AP Test Dates Complete Calendar: 9 Bonus Tips Included

Nov 12, 2021 | Turito Team USA


In case you are taking up advanced college-level exams for extra credit, you must be curious about the AP test dates. Well, congratulations, you are on the right page for that! 

Typically, these exams take place in May when students complete the course in their school. An acceptable score in these can help you get your desired course in some prestigious universities, institutions, and colleges in the world. 

Also, in the case of some institutions, a good (usually 4+) score in the APs can mean that you get to pay a lower tuition fee at college. It is a smart choice to take up these courses and appear for the AP exam. These exams occur for a variety of subjects in May for two weeks. 

There are nearly 38 AP test options students can choose from if their school offers classes in all of them. After you appear for the exam, you will be scored on a scale of 1–5 out of which a score over 3 can be considered a good score. (The score usually comes out in early July.) 

Now, with the AP exam schedule 2021 completed, and the results for the same out, students need to gear up for the AP exams in 2022. Below, you can find all about the schedule of these exams along with some bonus tips on how to prepare for them. 

2022 AP Test Dates Complete Calendar 

Apart from the AP Chinese and AP Japanese tests (they are administered on a computer and not in paper-and-pencil mode), all other AP exams will take place in the paper-and-pencil mode only. Unlike the AP test dates 2021 that were delayed due to the pandemic, the AP exams this year will take place from May 2 to 13. 

The exact schedule for week 1 will be between May 2-and 6 and for week 2, it will be between May 9-and 13. For the students who are not taking many AP classes, this schedule may be perfect. However, if you are taking multiple classes and your two tests get scheduled at the same time on the same day, do not worry. 

As per the College Board, such students can take up late testing. The schedule for the same is different and can be easily found online like the AP exam schedule. Further, as of now, the AP test dates in 2022 are the same. However, if there is any change in them in the future due to COVID-19, we will alert you about the same. 

For now, the expected AP test dates complete calendar for the year 2022 are as follows: 

2021 AP Test Dates Week 1 

The week one AP exams 2022 will most probably start on Monday, May 2. At 8:00 AM (Local Time), the exams will be for the subjects Japanese Language and Culture (United States) and Government and Politics. The exams for Chemistry and Spanish Literature and Culture will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). Similarly, on each day of the week, some exams will take place in the morning and the others at noon. The complete week one schedule is as follows: 

Monday, May 2 

  • The exams for Japanese Language and Culture (United States) and Government and Politics will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time).
  • The exams for Chemistry and Spanish Literature and Culture will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Tuesday, May 3 

  • The Environmental Science exam will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The psychology exam will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Wednesday, May 4 

  • The exam for English Literature and Composition will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The exams for Comparative Government and Politics Computer Science A will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Thursday, May 5 

  • The exams for Human Geography and Macroeconomics will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The Seminar and Statistics exams will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Friday, May 6 

  • The Human European History and the United States History exams will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The exams for Art History and Microeconomics will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 
  • Also, this is the last day to submit digital AP 2-D Art and Design, Drawing portfolios, and 3-D Art and Design to the AP coordinators. All of this needs to be done by 8:00 PM ET. 

2021 AP Test Dates Week 2 

For this week, the first exam is expected to start on Monday, May 9. Unlike the previous week, this one will have 3 slots – Morning (8:00 AM local time), Afternoon (12:00 PM local time), and Afternoon (02:00 PM local time). However, the third Afternoon (02:00 PM local time) is for the Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exam on Tuesday, May 10 only. The complete expected week two schedule is as follows: 

Monday, May 9 

  • The exams for Calculus AB and Calculus BC will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The Computer Science Principles and Italian Language and Culture exams will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Tuesday, May 10 

  • The exam for English Language and Composition will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The Physics C: Mechanics exam will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 
  • The Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exam will take place at 02:00 PM (Local Time). 

Wednesday, May 11 

  • The exams for Chinese Language and Culture & Spanish Language and Culture will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The biology exam will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Thursday, May 12 

  • The exams for French Language and Culture World History will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The Physics 1: Algebra-Based exam will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Friday, May 13 

  • The exams for German Language and Culture Music Theory will take place at 8:00 AM (Local Time). 
  • The Latin Physics 2: Algebra-Based exam will take place at 12:00 PM (Local Time). 

