First-year essay prompts:

Here is the list of some essay prompts which comes across while in college application essay prompts:

  1. A student having some past or having some delightful experiences will definitely help in making their essay application realistic in college essay prompts. Some sense of reality in an essay can be the most engaging part in the application. If you think this can be you, then you should definitely reveal that story among all.
  2. The challenges faced by us in real times are the obstacles for us in present time but if we will think about future, it is a most crucial step to our later success. Collect the incidents and situations where you faced some barrier and where you really felt stuck as they will be really helpful in explaining that how you became the person you are today. One’s experience is a way much better than short term success.
  3. Imagine the times when you were not comfortable with the belief’s and ideas of people and just get in depth of that as you need to know what made you sense like that.
  4. Sometimes something’s happens with us which makes feel alive, so just go back and think why it made you feel like that. Moreover they make us feel to do and achieve something great in our live. How that one action or reaction of someone made you feel like heaven? How that has impacted some things in your lives?
  5. Recollect the times when you have done something great and you really felt that you are a step closer to success or you are taking a step towards your personal growth. Go back to the times when you realized your own capability and worth. Imagine the times when you started understanding your accomplishments and value.
  6. Sometimes we really come across some unique and winning thoughts or concepts that made us feel so relaxed and involved. Think about what makes you feel like that and what was the catchy thing in that? How do you become like when you want to know more about something?
  7. Take a topic of your choice or zone and share an essay on that topic. It can be from any concept or a real incident or a fantasy or an imaginary one but it should be planned by you personally as that that will have a sense of belongingness and hence it will take that essay to another level in college essay prompts.

35 College Essay Prompts and Topics:

The college application essay prompts are really hectic and at the same time can be really interesting for some. As always for every application we definitely have some important point’s to excel it.

1) Introduce the person who has really played an important role in changing your life:

In essay explain that how this person has contributed in you as a person and how that person has helped you in realizing self care and self importance as that is the most important thing one should do.

2) Any incident where you need to speak for someone as they cannot due to their inability:

In these types of essays you need to say about a particular scene where you have spoken for someone may be your friend as he/ she was not able. The inability can be anything maybe the lack of confidence or maybe the health problems or vocal problems.
In these cases it will be really good if you have some relevant examples for that and if not then please do not make some new story as that will impact that you are a child of gold having all qualities.

3) Any book which you want to suggest to read:

In these types of essay it is best if you will take the example of that book which you have read as you will know all the good things and best things about that book. So it will describe you as a person about your likes or dislikes. In this it will be amazing if you will describe that why you feel like it to suggest readers to read. Describe what made you feel special about this book.

4) Tell something about the problems you faced or problems which you may want to solve:
It will check your understandings that what do you think the problem is and it will check your views what made you think that as a problem. It will check whether you are doing something to solve that problem or not, so write accordingly.

5) Depict something about a situation where you are not ok with already made beliefs :
Sometimes we start believing as our parents or persons around us want us to believe but as a person we can have our personal views on that with some facts of course. This is as college can take idea whether you have some qualities for participating in college debates. You need to depict about a thing or situation where you felt like yes, that needs to be changes, it is wrong. For example like previously women were not allowed to work but now they are equal to men.

6) Tell us something about your failures and how that changed you as a person :
Many a times we do something and we fail out miserably. So, you need to depict that incident where you felt like this. The best advice is to be genuine and honest as everyone has failures in their life, be confident about that and depict it clearly as it can be a great message others having same problem.

7) Tell us something about yourself:
While writing these types of essays, you need to stand out from other students as most of them will describe about their achievements but it will be great if you write a unique thing that focuses more about your nature or your thoughts. Please ignore the mostly used topics always as they may be too boring to read for test takers.

8) Tell something about your goals in life:
In these types of easy we mostly writes about career goals or family goals but to make it more engaged and realistic, write about something you want to make or the goals which you want to fulfill like to learn swimming or to be a karate champion etc. It will involve the examiner in your essay and you will get the results accordingly.

9) Choose any topic for essay:
This is the open free ended question for you, it provides an excellent opportunity to you to choose the topic of your choice, Still be try to unique it and do not use the most repeated topics like “ my favorite food” or “ my favorite place”. You can choose unique and refreshing topics and if your topic is a different one, it will definitely help you in getting stand out from others in common app college essay prompts.

So, these were some most commonly asked essay prompts for admission in college.

Popular College Application Essay Topics:

So many colleges accept these application forms for common app college essay prompts for getting a good college.

1) Share your story: In these types of essays, it is recommended to write more about your skills, choices and your love for things rather than your academic performances as they can see all your academic records in the application form.
It will be best if you describes about yourself as a person like what makes you excited, what makes you feel motivated every time and anything related to your fantasies.

2) Learning from obstacles: Everyone faces difficulties in their life whether it is a big one or a smaller one, but still it makes some changes in our individuality as a person. In these types of essays, you can tell about your obstacles in detail and along with that you should also tell about how you overcame from that. Application checkers wants to see how you solved the situation and overcame that. The focus should be on steps for overcoming the obstacles faced by you.

3) Challenging a belief: In this the admission takers are checking you as a person as they want to check if you have some qualities for standing out from others if you think this thought or belief could be changed. The leadership qualities, taking stand for right things and many things are checked from these kinds of essays. These essay applications are there just to know more about you as an individual. It will be best if you share some realistic and genuine case where you really did this.

4) Solving a problem: Daily we have some problems around us, some problems are huge while some are ignorable. In these kinds of essays, Application checkers are looking for person’s ability to identify a problem and the steps taken for solving it. As this will show the thinking style of student like how he/ she thinks, what he/ she really means by problem etc. They will just read your mind by your essays; they will see the person in you just by the words written.

