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When Are AP Tests? The Complete Exam Schedule

Nov 13, 2022

Are you looking for a test that can polish your skills and prove your academic proficiency? Then AP exams can be of great help to you. AP exams, i.e., the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program, help you check your knowledge and skills in various subjects.

When is the AP exam schedule? When is AP testing held? Is it beneficial to take AP exams? What are the subjects involved in AP exams? How many times can a student attempt AP exams? 


These are some general questions that many students have. This article will answer all such questions.  

What Are AP Exams?

AP means Advanced Placement Program. AP exams provide an opportunity for high school students to study higher. These exams help you earn credits and rewards in high school or secondary school. These credits or rewards will help you in your future studies.


If you scored low on your internal exams compared to the board exams, in that case, AP exams provide you with a better chance to show your better academic profile by polishing it. These exams help you reduce your curriculum load by leaving you enough time to pursue extra activities and explore your interests. AP exams also help you by saving your tuition fees.

When Is AP Testing?

If you are going low with your studies but want to earn credit for future college studies, you must look at when AP testing is being performed. These tests let you measure how well you understood the material for a particular subject. Some colleges only accept perfect scores, while others accept all those students who have passed these tests.


There are multiple reasons for attempting these tests. Some of them are:

  • They want to push themselves and take challenging classes.
  • They want to save money on college tuition or graduate early. 
  • To boost their GPAs.
  • AP classes and tests look good on their college applications, especially if they score high.

As the AP exam in India is arranged at the central level, the difficulty of the exam is higher than the regular exam. Therefore, there is a need for genuine preparation. 


Why Is the AP Exam Important?

Students can participate in AP exams during their high school or secondary school period. This exam is valid only for classes 9 to 12. From Science to History, there are a total of 23 subjects accessible in India for the AP tests.

The students are rewarded with scores from 1-5. 5 is counted as the highest score, and three as the passing score. Students getting three or more scores get credits for their college studies. These credits help students with their GPAs. Sometimes, earning college credit can mean a lower college tuition bill. So, it would be better to plan for the AP exams wisely.


What Is the Registration Process for the AP Exam Schedule?

The College Board manages these exams. So, to enroll in these exams, you must first create your College Board account. After that, you should follow the steps below:

  • After opening your account, you need to pay the exam center fees for the exams.
  • After registering and paying exam center fees, your registration process is complete.
  • Once your seat is confirmed, you will receive your admission ticket.
  • Your seat will not be considered if you have paid for the exam center but do not complete the registration process.

If you have an AP exam coordinator at your school, you can ask them what queries you are facing about registration.


When Are AP Tests Arranged in 2023?

Students face this issue when AP exams are taken due to the lack of information. Due to not attempting the exam, they lost the chance to score some credit for their higher studies. It is the responsibility of AP coordinators to inform students when and where to report for the AP exams.

It is not difficult to know when there are AP tests. These exams are held every year during the first two weeks of May. In 2023, from May 1-5 and May 8-12, AP exams are going to be held. The dates and timing only issued by the College Board are valid. 


What Is the AP Exam Schedule for 2023?

The AP exams will proceed in morning and afternoon shifts for the first week of exams. The timing for the morning shift is 8:00 a.m., while that of the afternoon is from 12:00 p.m.

There will be a subsidiary shift in the afternoon for the second week of AP exams from 2:00 p.m. Specific exams are offered at certain times. As per the College Board’s instructions, the school must begin the exam schedule with local timings.

The duration of AP exams varies from 90 minutes to 200 minutes. It depends on the subject you have selected. The exam incorporates multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and a free-response section that is mandatory to attempt. Every year, these exams are organized in paper and pencil, i.e., offline format.

What Are the Late Test Dates for AP Exams?

The College Board provides a chance for students who cannot attempt the test on the scheduled dates. Every year, students are offered alternate dates for their AP exams. Depending on the rescheduling of the exam date, students do not need to pay any additional fees for late testing. 

Late testing will take place in the third week of May 2023. Students need to give some acceptable reasons for late testing fees. They have to attempt three tests on a single day or can have their tests scheduled simultaneously. 

What Is the AP Exam Structure?

Every exam has a different structure. However, some points are common for every exam. The same goes for AP exams. The AP exam structure for 2023 is as follows: 

  • The duration of the AP exam is a minimum of 1 hour. Depending upon the exam subject, it can prolong up to 2-3 hours.
  • Section I of the exam includes MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).
  • There will be 4-5 choices for each MCQ, and you must select only one correct option.
  • There will be no negative marking for MCQs. 
  • Each MCQ contains equal marks.
  • Section II is non-optional, i.e., subjective-type. The questions in this section are free-response, and you have to generate their answers.

For Section II answers, you can select a solution to a problem, an essay, or a spoken response format.


AP exams are drafted to measure how well you have prepared for a specific subject in an AP course. These are standardized exams held annually at the end of the academic session.

These exams are not compulsory. Some colleges ask for the credits, but some do not ask about your scores. Every year, these exams are arranged by the College Board. You are not required to take these exams if you have completed your academic classwork. However, some schools make it mandatory for students to attempt AP exams.

Getting a score of 3 or more grants you college credit or increases your GPAs. These credits may aid you with your tuition fees during your higher studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who creates the AP curriculum, and what courses are available for exams?

The Advanced Placement Program offers a total of 34 subjects. Of these 34 subjects, only 23 accessible subjects in India are included in AP exams. These exams contain subjects like Science, Mathematics, Language and Art, etc.

The curriculum of these exams is established by American and International Universities professors’ committees. They have collaborated with expert high school instructors.

2. When are AP exams taken? What is their format?

Every year, AP exams are arranged in May. These exams are flexible, and students can participate in as many as they like. Generally, students of secondary school take part in these exams. However, the College Board has permitted high school students to take part in these exams.

To help the candidates, AP classes proceed in various Indian schools, but you can also clear it by self-study. The exams consist of multiple-choice and free-response questions, lasting between 90 and 200 minutes, depending on the subject. 

 3. What are the AP exam centers in India?

Students may register themselves (the registration process begins in February) for one of the best AP preparation courses with us, administered in May, at testing centers in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune. The Advanced Placement (AP) testing schedule recommends exams in subjects such as Calculus, Economics, Statistics, and Physics.

4. Do AP scores matter?

AP scores would not affect your high school GPA or college admission chances. But a good AP score can let you earn college credit. However, every school has different criteria. Some would not accept credit unless you scored a perfect, i.e., 5. At the same time, some would not accept AP scores.

5. When is the AP exam score released?

Like every year, AP exam 2023 scores will be released in July 2023. Your score will decide how much college credit or rewards you get. Although it is unnecessary to attempt these exams, some colleges consider these credits, which also benefit you with your tuition fees.

When are AP Exams


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