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Is 1120 a Good SAT Score?

May 15, 2024

Are you the one who scored 1120 on your SAT results and not certain that it is a good score? Are you skeptical about your college applications and considering a retake? Wait! Before you think about going in for a retake, read this article; it will help you understand the real picture. Let us discuss the score and related college opportunities.

About SAT 

A number of colleges and universities require scores from the SAT or ACT as part of the admissions process. The College Board is the organization that developed and administers the multiple-choice, computer-based SAT exam. Your SAT score is an important part of your college application. The majority of colleges and institutions use the SAT as an entrance exam to make admission choices. 


Importance of Your SAT Score 

The influence of your SAT score on your college applications is primarily determined by the particular institutions you are applying to. To determine how your score compares, look up the average SAT scores of students admitted to your desired colleges. It is essential to keep in mind that your chances of getting into college will increase with your score.

You can think about retaking the SAT if you discover that your score is lower than average for the universities you want to attend. You can increase your chances of approval and your score with a little more research and practice. Remember that certain universities do not require test scores; that is, you are not required to submit your SAT or ACT results. Test results, however, may still play a role in academic placement and scholarship decisions.


What Does the 1120 SAT Score Mean? 

With an 1120 SAT, you are ranked in the 59th percentile nationwide, which is considered an average score. Of the 1.7 million people or more who took the SAT, you are doing better than most of them. Your SAT score indicates slightly above-average performance in Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing sections, out of a maximum of 1600 and a minimum of 400.

This score may be low for more selective colleges, but it will not negatively impact your application for less competitive ones. An 1120 SAT score is within the average range for accepted students at 784 U.S. colleges, with popular colleges likely to be competitive due to their history of accepting students with such scores.


SAT Cutoff 2024 

There is no such thing as a good SAT score unless the university that the applicant wants to apply to has set a cutoff score for the exam. The SAT cutoff for 2024 is not predefined, as many universities abroad have chosen to be test-optional or scrap SAT requirements. 

The SAT scores for Fall 2021 admissions, the average SAT score cutoff for middle-ranking U.S. universities is between 950-1150, while top-ranking universities, including Ivy Leagues, accept scores higher than 1200. 


Therefore, SAT cutoffs are calculated after admissions wrap up, as many universities have chosen to be test-optional or scrap SAT requirements.

Tips to Improve Your SAT Score 

Your chances of attending and affording college will increase in proportion to your SAT score. Here are some tips to raise your SAT GPA:


Pay Attention to Additional Essential Factors

Aside from the SAT score, focus on keeping your GPA highest. Admissions officers place a significant importance on steady academic success over time.

Engage in Extracurricular Interests

Take part in additional activities that you find enjoyable. This displays not only your passions and areas of interest but also your time management skills and multifaceted abilities.


Create a Compelling Personal Essay

Give your college application a thorough, well-written personal essay. Make the most of this chance to present your experiences, viewpoints, and goals. An excellent essay can enhance your SAT and GPA and leave a lasting impression on admissions officers.

Good SAT Preparation

Give yourself enough time to study if you choose to retake the test. Determine your areas of strength and weakness. Make use of study materials, online resources, and practice exams to improve your knowledge of difficult subjects and test-taking techniques.


Effective Time Management

For the SAT, work on developing efficient time management techniques. During practice exams, learn how to pace yourself so that you can finish each section in the allocated time.

Evaluate and Practice

Study SAT-related subjects, including arithmetic, reading, and writing, regularly. In order to become comfortable with the format and sorts of questions asked, practice responding to example questions.

Get Help If You Need It

Never be hesitant to ask for assistance from tutors, teachers, or internet resources if you are having trouble with a particular subject. Receiving assistance can help you comprehend topics better and perform better on the SAT. Turito can be your trusted platform, which is trusted by many who have appeared for and scored well in SAT tests.


At Turito, we will be by your side as you complete your SAT preparation journey. Your success is guaranteed with our expertly crafted SAT prep taught by high-level teachers. We guarantee efficient learning and a better learning environment in the virtual classroom by providing more than 80 hours of live instruction, a student-centered curriculum, and tried-and-true test-taking strategies. 

With all the assistance you require from Turito’s thorough exam prep, get ready smarter rather than harder. Set up a free demo to start your path to achieving a flawless SAT score. 


What does the SAT test for?

The three main areas of a student’s proficiency are measured by the SAT, which is a standardized test. They are writing, math, and critical reading. The SAT is taken by students in grades 11 and 12 in order to submit their results to institutions as part of the college application process.

What is the SAT exam in India for?

The Scholastic Assessment Test, sometimes known as the SAT, is a test taken to gain admission to undergraduate programs at many foreign colleges and universities. The SAT is also accepted for admission at Indian universities that participate in the College Board’s India Higher Education Global Alliance initiative.

Is 800 a good score for the SAT?

800 is below the national average SAT score of 1000, which is kept intentionally low. Therefore, this allows for limited college possibilities.

Is 1120 a Good SAT Score?


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