ideas and for the intended audiences. The child will be able to navigate and read texts for specific purposes, monitoring meaning using strategies such as skimming, scanning. It helps to explore ways in which different ideas may be expressed or portrayed through language and imagery, and in turn, build their own ideas.

What you'll learn

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Skills you'll learn

Identifying types of sentences and distinguishing them, analysing the rules related to formation of plurals, identifying kinds of gender nouns, distinguishing the different kinds of noun, enchancing the skills of arranging the adjectives as per their conventional order in a sentence, analysing the rules of formation of plurals, identifying kinds of gender nouns, distinguishing the different kinds of noun, developing the idea that the words are catogorised based on their function in a sentence, writing sentences precisely using subject-verb agreement rules, differentiate and demonstrate an understanding of punctuation through correct usage and identifying when each punctuation mark is needed

Enchancing the skills to identify the meaning of words as per the context, understanding the formation of new words using prefixes and suffixes and identyfing the change in the meaning, proficiency in spelling homophones and near homophones

Identify the main idea, purpose and point of view of a text/story, listing all the elements of poetry, understanding of the story theme

Enchancing writing skills by using appropriate format, language, tone and register, acquire imaginative skills and techniques required for diary entry, developing creativity and interpretation through identifying the elements of poster description, using sequences of sentences and paragraphs that are linked smoothly to demonstrate skills of picture description

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