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Coding Games Online for Kids to Learn Programming

May 13, 2022

Almost all games that you see online are built using some code. A major branch of computer science is dedicated to game development. This domain helps users, including kids, build visually appealing games. 

Quality coding websites and applications can help kids in the classroom and at home. We’ve collated ten coding games online free that suit children. So, if you want to learn to code while playing a game, you’ve come to the perfect place.



With 67M students onboard, is one of the greatest platforms to learn code while playing games. includes very diverse participants and audiences by reaching students of all backgrounds.

This online coding game has two primary categories of programming languages: text-based programming languages and visual programming languages. Text-based programming languages include Javascript or Python. Visual languages are not coding languages. Here’s elementary school-level courses use Blockly. You drag and drop visual blocks to write your programs.


Also, has created the annual Hour of Code campaign. This campaign has engaged more than 15% of all students worldwide. Giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, the Infosys Foundation, Google, and many more are supporters of


Scratch is a super popular free coding game for kids online, which allows you to create your own interactive stories, games, and visuals.


Scratch blocks come in handy for beginners who are learning to code. Scratch also allows you to add characters to your game and control every movement of the characters in your story. Kids get excited to put their imagination and stories into a real game where all they need is to drag and drop blocks to give actions to their characters. These actions include talking, motion, and much more. 

One of the coolest features of this game is that you can remix the best games on Scratch and open up their code to see how they function. Here are three amazing games on Scratch:

  • Geometry Dash
  • Flip 3D
  • Mystic Valley

Tynker Coding for Kids

You should know that Tynker is the world’s widely preferred K-12 creative coding platform. It helps students of all ages to learn to code at home, at school, and on the go. This online coding game provides you with various online resources to help kids learn to code. 

Most of the Tynker games for kids are subscription-based, but their online gaming community has ten free levels and 20 free activities that children of age 7+ can enjoy. 


The coding games online are free and are designed for everyone. Levels for kids who are beginners are taught graphic programming interface and gradually levels up to complicated languages such as JavaScript and Python. 


Blockly Games is an online coding game for beginners. This is specifically designed for children who have not had prior experience with computer programming. By the end of these games, kids are ready to code using complex text-based languages.


Users can create scripts using visual blocks, even if they do not know any programming language. Blockly uses a drag-and-drop editor that includes everything you need to code. Here scripts are gathered together in blocks that can be easily stacked and translated into code.

Blockly is an open-source, customizable, self-paced learning tool that can be downloaded for offline use. It helps you learn and enhance your coding skills where kids can create and collaborate while playing games.



If you want your kid to practice & learn the fun way, welcome to CodinGame!

CodinGame lets you practice pure code and learn new concepts by solving fun challenges. Games here are available in 25+ languages that include all the hot programming topics that will excite your kid to learn more.

CodinGame provides you with a platform where you can learn new programming languages, algorithms, and tricks in courses crafted by top developers. Here you also have an option to become an expert by practicing an advanced level of programming where you can improve your skills while having fun and getting noticed.

Kids can have fun with friends and schoolmates on multiplayer games where they can score and challenge their friends. CodinGame also provides a recruiting platform that allows developers to get noticed by companies based on their performance in the contests.

Gamestar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic is an award-winning game and community that uses fun, game-based quests and courses that help your kid learn to design and share their games. 

“Gamestar Mechanic is a stunningly in-depth and endlessly interesting foray into the game design… The concept is brilliant, and playing through it is undeniably entertaining.” 

Five Star review from Common Sense Media

With Gamestar Mechanic, you can go on interesting quests that help you build your programming and game design skills. With the power to design your games, this online coding game allows you to make original games with a powerful, easy-to-use design tool and a library of hundreds of sprites.

With a huge Community, you can publish your games and connect with over 250,000 designers whose games have been played over 5 million times.

Code Maven by Crunchzilla

Code Maven by Crunchzilla is an interactive platform where anyone can experiment with learning to code. Kids especially get excited when they are asked to build something. Code Maven uses this as the fundamental idea where Code Maven gets teens excited about programming.

Kids learn to build their code in a very fun way. And the programming skills kids gain will help them broaden their minds and perform excellently in school and later in life. Being able to code makes them feel accomplished while giving them a head start in our fast-paced digital world. 

Code Maven is slightly more advanced among all the online coding games online for beginners, though the format is the same. It is suitable for kids, teens as well as adults. Now, Game Maven offers the chance to explore more advanced JavaScript concepts dedicated to creating games.

This is more suitable for teens and adults. There is also a tutorial about data and statistics, which is not only specific to JavaScript. This website helps you build familiarity with the concepts and syntax of the JavaScript language.


You should know that Qbotik is an iOS/Android app. It provides an online learning platform for kids in essential robotics features like rotation, torque, and motorized joints.

The game was “developed for STEM education as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for educational applications. The goal of this game is to control a robotic arm to catch different cubes. As you move to higher levels, you face more challenging tasks.

There are many coding games for kids online, but Qbotik is an exception. The game’s goal is to “rescue” cubes using a robotic arm, and the difficulty increases with every level.

The core idea of this game is to give students hands-on experiences to control two different kinds of robots in simulation.”

Kids can learn a lot of concepts related to physics. The game introduces concepts like degrees of gravity, torque, forces, freedom (motorized joints), and rotation. It’s a great way for kids to understand how real robotic systems work with a fun challenge. 

Kidlo Coding

Kidlo Coding is one of the most entertaining and exciting coding games that help kids learn to code. This is best suited for kids of 4-9 yrs.

Programming is an important skill in today’s world. Kidlo Coding teaches kids the basics of programming with over 50 exciting games like popping balloons and firefighting. Kidlo Coding helps kids improve their memories, enhance problem-solving skills, and increase logical thinking skills preparing them for school.

Essential Coding Concepts that your kid will learn with Kidlo Coding are sequences, arrays, functions, loops, debugging, etc. Some benefit of Kidlo Coding is there are no other in-app purchases. Your kid can play and code without using the internet, and also this online coding game contains no ads. Learn coding at Kidlo Coding!

Code Combat

CodeCombat does a good job of combining teaching coding to kids with competitive online games. This online coding game allows players to control their actions with scripts. This game starts from the very basics, and as you level up, you will need to enhance your programming skills as the levels get difficult. With different game levels, you will have a complete map for your kid, even if they are a beginner.

This online Game-Based Learning provides a unique approach to help kids master learning as they write and play scripts from the start of their adventure, promoting active learning and a growth mindset. Code Combat also focuses on Text-Based Coding, where your kid will learn complex languages like Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming using human, beginner-friendly terms. Kids can participate in competitive coding called the CodeCombat AI League. This educational esports league uniquely combines an AI battle simulator and a game engine to learn real code.

free online coding games for kids


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