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How to Get Your AP Scores Released Early?

Apr 12, 2023

After taking your AP tests, you’ll have to wait around two months to get your results. That’s a long time! Is it possible to acquire your early AP scores? Unfortunately, the college exam board will not provide early AP scores 2021 in most situations. However, some claim to have discovered a secret workaround that might deliver your AP results a few days earlier than expected.

Changes In AP Test due to Corona Pandemic

Because of the continuing COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, AP examinations will now be conducted in three sessions between May and June. The dates of your examinations and whether they will be online or on paper will be determined by your school.


When Are the AP Exam Scores Announced?

The AP exam results are revealed in early July. Your AP results will only be available online, and you will be able to access them through your exam board or college account. If you take several AP exams that year, you’ll receive all of your results at once.

But when exactly will you receive your early AP scores? It changes slightly from year to year and depends on where you reside. The pattern of release is also not consistent from year to year. For example, in 2016, east coast states received their results first, while in 2019, some southern states received their results first. However, US territories and students who take examinations in other countries typically receive their results last.


The particular score release timetable for 2020 has not yet been adjusted. However, the probability is that the AP scores will be posted on July 5, all of them available by July 9. The exception is for the late-testing exam scores, released in August.

When do colleges get your AP results?

When you register for AP tests, you will choose one school to which your reports will be sent for free. If you want to transmit your scores to more than one institution, you can request extra score reports once your results have been announced. If you wish to send a free score report to a school, you will get it by mid-July. If you elect to buy score reports after receiving your results, you have two choices:

  • Standard Report: Schools will get their results 7-14 days after you make your order. It will cost you $15).
  • Rush Report: Schools will receive their results 5-9 days after you make your purchase. It will cost you $25 per report.

Is It Likely to Get Early Score AP?

You will receive your AP early scores in roughly two months. The extended delay is that it takes a long time to grade free-response questions. These questions are graded by hand, and the graders must be specifically trained to provide the right answers consistently.

But what if you need your AP scores sooner? Is it possible to obtain early AP scores? Unfortunately, not in the least. If you Google “AP early scores,” you’ll find several websites claiming to bring you your AP results as soon as possible. Ignore them; they’re attempting to defraud you. Only the college exam board will have access to your results before they are made public.


However, if you need your early AP scores, several people have reported successfully altering their log-in location and receiving their AP scores a few days early. Because the college exam board publishes scores depending on where you log in rather than where you took the exam, several students claimed to have gotten their early AP scores last year by altering the location of where they entered into their exam board of college account.

For example, suppose you resided in Colorado but could examine your results or have someone else view your scores in Texas. In that case, you might theoretically see your AP early scores on July 5th instead of July 9th.


How can you Modify the Location from which you Access your Scores? There are Various Options:

  • Allow a friend who resides in a state that receives AP scores earlier to log in to your Exam Board account and view your scores.
  • Log in to one of the states that received AP scores earlier.
  • Use a VPN to shift the IP address of your computer/phone to one of the early release states.

It’s crucial to note that these assertions are entirely anecdotal and haven’t been proven; even if they are, the Exam Board may decide to modify the way scores are distributed due to the exposure this technique has garnered. As a result, it may not work in the future. Even if it does, you’ll only get your AP scores a few days early at best, and you won’t get them until the Exam Board starts distributing them. Unfortunately, there is no method to obtain early AP scores 2021 before the official initial release date.

What If You Need Your AP Scores Right Away?

But what if you truly need your AP results early, perhaps for a scholarship deadline or because the institution you’ll be attending in the fall demands AP scores by a specific date so you can pick your freshman year classes?


First and foremost, understand that the Exam Board will not make any exceptions for anyone. No one. You will not obtain your AP scores before the scheduled release date, no matter how dire your position is. So, if you need them by a specific date but won’t have them in time/colleges won’t have them in time, you should focus on seeing whether the individuals who need your scores will be flexible because the Exam Board won’t be.

Suppose you’re going to miss an AP score deadline; phone or email the organization that requires your scores to find out your choices. It might not be a big deal if they’re a little late. You may also be allowed to record your results informally, which may then be compared to your official scores when they arrive roughly two weeks later. Most places will also accommodate you if you take an AP test later and receive your results last.


However, it is unusual that you will want your AP results early to fulfill a deadline. Most universities require your AP results by mid-July or early August if you’re going to start classes there in the autumn, so using the free score report or purchasing one soon after receiving your scores will ensure that your scores arrive on time in most situations, with no need for rush orders.

You may avoid missing a school deadline by having your AP scores provided to you as soon as they are available. If you wait weeks before getting a score report, late AP scores may influence the classes you can take during your first semester of college.

Few scholarships have summer deadlines, but if they do and your AP scores will not be available in time, you may be able to substitute other test scores or school grades. In any event, change your attention from attempting to obtain AP ratings as soon as possible to determine how you might work to satisfy deadlines or criteria.

Early Score AP Exam from the College Board: Summary

Do you want to know how to acquire your AP scores as soon as possible? You will receive your AP scores in early July after taking the AP examinations in early May.

Unfortunately, that’s a long time to wait, and there’s no way to receive AP results before the College Board releases them. On the other hand, AP results are issued by the state over several days, and some people have been able to obtain early AP scores in 2021 by altering the location from which they check in to their College Board account.

However, keep in mind that this strategy will only allow you to examine AP scores a few days ahead of schedule. Please don’t believe any websites that offer to get you early AP scores; they’re all a fraud.
Whether you need AP scores by a specific date, talk with the school or organization that requires them to see if an alternative strategy can be devised. The College Board will not give your AP scores early for any reason, but the institution that requires them may be more accommodating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are early AP scores legit?

After taking AP exams, you need two months of waiting time to get the scores. Since it is a long time, many test-takers are eager for early AP scores. But the College Board does not release them early. It takes a long time to grade free-response questions. Since it is graded by hand, the graders must be well-trained to give correct scores. Though there are promises to help you get early AP scores, there is no way to get them before the official first release day. It happens in early July.

2. Do teachers get AP scores early?

The educators designated in My AP, and your college or university, including your AP teachers, will automatically receive your scores once they are released. Only teachers authorized through AP Course Audit for the current year have access to their students’ scores online

3. Do colleges receive AP scores early?

Colleges do not get AP scores early. According to the College Board, your scores are received by mid to late July. The last date for using your free score to send in ‘My AP’ is June 20, 2022.

4. Is a 5 on an AP test a perfect score?

Getting a perfect score means scoring a 5 on the exam. It means you received every point possible. It is something worth reporting to colleges as it is impressive and unusual.

5. How can I get my AP scores a day early?

The word ‘early’ is relative. As the time of day that your scores are released also depends on your time zone, early AP scores give your scores only a few hours to a day in advance by logging in from a different part of the world instead of your time zone. AP scores are accessible depending on geographical location.

early ap scores


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