Using the AP exam dates 2021, 2019, 2018, and that of the previous years, you can readily determine the exam schedule for the future. While this may not tell you the exact date but you for sure can get a rough estimate as the schedules remain somewhat similar each year. Now, let us move on to some bonus tips that will help you prepare for your AP exams well. Keep reading! 

What to Do on the AP Exam Day? 

Before Your AP Test

Here are some things students need to remember before the AP test: 

  • It is important to get a good night’s sleep if you want to stay alert, remember everything you have studied, and perform well in the exam. 
  • Do not cram anything and do not stress yourself out. Also, pack your stuff for the test the night before. 
  • Make sure to pack all necessary stuff along with some snacks and water for nourishment during the break if you have two exams a day. 
  • Then, on the morning of the AP exam, have a balanced meal. Never go for the exam empty stomach or after having food that is too sugary. 
  • While you pack your things for the test, make sure to carry some extra pencils and erasers in case you misplace them somehow.  
During Your AP Test 

Here are some things students need to remember during the AP test: 

  • Stay on the schedule during the test. To keep a track of your pace, always carry a wristwatch with you. 
  • If there is something you do not know, it is okay. Rather than beating yourself up about it, and wasting time, move ahead and answer the rest of the questions. 
  • Throughout the exam maintain positivity. Think that you will crush the exam and get the extra credit you are looking for. 
  • Even for the free-response section, do not get stuck on an essay. Move on to the second one if you are not sure about something. 
  • Once you are done with the test, go back to the questions you have skipped. Even if you do not know the answers to them, guess something. If the answer turns out wrong, there is no penalty for it. Alternatively, if the guess is right, what’s better than that? 

9 Bonus Tips and Tricks to Prepare Well and Stay Focused for The Ap Exams 

With the AP test schedule for 2022 out, you might be freaking out. After all, during the month of the exams, it can be tough to manage your time. This can especially be true for those taking two or more AP exams. There can be times when you need to take two of your AP exams on the same day or multiple exams in a week. 

The APs sure do come with a time crunch that is extremely challenging to manage. And during this time, keeping up your energy and motivation can be quite a task. We understand this completely and have come here to help you provide some of the best tips to stay focused for the AP exams and ace them. Let us get started. 

Tip 1: Go Through the AP Test Dates 

First of all, you need to go through the AP test schedule for the year. Determine if you have any of the tests on the same day or if there are two tests on consecutive days. This way you will know beforehand what subjects to prepare for first as when the final week arrives, you will not have much time. Also, by doing so, you will not stress yourself with the last-minute cramming during the final week. It in turn will help you stay focused when May rolls around and perform the best. 

Tip 2: Make A Study Plan 

Once you know your AP test dates, you need to figure out how you will prepare for the exams. The first step you need to take is to come up with a study plan. This plan should work around your schedule and should hinder your preparation for other subjects in the school year. It does not have to be super-specific. Instead, you can come up with a general idea of what you will be working on every week. 

However, if a fixed schedule works for you, there is nothing wrong with coming up with an everyday study plan too. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to keep your goals reasonable and stick to the plan. By doing so, when the AP exams finally arrive, you will be all relaxed and will have nothing to worry about. 

Tip 3: Learn All the Major Concepts by May 

By now, you know that the AP exams are in which month. So, by this month, May, you should have learned all the major concepts that you need to at least once. Along with this solve at least one practice exam for each AP test (the ones you are taking) once you are done with everything. 

Also, never rely on last-minute studying during the exam period. Rushing through a prep book only a week before the exam or taking tons of practice exams two days before the final AP test will not help you get your desired AP score. Instead, it will only stress you out. 

The only effective way to prepare for the APs is by giving yourself plenty of time before the final exam month and finishing the concepts at least once by them. For the final week before the AP exam, the best you can do is revise everything and pay special attention to some tricky concepts. 

Tip 4: Find Practice Exams and Questions 

In addition to going through all the concepts, you also need a way to find out how much of it can you put into practice. For it. find practice exams and questions that can help you build precise AP test skills. Typically, the best for these are those practice tests that the College Board creates. You will find these materials quite similar to the real AP exam that you will take in May. 

