ACT Test Dates for 2022-23

Feb 22, 2022 | Turito Team USA

act test dates

if you are Looking for information about the ACT test dates for 2022-2023?Here we have included all the detail about ACT test dates. The ACT is a college entrance exam utilized by most colleges and universities to determine admissions choices. ACT, Inc. administers a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper exam. High school students take the ACT in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year. It’s crucial to provide enough time to retake the test to improve your score before applying to college.

Details About the ACT 

The ACT is a standardized test that is designed to assess the candidate’s arithmetic, scientific, verbal, and writing abilities. The salient features of the ACT examination are: 

  • The ACT is administered seven times a year: February, April, June, July, August, September, and October.
  • The duration of the ACT exam is 2 hours 55 minutes without the essay and 3 hours 35 minutes with the essay section.


English: 45 mins

Math: 60 mins

Reading: 35 mins

Science: 35 mins

Writing (optional): 40 mins

  • The fee of the exam is $63.00 without the optional essay writing and $88.00 with essay writing

ACT Test Dates and Locations 2022-23

Are you looking for the ideal time to take your ACT? Here we have included all the ACT test dates 2022-23 so you can choose the one that works best for you. The ACT is typically conducted on a Saturday. If a student cannot take the exam on a Saturday, special arrangements are made to conduct the test on a Sunday. Most high school students take the ACT in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year.

The ACT 2022 test dates and registration deadlines are given in the table below.

Test Date  Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline   Standby Deadline 
11th September 2021 6th August 20th August  3rd September
23rd October 2021 17th September 1st October 15th October
11th December 2021 5th November 19th November 3rd December 
12th February 2022 7th January 21st January 4th February
2nd April 2022 25th February 11th March 25th March
11th June 2022 6th May 20th May 3rd June
16th July 2022 17th June  24th June  8th July

If you miss the regular registration deadline for an ACT test date, you will have to register during the late registration period. This period extends 14 days beyond a 2022 ACT test date. You must pay a $35 late registration fee to finish your ACT registration. This is in addition to the standard testing fee.

If you missed both the normal and late registration periods, you may be eligible to take the ACT during the standby registration period by applying through the ACT website. You will be charged a $56 standby fee. This is in addition to the standard testing fee. On the ACT 2022 test date, you will be required to report to the testing facility. You will be able to take the test if a seat becomes available. If no seats are available and you are unable to take the exam, your money will be reimbursed. You will have to register yourself for the next ACT test date.

The ACT is administered in high schools, universities, and other institutions in the area. Go to the official registration page to discover a test location in your region. Simply, choose your state from a drop-down menu and optionally enter your city. You will get a list of ACT 2022 test dates that you can select at your convenience.

ACT Test Dates 2022-23

The next ACT test dates for the academic year 2022-23 have been projected by experts. Since there is little fluctuation from year to year, the next ACT test dates and registration deadlines for future years should be reasonably reliable.

If you know the month and year you want to take the exam, you may check to see if your ACT test date coincides with any major events in your life. Essentially, these charts make it simple to determine whether or not you will have any potential conflicts. If any of the exam dates are changed, they will most likely be a week earlier or later.

The next ACT test dates or the ACT test dates for the year 2022/23 are given in the table below. 

ACT Test Date ACT Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
September 10, 2022 August 5, 2022 August 19, 2022
October 22, 2022 September 18, 2022 October 2, 2022
December 10, 2022 November 4, 2022 November 18, 2022
February 4, 2023 January 6, 2023 January 13, 2023
April 8, 2023 March 3, 2023 March 17, 2023
June 10, 2023 May 5, 2023 May 19, 2023
July 15, 2023 June 9, 2023 June 23, 2023

Vital Points to Remember Before Choosing Your ACT 2022 Test Dates 

  • The ACT is administered seven times a year: February, April, June, July, August, September, and October.
  • You can prepare for the ACT yourself or join a training institute. The training institute will urge you to book your 2022 ACT test date at the earliest. This is so that you have a broad time frame for ACT exam preparation. 
  • You need to remember to schedule your ACT test dates for 2022 only when you have ample time to study and revise. If you are occupied with other activities it is best to reschedule it and book the next ACT test date
  • The best time to schedule your ACT 2022 test dates is after you have finished your Geometry and Algebra II course as this is included in the ACT syllabus. 
  • Booking the ACT test date and location in 2022 must be done before the regular deadline, allowing for a gap of at least one month before the actual ACT test dates in 2022.

How to Choose the Right ACT Test Date and Location 2022 

There are a few factors that influence your selection of 2022 ACT test dates which we will go over: 

  • College Deadlines: Your college application deadlines are a crucial factor before booking the 2022 ACT test dates. ACT scores are typically released 10-14 days after the exam and are sent to colleges in batches upon the college’s request. The processing time is not included here, which greatly varies from school to school. This simply means that the ACT test date 2022 should be chosen well before your college application deadlines. ACT Inc. recommends selecting an ACT test date at least 4-6 weeks before your application deadline.
  • ACT Reattempts: The majority of high school students take the ACT 2 or 3 times to perfect their scores. They usually take the ACT in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year. Students can choose the ACT test dates and locations in 2022 according to their convenience ensuring there is an adequate gap between tests. 
  • Time to prepare: A major factor to take into consideration is the preparation time. A recommendation is to spend 3 to 6 months preparing for the ACT before scheduling your ACT test date for 2022. A larger point improvement will require you to study for more hours a day. This is why it is helpful to plan your study schedule before choosing your ACT test date and location for 2022.
  • No More Priority Reports: Earlier, students could order priority reports from the ACT, which would get their scores to their universities faster. This was mostly used when a student’s ACT test date coincided with their college application deadlines! The ACT no longer provides priority score reports to test takers. That means you’ll have to keep track of your test dates! Schedule your 2022 ACT test date well before your application deadlines to ensure that your score reports arrive on time at your universities.
  • Planning: Before choosing an ACT test date, evaluate how it fits into your overall schedule. Consider any future obligations or commitments that could clash with your test date. An efficient way to do this is by utilizing a planner to keep track of key events and examinations. You should include all significant academic, extracurricular, and personal activities. If there are any difficulties with your preferred test date, you can opt for an alternate day that works better with your schedule.

Once you’ve gone over all the possible factors that can influence your test date, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right ACT test date and location!

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