A particle is acted upon by a force Fwhich varies with position xas shown in figure. If the particle at x equals 0 has kinetic energy of 25 J, then the kinetic energy of the particle at x equals 16 blank m is

  1. 45 J    
  2. 30 J    
  3. 70 J    
  4. 135J    

The correct answer is: 45 J

    Work done=area between the graph force displacement curve and displacement
    W equals fraction numerator 1 over denominator 2 end fraction cross times 6 cross times 10 minus 5 cross times 4 plus 5 cross times 4 minus 5 cross times 2
    W equals 20 blank J
    According to work energy theorem
    increment equals K subscript E end subscript equals W
    K subscript E end subscript subscript f end subscript equals W plus increment K

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