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Efficient time management

Maximize your score in minimum time-frame by mastering tips on answering questions the smart way. Our experts teach multiple ways to solve 1 problem so that students do not get stuck in a loop.


Engaging classrooms makes learning effective

A mix of 2-way interactions & discussions, our live small group classes ensure undivided attention & personalized learning – catering to students’ needs. Students can freely clarify their doubts & strengthen their subject understanding.

Coherent strategies that work

Bypass rote learning & grasp effective strategies from our experts to ace SAT. An accurate approach will rank you among the top achievers. Learn short-cuts, elimination techniques & problem-solving skills to ace the test.

Practice makes you perfect

Daily classwork becomes more effective with regular concept assessments. Get ready for the real drill with daily practice papers, work-at-leisure assignments, full-length grand tests & concept-based tests.

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I was on the lookout for a test prep to prepare for my SAT exam and this is when I came across Turito. Following the demo, I decided to enroll with them. This was the best decision ever which helped me push my score to 1550. Their online classes and teachers were really helpful. They guided me in understanding the questions better and taught me efficient methods to solve problems with ease. I especially appreciated their classes – which were interactive as opposed to the traditional one-sided lectures. We could clear our doubts without any hesitation and reach out to the teachers outside the classroom as well. As for the rest, it was all about practice, since SAT requires a lot of that. With Turito, we could take daily practice papers, which helped us immensely in understanding gap areas and improvising on the same. Overall, Turito was a great support in my SAT prep, improving my performance, and making sure I secured a higher score. I would recommend Turito for SAT aspirants, all the way!


My experience of attending Turito's classes was very good. Their classes were interactive, and I was comfortable speaking my mind and engage. It was interesting and I didn't feel any pressure. The teachers helped me understand the concepts clearly. Before, it was a challenge for me to apply tricks in Math and English. I found it really difficult and I was not confident at all with reading comprehension. But the tutors helped me. They taught me to not just skim through the paragraph, but also understand the meaning of the passage. This process improved my vocabulary as well. Time management was another challenge that I faced but I learned the techniques to finish faster. These improvements were reflected in the consecutive grand test scores. I recommend Turito to other students as well.


Turito's classes are great! I encountered different questions in every session, and they gave interesting homework and work-at-leisure. Turito teaches different approaches to answer the same question and explains the concepts really well. I liked the teachers as well. I used to ask a lot of questions during the sessions, and they would always answer which helped me a lot.” “Their sessions were very interactive and interesting. When I took the 1st grand test, I was really not that good at time management, and I would skip around and wouldn't know how to finish on time. Turito helped me to answer correctly, taught me time-management techniques, and not do the guesswork which helped me finish the test on time. I feel much more confident about taking the tests now, thanks to Turito!


I am really glad that I chose Turito for my daughter's SAT prep. They are very professional and the staff is very supportive. Whenever my child missed any class, they informed us on time. Plus, I can see all her reports on the dashboard. I am fully satisfied with their teaching and service, and my daughter is also very happy. She loves her teachers and enjoys the classes. I highly recommend Turito to other parents and children!

Parent of Kavya


Turito allows a maximum of 10 students for each batch. We follow this policy since small class sizes enable our educators to pay close, specialized attention to every student.
We have a Parent app that allows parents to get updates on their child’s performance at every step. – attendance, lectures taken and pending, subject wise, monthly and weekly reports, and progress summary, among others.
We only hire top 2% of the tutors. The tutors are first vetted, are asked to undergo an intensive selection process, and then onboarded. We understand the value of a good tutor. We train them to deliver good training and bring out the best in our students.
The importance of SAT scores varies depending on the university. When deciding on admissions, colleges and universities take into account a student's high school grade point average and academic transcript, as well as letters of recommendation, interviews, and personal essays. In addition, almost all schools and universities in the United States will take ACT scores in lieu of SAT scores. Contact the admissions offices of the colleges to which you will apply for more information about the weight...
Allow yourself 5–12 weeks to study for the SAT. We'll provide you a free full–length practice exam and wrap–up course session immediately before your test if you prep with us. We can also assist you if you're unsure about when to take the SAT.
The SAT registration deadline is about 5 weeks before the test date. Fill out the registration form in the College Board's Bulletin for the SAT Program to register by mail. Your school counsellor can provide you with a complimentary copy of this publication. You can also call ETS at 609–771–7600 and they'll send one to you for free.