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We prefer strategic prep over rote learning – complete with time-management tips & elimination techniques. Tips to ditch the loop of getting stuck on 1 question enable students to solve maximum questions within the set time.

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Daily classwork becomes more effective with regular concept assessments. Get ready for the real drill with daily practice papers, work-at-leisure assignments, full-length grand tests & concept-based tests.

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Turito did a remarkable job in helping me achieve a high score in the ACT. The best part about them is the experts who hold ample experience in teaching ACT students and understand the ins and outs of the test. They guided me in recognizing my gap areas and improvising on my weaknesses. The instructors helped me understand questions better and taught efficient ways to solve problems within the given time frame. Their classes were interactive, and the practice tests were useful in getting a clear picture of what the actual drill looked like. Thanks to Turito, I not only scored 34 in my ACT but was also able to get into Purdue.



Turito’s online tutoring allows a maximum of 10 students for each batch. We follow this policy since small class sizes enable our tutors to pay close, individual attention to every student.
Yes, we have options for students if they skip online classes or lag in a particular chapter/concept. In both scenarios, you can attend our remedial classes. Here, you can ask questions directly to our tutors. You can also take help of our 1-on-1 chat option to reach out to our experts.
Yes, we do. From your current ACT preparation score, we will add upto 10+ points to your overall score. For more details; you can visit our Guarantee page.
Based on the average of four ACT Tests, a composite score of 1-36 is assigned.
Actual testing time is 2 hours and 55 minutes; however, total testing time is 3 hours and 40 minutes if the optional 40–minute Writing Test is taken.
The importance of ACT scores varies depending on the school. Your high school GPA, academic transcript, letters of recommendation, interviews, and personal essays are all key aspects that schools examine when making admissions decisions. In addition, almost all schools and universities in the United States will take SAT results instead of ACT scores.
Contact the admissions offices of the colleges to which you are applying for further information on the value of ACT scores at those schools.
This is contingent on the admissions requirements of the colleges to which you are applying. If none of the schools indicate a preference, you are free to choose.
Each test date has a registration deadline that is approximately five weeks before the test day. Your school counsellor can provide you with registration materials, or you can call ACT, Inc. at 319–337–1270 and request a registration package. You can also register on the website.