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Year 5 Science

Year 5

The Year 5 Science curriculum aims to develop student's scientific literacy, critical thinking, innovation, communication, and ethical and social responsibility. The curriculum also covers plant and animal adaptation, ecosystems, changes in the earth's surface, stages of matter and mixtures, and transmission and sensing of light.

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Plants and animals

  • 2


  • 3

    Earth's resources

  • 4

    States of matter

  • 5

    Body and nutrition

  • 6


  • 7

    Earth's movements

  • 8


Skills you'll learn

"Comparing and contrasting skills - Comparing and contrasting different plants and animals based on their structural features and adaptations Classifying and grouping - Classifying and grouping plants and animals into categories based on their similarities and differences"

Analytical skills - Analysing positive and negative effects of living things on the environment

"Describing and demonstrating - Describing the effects of weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition on the Earth's surface changes Identifying skills: Identifying the characteristics of different water bodies"

Observation skills - Observing and measuring the properties and behaviours of solids, liquids and gases

Identifying and planning skills - Describing nutrition in different types of food, planning and evaluating healthy and balanced diet based on age, gender, activity level, and personal preferences

Comparing skills - Mixing and separating the different states of matter, comparing the properties and behaviours of pure substances and mixtures

Describing and demonstrating - Motion of Earth on its axis and around the Sun causing day-night cycle and seasons.

Investigating and exploring skills - Identifying different sources of light, investigating how light travels in straight lines

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