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GPA Calculator High School: Usage and Benefits

May 14, 2024

Almost every university and college student must have heard several times the importance of scoring a good GPA. GPA is a crucial metric for evaluating students’ academic performance throughout their school period. Your GPA is the critical indicator determining whether you will graduate with a good grade. Moreover, GPA also showcases the probability of you securing a good job after your studies, which is why you must keenly focus on your GPA. In fact, students are advised to constantly track and calculate their GPAs since the first semester in school. 

How to Use a GPA Calculator?

Your GPA is a metric used by colleges to assess the difficulty of your coursework and compare you with other applicants during the admissions process. Since schools calculate GPAs differently, it can be challenging to gauge where you stand in comparison to other candidates.


Before we begin, ensure you have your latest transcript or a comprehensive list of all your classes, including:

1. The courses you have taken


2. Your grade for each course

3. The credit value of each course. (Note: Not all schools issue credits, but you can input “1” for each course if yours does not.)


These details are crucial for GPA calculation. Please note that while the calculator adheres to the most common GPA calculation rules, your school may have its variations.


Your courses are significant as they reflect the challenges you pursued during high school. Specifically, the inclusion of Honors, AP, or IB courses influences your GPA calculation. 



Your grades provide admissions officers with insights into your performance in your courses.


Each course should be assigned a credit value ranging from 1 to 5. Credits signify the significance of a course, with core academic subjects like English and Mathematics typically assigned higher values, often 3 or 4. Non-core academic courses such as Art or Foreign Language and non-academic courses like Gym usually receive lower credit values.


In the GPA Calculator, input:

  • The name of each class
  • Your grade for each class
  • Each class’s credit value. (If your school does not use credits, use “1” as a placeholder.)
  • Choose the course type from the drop-down menu provided.

The results will display your unweighted GPA.


Benefits of Using a GPA Calculator

Some of the key advantages of using a GPA calculator are as follows:

Easy Access

Almost every GPA calculator comes with easy-to-follow and straightforward instructions. Hence, you need not be a technical expert or a computer wizard to access these applications. Each student can instantly figure out how to access the GPA calculator on their first attempt.



You might make inevitable mistakes while calculating your GPA manually, as multiple numbers can be confusing. These minor mistakes might alter your complete result and waste your time and efforts. Hence, a GPA calculator provides accurate results without any mistakes or errors.

Saves Effort and Time

To calculate your GPA manually, you have to implement specific formulas. However, they can be very time-consuming. Moreover, if you are not an expert in mathematics, even the most straightforward formulas can prove to be complex, wasting your efforts. On the other hand, GPA calculators are efficient and fast as they are designed to process the data quickly. All you need to do is input your details into the calculator, which will provide you with accurate results in just a few seconds.

Can be Accessed 24×7

The GPA calculators are simple tools that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. You only need to download the most preferable application on your smart device and use it anywhere and anytime as per your requirements.

Data Storage

With a GPA calculator, you do not need to worry about forgetting or missing your grades. Moreover, as these applications store your data and results for future requirements, you do not need to visit your academic advisor regularly to cross. Check your results, as they can be viewed on the application anytime.

Grading Errors Identification

The GPA calculator helps you assess your current grade point average and catch errors easily in your results. Hence, if you find any errors in your grades, you can immediately resolve the issue.

Monitor Your Academic Performance

With a GPA calculator, you can know your academic progress as you pass through each semester. The calculators provide progress reports, helping you track your academic performance. Hence, you can easily acknowledge whether your performance is low, high, or average.


Using a good GPA calculator, you can calculate an accurate GPA from your first to the final semester without any mistakes. The GPA calculator high school is easy, fast, accurate to access, and is mostly free of cost. However, remember that a GPA calculator will help you calculate your GPA but will not boost your results, and this is why Turito, an online learning platform, is here to help you prepare like a pro to achieve academic success like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you divide GPA?

Calculating your GPA, the total grade points scored are divided by the total letter-graded units undertaken.

How can you convert GPA into percentage?

Firstly, multiply your GPA by 100, and later, divide the result gained by the highest GPA possible.

Is my GPA calculated every year?

The GPA is calculated each semester by the end of the academic year.

GPA Calculator


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