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Pedir Preterite

May 16, 2024

Every language needs verbs to function effectively; without them, communication is impossible. Similar to other languages, Spanish requires a basic understanding of verb Pedir Preterite conjugation in order to be spoken fluently. Verbs, also known as verbs, are words or action words that describe the conditions, procedures, or deeds that the sentence’s subject—a noun or pronoun—has fulfilled.

Spanish verb tenses vary depending on the sentence’s topic, both in person and number. We refer to this as conjugation. 


Meaning of the Verb’ Pedir’

It is one of those sayings that everyone says but seldom ever puts into practice: “Ask and You Shall Receive.” How do you choose what to request? How can you decide when a question is appropriate to ask? What occurs if your request is denied by someone? Above all, the most challenging thing to ask for is something in a foreign language.

The meaning of the Spanish verb pedir, which translates as “to ask for,” is vital to remember because the word “for” is already included in the translation. In addition to this, the verb pedir also suggests:


(To Beg) Example: En el metro, existían numerosos indígenas pidiendo dinero. (In the subway, there were numerous indigenous people asking for money).

(To Order) Example: voy a pedir una hamburguesas de pollo. (I am going to order chicken burgers).


(To Demand) Example: Me pidió una explicación sobre su vestido. (She asked me for an explanation for her dress).

(To Pray) Example: Mi madre pidió por el bienestar de la familia. (My mother asked for the well-being of the family).


Meaning Of  Preterite 

The preterite verb tense in Spanish, also known as pretérito perfecto simple or pretérito indefinido, denotes that an action taken in the past was finished at a particular point in time. (Traditional Spanish terminology refers to all past tenses as pretéritos, regardless of whether they indicate acts or events that are completed or incomplete.) Typically, the action has a specified start and finish time. 

In contrast, the imperfect describes any past activity that has been repeated, ongoing, or habitual. Therefore, “I ran five miles yesterday” would use the first-person imperfect form of ran, corría, whereas “I ran five miles every morning” would use the first-person preterite form, corrí. This is a perfective vs. imperfective aspect differential.


What Type of Verb is Pedir?

A verb that enjoys defying accepted conjugation conventions for verbs ending in -ir, -er, and -ar is pedir. The irregularity of the word ‘pedir’ stems from this. The many conjugations of Spanish verbs are based on their stems and ends. 

Regular verbs have stems that remain constant while their endings vary according to the personal pronoun (I, you, we, etc.) that is being used. Verbs with irregular endings don’t always have the same stem structure, and adding an ending can occasionally cause the stem to alter. Conjugating irregular verbs becomes slightly more difficult as a result.  


Conjunction Table of Pedir Preterite Tense

Having the proper foundation will make it easy to master pedir conjugation. The building blocks you need to begin using this verb appropriately should be provided by the conjugation table that follows.

yopedíI asked
pedisteyou asked
vosotros/vosotraspedisteisyou asked for (plural) 
nosotros/nosotraspedimoswe asked
ellos/ellas/ustedespidieronthey asked

Example Sentences of Conjugation of Pedir

“Tengo sed; ¿Pido una Coca-Cola y la compartimos?“I am thirsty. Shall I order a Coke, and we share it?
Estamos perdidos, así que pidamos la dirección.We are lost, so let’s ask for directions.
Juan me pidió dinero para comprar un auto.Juan asked me for money to buy a car.
Les pedí que me compraran un regalo.I asked them to buy me a gift.
Le pidieron a nuestra familia que les prestara algo de dinero.They asked our family to lend them some money.
¿Por qué no pedimos café y té helado?Why don’t we order coffee and iced tea?

Phrases including “pedir”

Pedir is a rather common verb that is used in many expressions, much like virtually any other word in Spanish that is used frequently. Regardless of your proficiency with the language, it’s wise to become familiar with colloquialisms as they may not make sense to you at first. 

Pedir horaTo make an appointmentNo es mucho pedir que llegues a clases a la hora.(It’s not too much to ask you to come to class on time).
Pedir perdón / disculpasTo apologizeEs demasiado testaruda para pedir perdón.(She is too stubborn to ask for forgiveness).
Pedir la cuentaTo ask for the billYa pedimos la cuenta hace 30 minutos pero no vemos al camarero(We already asked for the bill 30 minutes ago, but we didn’t see the waiter.)


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In the imperative tense, how do I conjugate pedir?

When giving clear instructions or directives, the imperative tense is employed. The following are conjugations for the affirmative commands of pedir: Tú solicita, usted solicita, nosotros/nosotras solicitamos, vosotros/vosotras solicitan, ustedes/ellas/ellos solicitan.

When do I need to use the word pedir?

It is normal to ask for things in daily life. You could request a raise. Or you could beg for pardon. Alternatively, all you want to do is dine and get your top choice from the menu! The word pedir (peh-DEER), which in Spanish means “to ask for” or “to order,” is necessary for any kind of request.

Why do I learn Spanish?

Being multilingual makes you more marketable in the job. Speaking Spanish is a huge plus for your resume. 

Pedir Preterite


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