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Year 9 Science

Year 9

The Year 9 Science curriculum covers four main strands: science understanding, science as a human endeavour, science inquiry skills, and general capabilities. The curriculum aims to develop student's interest, curiosity, and knowledge of the natural and technological world. It also covers the major topics from four main streams: chemical reactions, biological systems, plate tectonics and energy transfer.

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Chemical reactions

  • 2

    Acids and bases

  • 3

    Understanding atom

  • 4

    Biological systems and responses

  • 5

    Theory of plate tectonics

  • 6

    Electromagnetic radiation, sound, and light

  • 7

    Heat and electricity

Skills you'll learn

Chemical, analytical, and experimental skills - Explain chemical processes and natural radioactivity, observe and measure chemical reactions and radioactive decay

Experimental, classification, and scientific skills - Identifying and classifying substances as acids or bases based on their properties and reactions

Conceptualisation, visualisation, and mathematical skills - To determine the atomic mass, atomic number, and isotopic composition of atoms.

Biological, comparative, pathological and inquiry skills - Compare and contrast the structure and function of different biological systems and their components

Geographical and inquiry skills - Interpreting the patterns and distribution of geological activity. Evaluating investigations to study the causes and effects of plate tectonics

Scientific and analysing skills - Analysing and interpreting data to identify patterns, trends, and relationships between variables

Investigation and scientific skills - Recording data on electric currents and thermal energy. Investigating phenomena related to electricity and heat

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