5) Personal Growth: In this, it will be checked whether student is eager to learn from mistakes, to check if student is comfortable for adapting some change. Describe these kinds of essays stating about your rewards or failures and also that how you improved yourself from these achievements or failures. As human being needs to update themselves at various points in their lives because change is a part of life. So the more the person can adapt to changes, the more strong the person is than who don’t adapt.

6) Why you need admission in this school? : In these kinds of essays, generally student say about the prestige and reputation in the market, but this is not for what admission takers are looking for. You should be genuine and honest about why you really want to join this school like because this school is near to my house or in this school you will get the opportunities like sports, music etc. As these things only will make you different from others.

7) Describe something about your most favorite person: Most of the students will definitely take some eminent personalities like Amitabh Bacchan, Rishi Kapoor etc. But no, it is not required; please take an example of those personalities with whom you relate to or whose personal experiences inspire you. It will be amazing if you will describe about the changes you made in yourself by getting inspired from the personality.

These were the most popular topics which are generally given for common app college essay prompts.

Creative College Essay Prompts:

Creative college essays prompt are useful as colleges need some line about student appearing for admission. Generally colleges provide the samples for students to write it nicely. But if not, then these college essay prompts can help you in writing the best content explaining you. Below is the list of some examples for it:

1. Tell that invention which you think is helping in diminishing the country instead of helping in growth and also explain that what made you think that?

This question will check your state of mind, your ability to think on own to change something for country.

2) Explain the nature or kind of person you are through a story.
This will check that how well you have the capability to explain yourself through an essay.

3) What is the best quote which inspired you? Explain how?

This will check if some quote engaged you or motivated you and hence changed you as an individual.

4) Imagine if you can go to previous time and change something, what will you changes and why?

This will check your idea process. What made you think like that?

5) Suppose you have to add another question in college application form, so what would be that question? Please explain it with answers.

This is just a very basic and easy question, in this you need to think in deep, just write whatever you feel to write.

6) Who has given you the best suggestion in your life? How that has changed you as a person?

This will check if you are a kind of a person who gets motivated with someone and hence included some new traits in yourself.

7) Which animal do you want to become if you were given the opportunity in history?

This is free ended question, just be honest while answering these kind of questions. Also, do not use the most common names of animals which everyone others will choose.

8) What made you choose this college only for the rest 4 years of your life? Explain with facts?

In these kinds of essays, admission takers are looking for the genuine reason of choosing the college. It will be best if you will be super honest here.

9) Is there any incident that made you change your thoughts or beliefs? Explain.

You as a person will be checked by these kinds of questions.

10) Share the bad experience of you where you failed in achieving your goal.
Many a time we get failed, the admission takers are checking for the honesty and acceptance nature of a person.
This will show that you accept both the good things as well as the bad things in your life.

11) Suppose there is a situation where you have an option of either taking a risk or not taking a risk. Which option would you choose and why?

Be super honest in these situations, as they are looking for that only.

12) What are your future plans after completing graduation from college?

This will check your future planning skills and the kind of person you are.

13) Everyone has some dull moments in their life? What was that moment which you want to change? Explain Why?

This will check how you dealt with that weakest phase in life.
The above examples were the most commonly asked essay prompts for application. These prompts will also help you in case you need to choose your own topic, so you can easily choose. There are more essay college app essay prompt examples.

Personal insight questions:
In these questions admission seeker is basically looking for more information about you. It will check your perspective, ideas, nature and a kind of person you are. It is recommended to be super honest while answering these questions.
There are total 8 questions and you need to attempt any four questions out of it. In this case you can choose any four out of them but it is recommended to prefer those which really happened with you. As the genuine stories is a way better than cooked stories.

Points to be noted while choosing any four:

a) Each question is equal. There are no marks for the kind of topic you choose. It completely depends on you. Admission takers will not provide any extra marks for the topic you choose. So, please feel free to choose any question.
b) No procedure or a method needs to be followed while writing these topics as they are looking for you. Describe yourself according to the topic with honesty.
c) Sometimes, while giving common app college essay prompts, we feel like to write about something that is not related to topic assigned to us. In that case additional comment option is there where you can pass a message you want to convey.
This will help application checker to know more clearly about you.

The 8 questions which are asked for checking the personal insight of a person are:

1) What changes you have made in your school to make it a better one?
You can write about the things like what change you made and what made you think of that? Also, you can mention that how many people worked with you for applying this change in school.
2) Why do you think you will be selected for this application process?
In these kinds of questions, they are checking your inner confidence and skills. Before appearing for this application, you can also visit college’s website and learn more about their cultural environment which will help you in answering the relevant answers to explain the question.

3) Which is your favorite subject and how you are working more on that subject?

They are just checking the keen interest of you in a particular field and analyzing what steps are taken to get in more depth of it.

4) What was the biggest challenge you faced and explain how you managed to get out of it?

This will check your skills to face and deal with the challenges as challenges will always be there in each part of life.
It will check how strong you are as a person.

5) Some skills we have in us since birth like patient in nature or helpful etc. Which is your best skill you have?

Have some faith and confidence in you and tell the skill in which you really think you have a keen interest.
This will give an idea to admission takers the kind of skills you are having and they will allow you to work more on that skill to get best out of it.

6) What talent do you think you have? What steps you are taking for working more on it?

This is just to recognize your interest and hobbies. Whatever you think you love to do, just explain it.

7) Tell us about a situation where you have to lead the cause and solve it.

This will check your leadership skills to solve a problem and skills to influence people for a good cause.

8) Various opportunities are given to students in schools like debate competitions, talent hunt etc. Tell us where you participated in these extracurricular activities.
This is just to know more about you. You can tell if you have participated in any of these activities.