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Why choose Turito's 1-on-1 tutoring?


UK core curriculum followedTutoring & exam prep based on GCSE & IGSE curricula


Personalised learning approachCustomised learning tailored to every student’s needs


Undivided attentionPersonalised attention with 1-on-1 interaction in live classes

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A classroom customised for you

Master subjects with our experts

Onboarded from the top 1% talent pool, our tutors are dedicated subject matter experts. Securing a high level of comfort among learners, they ensure 100% engagement.

Keeping track made easy

Our Parent App tracks the progress pulse. It keeps weekly & monthly records of student attendance, lectures taken/pending, subjects completed & progress summary.

Instant, interactive & innovative

No more boring classrooms! Coupled with whiteboards, 3D models & simulations, our tutors provide an interactive virtual experience.

You learn your way

Every child is different. At Turito, our experts understand it. They provide a personalised learning plan that fits every student’s requirement.

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Discover Your Learning Level in just 20 mins

Select a subject or test and Take our FREE tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set goals for your learning, and track your progress over time.

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Holistic development of our students

Happier learning

Our students perceive lessons better. They are proactive, confident, participative & comfortable. Learners are keen to study & always excited for the next class.

Evolving knowledge

Our program sharpens the intellect of students. We work with you to develop better cognitive skills & help build a strong foundation.

How do our classes work?

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    Experience immersive classes while our expert understands your learning patterns.

  • Customised learning plan

    Get insights into your weak areas & craft a personalised plan.

  • Begin your academic journey with Turito

    Set on an academic journey at a pace that fits you and exam prep for admission in secondary school

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We focus on all type of learners

Advanced learners

High achievers

Home schoolers

Individual needs

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Hear what parents have to say

Let’s hear what the parents & students have to say about their experience with Turito.

Ayaan always had a special interest in Maths and his knowledge and problem-solving skills in the subject have been consistently improving after enrolling in 1-on-1 online tutoring by Turito. The tutors are very co-operative and the valuable tips given by them made his learning more enjoyable. The classes can be accessed at flexible timings and the tutors are within our reach whenever needed.  

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Dr.Sadaf Asad

Parent of Ayaan | Grade 8

We absolutely love one-on-one tutoring by Turito and my kids Armaan and Jaskaran are catching up pretty well. The tutors are very co-operative and they care for the students even after the sessions by establishing a valuable bond. My children are thoroughly enjoying the sessions and eagerly waiting for the next sessions.

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Parent of Armaan and Jaskaran | Grade 5

I enrolled my son Musayyeb for 1:1 tutoring with Turito. Since it is an online platform, I was initially hesitant about ease of communication and whether my child would get the required attention or not. I had had a conversation with the tutor who would teach my son and shared my doubts with him. He did understand the challenges I was facing and assured me. Rahul, the tutor, on top of having a good understanding of the subject he teaches, understands the psychology of a child as well. He knows how to make them comfortable and engaged in the learning process. Setting the rules, he then introduces Musayyeb to the framework that he has specially designed for him. Musayyeb requires more time, patience, and smaller breaks in between learning different topics. And Rahul understood the requirements, adjusting to them as needed. And about my son, he is happy and enjoying the classes. He understands the concepts well. He has become more confident and I have seen him solving tough questions.

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Abdul Sattar

Parent of Musayyeb - Grade 5 

I’ve witnessed a significant improvement in the English language skills of my son Trijal after enrolling in Turito’s one-on-one tutoring. Though Trijal is shy by nature, now he is able to interact smoothly because the tutors established a friendly rapport with him in the classes.

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Kamal Narang 

Parent of Trijal Narang| Grade 3 

We are glad to express the fact that the learning of our kid has greatly improved after enrolling in one-on-one tutoring by Turito. With their empathetic and outgoing approach towards learning, the tutors made it very comfortable for kids. 

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Parent of Airanpreet | Grade 3


Students can book a free demo of any subject(s)- Math, Science and English. Based on the understanding, a tutor provides course options. Learners can schedule a session as per convenience & receive personalized learning plans.
At Turito, we begin by gauging a student’s strengths, gaps & end goals. Following this, we develop a customized study plan. We then assign the perfect online tutors from our pool of top-notch teachers.
Our 1-on-1 sessions ensure undivided attention. If a learner is uncomfortable in groups, individual classes are perfect for him/her. 1-on-1 tutoring also caters to the unique, individual learning styles.
Yes, your child can attend a demo for all the 3 subjects available on Turito & then decide the student would like to be tutored in.
Our pro-rata refund policy lasts for 30 days from the class start date, allowing for refunds. If refund requests are made after this time frame, customers can receive Turito credits that are non-transferable and can be used for subject enrolment or package renewal for up to 2 years. These credits can only be used for Turito services.

Refund Policy is not applicable to self-learning courses like “Turito Academy”. The course fee is non-refundable. However, customers can contact the customer care to cancel the subscription and stop the auto-debit payment.
Our tutors are first vetted & asked to undergo an intensive selection process before being onboarded. We then train them to deliver best in classrooms & bring out the best in our students.
Yes, you can join anytime & start from any level. Our tutors will enable students’ academic growth; it doesn't matter where they start from.
Our sales team will provide the online link once you select a course & then you can make the fee payment via the link- following the instructions.