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How Much Do AP Tests Cost? Everything You Need to Know

Feb 23, 2022

Do you want to know how much AP Tests cost especially in 2022? Here we shall be answering all such questions related to AP exam costs and how to seek financial assistance if you require an AP exam. So keep scrolling down if you want to save the most money on your AP exam cost!

How Much Do Advanced Placement Exams Cost?

The cost of most AP exams conducted for the 2021-2022 school year is $96. The fee for the AP Conference and AP Research examinations is $144. The exam costs $126 for students, not from the United States, its territories, Canada, or DoDEA. Some schools charge an additional fee to cover exam proctoring expenditures. Delay in registration will cost an additional $40 on top of the baseline exam price. While performing well on AP examinations might be a cost-effective method to gain college credit, scholarships, especially for students who take many tests.


How Can I Get a Fee Waiver for the AP Exam cost?

To obtain an AP exam fee waiver, contact your school’s AP administrator; the administrator is the one who schedules the exams. You may be asked to submit documents as proof that you fit into one of the categories of students who are eligible for waivers, which are mentioned below. If you don’t know who the AP Administrator is, you can ask your AP professor or your school counselor to put you on the correct route.

Qualification for AP exam cost waiver

The College Board specifies the following facts as prerequisites for receiving a $33 exam fee discount. In addition, high schools must waive the $9 test price that they charge as a rebate. If you belong to any eligible categories for the fee reduction, your AP exam cost will be roughly $53.

  • Students from families whose income is 185 percent of the federally mandated poverty limit are qualified for the cost reduction peer test.
  • If a student is in foster care, homeless, or a migrant, the state will pay for their testing costs if they present documentation.
  • Students from TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) families would not have to pay the testing charges.
  • The state additionally covers the AP fee for each student whose family is eligible for Indian Reservation assistance.
  • Students who engage in federal TRIO programs and similar programs that target those with financial needs can save a significant amount of money.
  • Students who seem to be orphans or dependents of the district are exempt from the AP exam fee.

Furthermore, for students qualified outside of the United States or Canada, the AP examinations would have a test price of $83 per exam. On the other hand, AP Conference and AP Research tests would have a fee of $101 after reimbursements.

When to apply for AP Exam Cost Reduction  

It’s advisable to consult with your AP coordinator or teacher as soon as possible. The College Board specifies the deadline for each school AP exam cost reduction request on the portal. To qualify, you must send your test registration to your high school’s AP administrator by the deadline. It is preferable to submit your application early so that they can obtain a test price waiver together with your registration.


You must take exams early in the school year to avoid incurring the late exam cost, which you should equally consider when planning your fee reduction request. The mainline is that you should always consult with your high school’s AP Counselor or AP Class Coordinator about your exam registration (and its corresponding cost).

Are There Any Other Ways to Cut AP Exam Costs?

  • Government Funding – Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Under the ESSA’s Title IV, Part A block grant, states, and districts are reimbursed for lowering the AP exam cost for students with financial distress. Approximately 95% of this money will be distributed among the various neighborhoods. They can also set aside the remaining 5% for a comparable potential cost. Some AP test activities that local governments can perform with their finances are as follows:

  • Provide assistance to reimburse low-income students’ AP exam fees.
  • Includes the exam price for pupils who do not attend Title I schools.
  • Provide funding for certain AP courses/exams.

The districts can use the cash received for individuals who appear for the exams next season. They must also remember to give fair testing services to private school teachers and kids.

  • CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act

In response to the COVID-19 problem, the US Congress approved around $13.23 billion to preserve the K-12 education program. The act’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) provisions allow schools to use their AP test funds. The following are included:

  • Any ESSA-approved activities
  • School closures are being planned for the long term
  • Long-term school closure planning
  • AP Exam Cost Funding

Similar to ESSA financing, the state may choose to keep a fraction of the money received. They can set aside up to 10% of the funding and redistribute the remaining 90% to other schools in their region. Both the state and the district have the option of using their funds to subsidize AP exam costs.

  • Obtaining AP Credit – Understand Advanced Placement and AP Credit

Before describing how to obtain AP Credit, it is necessary to separate it from Advanced Placement. The College Board’s trademark, AP Credit privileges come from good AP scores, which allow you to join college with some credits. You can deduct these from the overall number of college credits required for your degree. As a result, some students can graduate from university earlier, saving their money on tuition.


To qualify for AP Credit, you must have a high AP Exam score. Follow some easy steps to maximize your chances of minimizing your college tuition:

  • Begin examining the AP test score as soon as possible. Set aside some time each day for course preparation. Early preparation can make a huge difference between a satisfactory score and be eligible for AP Credits and a scholarship.
  • Obtain and use AP test materials that the College Board has approved. Attending Advanced classes also uses one of the many online practice tests accessible. Be resourceful to improve your score.
  • An excellent AP test score can be obtained via consistent and correct practice like any other important examination. Make sure that you cover all of the necessary topics available online.
  • Find study partners who will inspire you to keep reviewing and working toward your goal score. The exam coverage is huge, and studying alone might get monotonous after some time. Doing it with a friend can be quite beneficial.
  • If you need assistance with your review, do not be afraid to ask your AP professor for more course material and prep tools.

Advanced placement is when the college enables you to waive some initial courses. The school determines that you have grasped the teachings taught in these courses based on your AP scores. As a result, you can skip them to make room in your calendar for more advanced courses. AP is often advantageous to students who wish to pursue dual degree programs. Students may be eligible for both types of rewards based on their AP exam scores and the college’s policies.


Are the costs of the AP exams justified?

Yes, the cost of the exams is justified as they will aid in your college program application (and costs). Since AP tests have a high financial fee, several students may find them prohibitively pricey. Good exam results can save you big bucks and an extra charge if you are eligible. Furthermore, there are a variety of government aids available that may exempt you from these expenses. 


Mostly, if not all, institutions in the United States recognize the importance of high AP exam scores. They have established policies that provide information on the benefits of the tests, even though that differs in every school. If you’re wondering about the details, you can ask your AP counselor for further information.

how much do ap tests cost


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