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These Are The Easiest AP Classes For You

Dec 1, 2022

Every year the College Board arranges AP classes and exams to enhance various skills in students. In addition, AP classes provide many benefits and rewards to students and encourage them in their future studies.

In India, there are 23 accessible AP courses. You can boost your GPA, get college credits, get concessions in tuition fees, and many other rewards. So, selecting challenging AP classes is not a wise idea. But what is the easiest AP class? How to decide which are the easy AP classes? What are the factors that let you determine what the easiest AP class is?


In this section, you will get the answer to all these questions and more about some easiest AP classes.

What Are the Easiest AP Classes?

The AP classes in which students usually perform well and can score three or more easily are classified under the category of easiest AP classes. However, it also depends upon students how well they can grasp that subject and perform accordingly.


There are various ways to select the easiest AP classes. For example, some reviewers consider AP classes the easiest that can consume less time preparing for AP exams. At the same time, some believe the easiest AP classes depend on their pass rate of previous records.  

Hence, it is hard to measure which are easy AP classes since they can vary with a student’s interests and needs for college.


Factors Deciding Easy AP Classes

It is highly subjective to decide the factors that affect students’ decisions about which are the easy AP classes. However, many factors can assist you. Some of them are:

  1. They are getting the previous years’ statistics, such as pass and perfect score rates, etc. These statistics aid you in identifying the potential AP classes.
  2. Another factor is selecting the AP course based on the volume and depth of its curriculum.
  3. Sometimes, selecting an AP course for which you have an available quality teacher is also helpful in scoring AP exams.
  4. A typical factor is the student’s previous experience with the AP course you have selected.

Some students are better at memorizing the topics. At the same time, some are experts with writing skills and can score well in essay writing compared to other students. Sometimes, a teacher’s teaching style also affects students’ learning abilities. Therefore, many factors can aid in selecting the best AP course for you; you must choose your option wisely.


AP exams are highly adequate to challenge your college-level skills. Hence, selecting easy AP classes does not imply getting a better score on the AP exam. Usually, a high pass rate indicates that students consider AP classes the easiest ones. It also increases their likelihood and, as a result, improves student outcomes. However, the pass rate is among the many factors to consider in the easiest AP classes.

Top 10 Easiest AP Classes

Depending upon the previous records of pass rate and perfect score rate, the top 10 easiest AP classes are given below.


1. Physics C: Mechanics

If you have an ability for Science and Mathematics, this AP course is for you. Students who select this course are gifted with academic knowledge and prepared well for this AP exam. The pass rate and perfect score rate for Physics C: Mechanics is high, around 40%.

If you plan to develop your career in Physics, Mathematics, or Engineering, in that case, this course will benefit you in the future. Topics such as Newton’s laws, Kinematics, Linear momentum, or systems of particles are combined with practical knowledge.


2. Spanish Literature

If you are fluent in Spanish, this course seems like the easiest AP class. Fluency in Spanish allows you to earn college credits via this course. You can also become a part of the high pass rate. However, students who are not familiar with Spanish will find it difficult.

This course includes reading comprehension and six key Spanish literary themes. In addition, there are two sections in the AP Spanish exam, like other AP exams: multiple-choice questions and a free-response section.


3. Calculus BC

Because of its reputation, it has become an excellent AP course among students. However, if you wish to get a high pass rate, you need to start your preparation for this AP course a year ahead of your high school class in Mathematics.

The course covers college-level integral calculus, differential, and concepts of functions. The AP Calculus BC exam duration is three hours. There are two sections in the question paper, i.e., multiple-choice questions and an essay writing section. You can perform the exam in any format, either on paper or in a digital format.

4. Physics 2

This AP exam is based on algebra knowledge. It is different from other AP Physics exams, as they require Calculus knowledge. The high pass rate of this course is due to its easy-to-score topics. Spending more time with its curriculum will quickly let you achieve a perfect score, i.e., 5. 

