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Learn from the subject-matter experts who know ins-and-outs of the test & understand the requirements. Our AP experts will work dedicatedly with each student throughout to ensure they ace the test.


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Understanding concepts is stronger when applied. Hence, our course focuses on backing up conceptual clarity with application-based learning to strengthen the know-how of topics. Get that edge over your peers; the edge of enhanced knowledge.

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Our teachers don’t just aim to complete the syllabus. They ensure that doubts don’t hold you back, helping you cover any topic that’s left out or needs more clarity. Get more out of your classes with doubt clarification & revision sessions.


Personalized learning

Our experts understand that every student is unique & so is their learning style. After gauging learner requirements, experts focus on creating personalized & engaging classrooms. Our classes also simplify complex AP concepts to ease the prep journey.

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Turito provides personalized learning experience with learning that is tailor-made to suit your child's requirements. We offer Live interactive classes with one-to-one and one-to-three.
The AP Exams are usually held in May-June every year. Thus, the best time to apply and the deadline for the examination application revolves around these months and can be varied from school to school. To know the right time to apply for AP exams, you should always check the official College Board website and with your teacher or coordinator.
  • Login to the official website
  • If you are new to the page, register yourself with credentials
  • If you are an existing student, login with the details
  • Choose the AP subject exam you wish to apply for and fill in the details
  • If you are registering for a course after November, you might be charged a late fee
  • Review your details thoroughly and pay the exam fee online
  • Once this is done smoothly, your exam date, subject and time along with center will appear and communicated to you
In case of failing in an AP exam, you can still get admission to a college. Colleges do have many criteria to accept or reject a student. Even failing in the AP exams do not impact your grade for the class or your GPA. This will be only affected by your final grade in the AP class.
AP typically provides you with the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school and earn college credit advanced placement or both at many colleges and universities not only in the United States but around the world. With a good AP result, you can get credit or placement into your desired college.
To better prepare for AP exams, one of the most vital study tactics in your arsenal is the AP practice test. With practice tests, you will have every knowledge about AP exams beforehand. Practice tests will make you familiar with AP format and question styles. Through practice tests, you will be able to identify your knowledge and skills gaps.