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Is 1150 a Good SAT Score?

May 15, 2024

Every year, millions of high schoolers take the SAT to boost their chances of getting into the colleges they have always dreamed of. Along with the ACT, this standardized test forms another important instrument students use for admissions to judge whether applicants can manage college-level work successfully. If you have received an 1150 SAT score, you are certainly in a dilemma as to how this score will play in your college educational plan. The interpretation of this score is critical as it may affect your next steps; for example, you might need to prepare more or develop a strategy to apply to the college of your choice.

What is a Good SAT Score?

The SAT score range varies from 400 to 1600, depending on the total score. Each section and Reading/Writing are scored from 200 to 800. To determine how good a score is, one must look at the percentile ranking associated with it.


While the mean SAT composite score is 1050, which is a numerical reflection of the stand for the test having its center around 1000, with an average of 500 for each section too, scores, in turn, follow a normal distribution, forming a bell-shaped curve in which the majority of the students tend to be located around the mean. The number of candidates who get the highest and the lowest scores is fewer.

Calculating the percentiles for particular scores is a helpful tool in understanding score distribution. For example, a score of 1250 is the 81st percentile, which means that the tester is in the top fifth of all test-takers, a very high achievement. On the other hand, a score of 950, which corresponds to the 37th percentile, puts the individual in the below-average category.


SAT Score (Out of 800)

The following table illustrates SAT score percentiles for both the Math and Reading/Writing sections, showcasing the distribution disparities:

SAT Score (Out of 800)Math Percentile (2022)Reading and Writing Percentile (2022)
250 and below1–1–

Although scores are comparable across sections, results vary. For example, a Reading/Writing score of 750 places an individual at the 98th percentile, which is extraordinary. However, the same score on the math scales shows their ability at the 95th percentile, so it is still very good but lower than the reading/writing section result.

Good SAT Scores for Popular Schools

The process of setting your target SAT score includes looking at the requirements of the colleges you want to attend. Here’s a comprehensive list of popular schools along with their 25th and 75th percentile SAT scores for 2022, US News rankings, and acceptance rates:

School25th-Percentile SAT Score75th-Percentile SAT ScoreUS News RankingAcceptance Rate
Johns Hopkins1520156097%
UC BerkeleyN/AN/A1511%
Notre Dame142015502013%
U of Michigan136015302118%
UNC-Chapel Hill133015002217%
Washington U St. Louis148015602411%
University of Virginia140015102419%
U of Southern California146015402812%
U of Florida132014702823%
UC San DiegoN/AN/A2824%
UC DavisN/AN/A2837%
UT Austin123015003231%
UC IrvineN/AN/A3321%
Georgia Tech137015303317%
UC Santa BarbaraN/AN/A3526%
U of Wisconsin137015003549%
U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign135015103545%
Boston College143015103917%
Purdue University121014504353%
Boston U137014804314%
The Ohio State University126014204353%
Wake Forest University140015004721%
U of Rochester141015204739%
U of Georgia122014004743%
Case Western142015205327%
William & Mary137515205333%
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute138015006065%
Villanova University139014806723%

Is 1150 a good SAT score?

Scoring an 1150 on the SAT means you are higher than the 67th percentile group of students; therefore, there is always room for improvement. By devoting your full attention to your study, you will raise your score and broaden your possibilities for the future. Students may choose to enroll in an intensive prep course that will provide them with all the information or seek pre-college materials that are free and offer all-inclusive support. 

Keep in mind that each goal is different, and the criteria for a sufficient score will depend on your ambitions. Although the test scores are important, the admissions offices look at different factors when they evaluate the candidates. Some institutions place greater weight on various factors other than grades, yet the wise thing will be not to limit yourself when it comes to choices. 


What is a Good SAT Score Today?

The current benchmark for a good SAT score is 1400 or more. Scoring on this scale places you in the 95th percentile–meaning that you outperformed 95% of test-takers. It is an impressive accomplishment for the number of test-takers who take the test annually. Though a 1400 score does not guarantee admission to the top universities, it nevertheless increases the probability of your admission. Such scores attract the attention of the admissions staff, which makes your application stand out among others. Pursuing higher scores, even by taking more attempts, is the recommended strategy for improving your chances of college admission and helping you feel content with your achievements.


Your pursuit of a better SAT score is now over! Knowing where your SAT scores are on a percentile is key for analyzing how well you have done and what the next step can be. Turito SAT prep will provide you with exactly what you need: perfect study materials, engaging interactive lessons, and a personalized experience to pinpoint your weak areas and successfully master SAT strategies. Book a free demo today and begin your journey to SAT success with Turito.



How can I improve my SAT score efficiently?

The SAT prep classes offered by Turito are based on mindful time management, an interactive classroom style, logically organized methods, and abundant opportunities to practice, which enable you to boost your score as quickly as possible.

Can Turito’s SAT prep courses help me understand SAT percentiles better?

Yes, Turito offers complete study materials and tailored progress reports that show your performance to enable you to know your position, and SAT percentiles determine this.


Will Turito’s SAT prep courses cater to my individual learning needs?

Absolutely! Turito’s live small group classes are a great way to get undivided attention and personalized learning. Students can freely clarify their doubts and strengthen their understanding of the SAT concepts according to their individual needs.

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