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Year 6 English

Year 6

The Year 6 English curriculum emphasizes three key components: language, literature, and literacy, with a focus on developing students' reading, writing, listening, speaking skills. Students engage with a wide range of texts, including literary works featuring complex plots, diverse characters, and intricate storytelling techniques. These texts explore themes related to human relationships and ethical dilemmas in various settings. Informative texts offer technical knowledge across subjects, employing structures like chapters, headings, and specialized language. Students also create imaginative, informative, and persuasive texts, such as narratives, procedures, performances, and reports, as part of their creative expression and communication skills development.

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Nouns and pronouns

  • 2

    Verbs and tenses

  • 3

    Adjectives and adverbs

  • 4


  • 5

    Prepositions and conjunctions

  • 6

    Objects and voices

  • 7


  • 8


  • 9


Skills you'll learn

Understanding common and proper nouns helps in clear communication by specifying people, places, and things; singular/plural nouns ensure accuracy, while pronouns replace nouns for fluidity; possessives show ownership and agreement with antecedents and maintain coherence in writing

Constructing grammatically correct sentences, conveying actions in different timeframes, and maintaining subject-verb agreement

Master adjectives and adverbs for better everyday communication and writing: describe nouns, modify verbs and adjectives, compare, order multiple adjectives, and convey action frequency effectively

Acquire proficiency in ending sentences with periods, using commas for clarity, quotation marks for direct speech punctuation, and correctly indicating possession and contractions; apply colons and semicolons for structuring sentences by connecting related ideas or introducing lists, and utilize hyphens, dashes, and parentheses to provide clarity and emphasize elements within the text

Master prepositions for relationships, enhancing sentence structure with location, time, and direction details; learn conjunctions (coordinating and subordinating) to connect elements, forming compound and complex sentences

Apply appropriate voices depending on the context

Master articles (a, an, the), choose the right one based on context, apply rules for singular and plural nouns, and know when to omit articles in specific situations

Work on sentence structure, and develop the ability to write essays, stories, and reports

Enrich the vocabulary by using synonyms and antonyms in context; apply the use of affixes (prefixes and suffixes)

Understand and analyze different texts (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry)

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