25% of its curriculum is based on practical information. Similar to other AP exams, this exam is also classified into two sections, i.e., an essay writing section and a multiple choice section. The duration of the AP Physics 2 exam is three hours.

This AP exam’s curriculum covers mathematical solutions, experimental design, and quantitative or qualitative translation.

5. Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

If you are drafting your future in the field of Mathematics or Engineering, this AP class is for you. Unlike other AP classes, the pass rate of this course is high. It is due to its self-selective features.

Topics such as change, interactions, and conservation include Calculus knowledge. The curriculum also includes practical knowledge. This exam covers five high-scoring units, including magnetic fields, electromagnetism, capacitors, conductors, and dielectrics.

6. Psychology

Due to its uncomplicated syllabus, this AP course is straightforward. The coursework includes tests, projects, and quizzes to attend the whole year. The time of this exam is two hours. The exam format consists of two sections: a multiple-choice section and an essay writing section.

You can perform this AP exam via paper or digital format per students’ desire. Topics such as psychological case studies, quantitative data, and theories are included in the curriculum of AP Psychology.

7. Computer Science Principles

It is the easiest AP course compared to other courses, as it requires fewer study features. 70% of the total score of this AP exam culminates in a multiple choice questions section.

Moreover, students need to develop a computer program within 12 hours as their performance test to complete this AP course.

8. Comparative Government and Politics

This course includes the comparative governmental systems of various countries. The curriculum of this AP course brushes the governments of countries like Iran, China, Nigeria, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Russia. Compared to the U.S. Government and Politics AP course, this is less rigorous.

Similar to other AP exams, this exam is divided into two sections, i.e., multiple choice questions and a free-response essay writing section. The period of this AP exam is 2 hours 30 minutes, and you can select any exam format, i.e., digital or paper.

The course and exam explore political parties, institutions, political culture and participation, and electoral systems. 

9. Computer Science A

If you understand JAVA programming languages, including testing, writing, and analyzing, in that case, this course is especially for you. This course includes the old curriculum compared to other Computer Science course curriculums.

With the similar two sections, i.e., multiple choice questions and free-response section, the period of this AP exam is three hours. You can select any mode, either digital format or paper format, to perform this exam. 

The AP Computer Science A exam includes topics like method and control structures, writing program code, and 2D arrays.

10. Music Theory

For music students, this course is the easiest AP class. Knowledge of aspiring music composers and instrumentalists makes the coursework easy for you. 

AP Music Theory exam comprises two sections, a multiple-choice questions section and a free-response writing section. The period of this AP exam is 2 hours and 40 minutes.


Several factors aid in deciding whether the AP class you select is the easiest or the hardest. For example, the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, the volume and nature of the AP course you choose, etc., are some such factors that can help you select the easy AP classes.

AP classes arranged by the College Board have immense benefits for students. AP classes can assist you if you want to challenge yourself to improve your academic records or skills, gain college credits for better education, or boost your resume. Therefore, selecting the easiest AP classes is necessary for a wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the easiest AP classes, per the students’ poll?

A. As per students’ poll records, they have selected the following five AP classes as the easiest among all:

  • Psychology
  • Computer Science Principles
  • Comparative Government and Politics
  • Environmental Science
  • Human Geography

2. Is environmental science a good option for the AP exam?

A. If you like science, get interested, and can quickly grasp the concepts when reading about nature and the environment, you will find environmental science the easiest AP class.

In general, environmental science takes a lot of common sense. The course is straightforward and practical. Many students find themselves genuinely interested in this subject. It is easy to prepare for this course by creating science models and participating in lively discussions.

3. What school factors can aid in deciding on easy AP classes?

A. There are broadly three factors in your school. These factors aid you in selecting the easiest AP classes and better preparation for the AP course.

  • If you are facing doubts about selecting the best AP class for yourself, ask your teachers for help.
  • You can talk to your seniors, peers, or friends in your school to get more opinions about the easiest AP classes.
  • You can ask your school’s guidance counselor too.
Easiest AP Classes


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