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Year 10 English

Year 10

The Year 10 English curriculum prepares students for advanced language arts proficiency. Literary analysis covers complex themes and contextual interpretations. Writing focuses on synthesis, incorporating research and critical thinking. Grammar studies refine syntax and style. Vocabulary expansion is drawn from diverse literary genres. By mastering these advanced skills, students attain a high level of language proficiency, ensuring their readiness for college-level discourse and effective communication in diverse contexts.

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Verbs and tenses

  • 2

    Nouns and pronouns

  • 3

    Adjectives and adverbs

  • 4

    Sentences, clauses, and phrases

  • 5

    Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections

  • 6

    Objects and voices

  • 7


  • 8


  • 9


  • 10


Skills you'll learn

Sentence formation: Advanced proficiency in using advanced verb forms and tenses effectively, precision in selecting the right verb form for different contexts

Sentence structuring: Proficiency in handling advanced noun concepts like gerunds and participles, mastery in using pronouns with accuracy and clarity in complex sentences

Descriptive writing: Deploying advanced adjectives and adverbs to convey subtlety and precision, effective placement of modifiers for stylistic impact

Variation is writing style: Proficiency in crafting complex sentences with confidence, mastery of appositives and participial phrases to enhance sentence variety

Appropriate grammar use: Advanced use of prepositions and their idiomatic expressions, using complex conjunctions to create intricate sentence structures, rhetorical mastery in using interjections for emphasis and tone

Using different voices: Mastery in recognising and using advanced object types, proficiency in switching between active and passive voice for rhetorical purposes

Accuracy in punctuation: Mastery in using advanced punctuation for style, clarity, and precision

Reading and analysing: Advanced skills in analysing complex literary elements and recognising thematic connections, proficiency in close reading and applying literary theory, ability to critically evaluate literature from different perspectives

Writing skills: Proficiency in crafting advanced argumentative essays and literary analyses, constructing, defending, and persuasively presenting complex arguments, crafting nuanced and sophisticated narratives and essays, mastery in developing a unique, authoritative writing voice

Vocabulary acquisition: Enriched vocabulary through extensive reading and in-depth word analysis, proficiency in using advanced vocabulary effectively in writing and speech

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