Tip 5: Track Your Progress 

Whenever you take a practice test, do not just solve it. When you are done with it, go through it and analyze the mistakes you made. Make sure to find the correct answers to these questions and find the reason behind that correct answer. 

If you track your progress this way, when the test day comes, you are sure to do your best. Further, if you can find more than one complete practice test, we suggest you solve all of them. It is a good idea to take them once you complete your preparation. 

This will help you figure out what areas you need to work on the most. And when you start with the first revision of the concepts, you can focus on these areas more. Then, after this, take the practice test again. It will help you determine how much you have improved from the previous time. 

Tip 6: Work on Your Weak Points 

As we explained in the above point, it is important to work on the parts you lack. For every AP exam, you have to take, you probably know by now what parts are going to be the hardest for you. While studying for the APs, pay attention to these and prioritize any extra time you have towards preparing for these sections. 

For instance, let us say that you have AP Calculus AB and AP US History exams in the same week. For both these exams, you must pay special attention to the area you find the most difficult. While doing so, do not neglect the easy parts. These are the ones that will help you get guaranteed marks. Further, you can also divide your time by what subject you find the most difficult. 

Let us say that you are pretty confident that you will perform well in the AP US History exam. On the other hand, you are not very sure about your AP Calculus AB paper. In such a case, when you are done with a round of learning of both the subjects, invest more time in AP Calculus AB preparation. Use any extra time you have for the subject. 

Do anything that makes your preparation easy – review your notes, memorize formulas, practice questions, etc. Again, you will only be able to do so if you start your preparation early, and do not leave it for the last month. By doing the latter, you may end up risking your AP score by putting too much pressure on yourself. 

Tip 7: Know That Time Management Is Everything 

While you prepare for your APs, keep in mind that on the final test day, you have to follow the actual AP test time limit. It means that you have to attempt all the questions in the given time. Otherwise, you may end up missing a part of your exam. Now, for it, you need to practice time management and this can be done using practice tests. 

Whenever you attempt a practice test that has both multiple-choice and free-response sections (follow the exact AP exam pattern), make sure to complete the test in the given time only. Initially, you may not be able to do so. But as you practice, you will easily be able to complete the test in time and even have time left to recheck your answers. 

Tip 8: Do Not Forget the Other Classes 

Now, when your AP test dates come out, you will notice that you even will have to manage your school schedule on those days. While most teachers understand that you get extra homework and assignments for the AP test period, not all may do so. Therefore, always be sure to manage your other classes too. 

Again, if you prepare for your AP exams ahead of time, any non-AP class assignment should not bother you. With your preparation complete, it will be easy to deal with these assignments. Also, this way, you can make sure that your high school GPA is maintained and enough to get you through the college admissions easily. 

Tip 9: Study Hard but Do Not Burn Yourself Out 

Now, as mentioned earlier, you may be having multiple exams on the same day, two days in a row, or a week. As a result, during the final week, students can commit too much to studying. If you have completed your preparation way ahead of time, you need not do so. Instead, you can limit heavy studying during that time and have proper rest, enough sleep, and eat well. 

By doing so, you can stay focused better during the test and perform well to get your desired score. So, before the test day, instead of studying hard by doing one more practice test, or memorizing a few more facts, give your preparation a rest. Do not burn yourself out and obsess over studying too much. You will only stress yourself out and underperform on the test day this way. 

Further, to deal with the exam week stress even though you are prepared well (yes, it is normal), get some exercise or do something fun. You can indulge in a variety of things ranging from reading your favorite book, going for a run, yoga, spending time with friends, watching an episode of your favorite show, etc. 

That being said, if you have started your preparation late, and are not fully prepared, skip the fun. In such a case, it is best to review key terms. You can even add some practice sections to your study time if you can. Again, do not cram things. Finish strong, and on the last day, do not try to mug up some new concept. 

Final Thoughts 

So, this is all about the AP test dates you must know about this year. As for the tips, we have a final one to add! When you prepare for the exam, keep your final goal in mind. It will give you that much-needed motivation to prepare well and perform well in your AP exam 2022. All the best!

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