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PSAT Scoring for 11th Grade

May 6, 2024

Many of you might be interested in pursuing higher education at top-tech colleges and universities. Taking admission is quite challenging due to tremendous competition. But, the key to excelling in one’s career is dedicated studies and scoring well in the exams. PSAT is an important exam critical for many reasons in a candidate’s career, including the opportunity to earn a scholarship. 

This article is dedicated to the average PSAT scoring for 11th grade students. Getting straight to the scoring aspect to help you understand its different aspects and inform you about the average 11th grade PSAT score, let’s begin now.


Understanding PSAT Scoring

The PSAT is the practice exam for the SAT. However, the scoring of the two is significantly different. While the SAT scores range from 400 to 1600, the minimum and maximum attainable scores in PSAT are 320 and 1520, respectively. Yet, counting the similarities, the scores are separately provided for two different sections. PSAT has two different modules or sections; one is Reading and Writing, and the other is Math. 

The candidates can score a minimum of 160 and a maximum of 760 marks in each section. The combined score of the two is the final PSAT score. 


Besides, candidates also get a Selection Index score. The score ranges between 48 and 228 and is different for each state in the US. The Selection Index depends on different factors and is used by NMSC to select their semi-finalists for the National Merit Scholarship. 

What is PSAT Score and Percentile for 11th Grade?

With PSAT, you get two types of scores and percentile. One is a total score between 320 and 1520 and the associated percentile. The other is the section score between 160 and 760 each for Reading & Writing, and Math and the associated percentile. The PSAT percentiles compare you with other students, stating how many students have scored equal or lower than you. 


Further, The College Board provides two types of percentile ranks through two different reference populations. 

  1. Nationally Representative Students

Here, students are provided percentiles according to all the US students in 11th grade. It is an overall comparison, including the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10. It also involves weighted percentiles. 

  1. User Group Percentiles 

These percentiles are according to the specific scores of students who have taken the PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 in the past three school years. Thus, it is a more specific representation of how a particular group of students who have taken the test recently perform relative to each other.

What is a Good PSAT Score for 11th Grade?

The average 11th grade PSAT score can be considered as a slightly higher score than gained by 50% of the test takers. The College Board states 1010 to be the average PSAT score 11th grade. Candidates scoring higher than 75% of students can be considered to have ‘good’ PSAT scores, while candidates who are outstanding 90% of students are excellent scorers. Yet, to make it to the top, the 99 percentile is essential, which is for the candidates scoring between 1450 and 1520. 


Table 1: The main PSAT percentile and scores for 11th-grade students, as stated by the College Board, are as follows: 

PSAT PercentileTotal ScoreReading and Writing SectionMath Section
99 and 99+1450-1520730-760750-760

What Are the Benchmark Scores For 11th-Grade Students?

Students taking PSAT 10 also get grade-level benchmarks. It is feedback on performance relative to expectations for college and career readiness. They are highlighted in one of the three colors with a specific meaning for each color. The benchmarks can be:


Red: Student’s performance is below the expectations

Yellow: The student does not meet the expectations, but the progress is towards getting on track for college readiness. 


Green: Student’s performance is on track for college and career readiness. 

Table 2: The section-11th grade benchmarks are as follows: 

Benchmark Reading and Writing Math 
Red 160-420160-470
Yellow 430-450480-500
Average 460510
Green 460-470510-760

Importance of PSAT Scores for 11th Grade Candidates

Appearing in the Preliminary SAT exam enables students to understand where they have to focus to improve scores in the main SAT. Since the PSAT pattern is quite similar to the SAT, candidates can have better exposure and prepare themselves well to get higher scores in the SAT.

Adding more, scoring at least the average PSAT score 11th grade is a bare minimum. You must score 99% to become eligible to obtain a National Merit Scholarship. The scholarship provides financial aid in taking admission to top-notch colleges or universities abroad. Good PSAT scores increase your chance of getting admission to your favorite college at the time of your application review. Thus, we recommend you to remain ahead of other competitors in getting the seat.


Now that you understand how PSAT scoring works, your aim must be to score higher than the average 11th-grade PSAT score. Know that The College Board has determined schedules, patterns, preparation methods, do’s, and don’ts that will help you prepare well. However, the right approach towards learning and guidance is essential to staying ahead in the competition. 

Unlike other educational learning platforms, Turito provides highly experienced faculty members who uniquely guide you and provide in-depth insights into opportunities and challenges during your preparation. 

Here, you will get lesson plans, assessments, doubt-solving sessions, authentic study materials, and much more. Do not waste your time. Start your preparation for admission to your dream college and obtain a National Merit Scholarship now with Turito!

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are prohibited during PSAT?

Here, we have enlisted some of the items that are prohibited to take in during testing.
1. Compass, rulers, curing devices or protractors
2. Books or any type of references
3. Unacceptable calculators such as QWERTY keypad style
4. Paper, paper tape, mobile ph0nes, smartwatches and any wearable technologies
5. Camera, audio players, tablets, Bluetooth devices, or any other computing devices
6. Separate timers
7. Highlighters, colored pencils
8. Papers, firearms, or weapons

Is there any penalty for prohibited devices?

In case your device makes noise during the testing or breaks, you may get immediately dismissed and your scores canceled. Adding more, your device will be confiscated and inspected as instructed by The College Board.

Is the PSAT harder than the SAT?

No! Preliminary SAT is quite easier than the SAT. If you are preparing for the PSAT, it will be helpful for getting prepared and securing higher scores on the SAT.

Does Turito have experienced faculties?

Yes absolutely! Turito provides faculties with 30+ years of experience and with a proven track record of creating single-digit rankings.

In which courses does Turito offer assistance?

You will get assistance in learning for a wide range of courses. We provide courses for IIT/JEE, NEET, Universal program, Foundation course, SAT, PSAT, IELTS, AP and much more.

11th Grade PSAT Score


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