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Year 9 English

Year 9

The Year 9 English curriculum deepens literary exploration and writing prowess. Students analyse classic and contemporary texts, dissecting literary techniques. Persuasive, informative, and research-based writing develops nuanced expression. Advanced grammar concepts refine language usage. Vocabulary enrichment comes from sophisticated literature. By honing these skills, students enhance their ability to engage critically with diverse texts and craft compelling written responses.

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Verbs and tenses

  • 2

    Nouns and pronouns

  • 3

    Adjectives and adverbs

  • 4

    Sentences, clauses, and phrases

  • 5

    Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections

  • 6

    Objects and voices

  • 7


  • 8


  • 9


  • 10


Skills you'll learn

Sentence formation: Using advanced verb forms and tenses effectively, precise verb conjugation skills

Sentence structuring: Handle advanced noun concepts, proficiency in using pronouns correctly in various contexts

Descriptive writing: Comparing and contrasting using comparative and superlative forms, using adjectives and adverbs to convey subtlety

Variation in writing style: Crafting complex and varied sentence structures, using subordinate clauses and phrases for effect

Appropriate grammar use: Use of prepositions to convey abstract relationships, use complex conjunctions for varied sentence structures, rhetorical use of interjections for emphasis

Using different voices: Understanding and usage of objects, transforming sentences to convey different voices and nuances

Accuracy in punctuation: Using advanced punctuation for style and clarity

Reading and analysing: Analysing complex literary elements, close reading skills for in-depth comprehension, critically interpret and evaluate literature

Writing skills: Crafting persuasive and research-based essays, developing complex and well-supported arguments, write sophisticated narratives and essays, development of a unique and authoritative writing voice

Vocabulary acquisition: Vocabulary enrichment through extensive reading and word analysis, use advanced vocabulary effectively in writing and speech

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