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Best University Accepting A 1450 SAT Score

Jan 5, 2023

The Scholastic Assessment Test, commonly known as SAT, consists of a set of standardized tests. These tests evaluate a candidate’s skills and knowledge in Math, critical writing and reading. The aggregate SAT score is calculated by adding up the scores of each section, and it ranges between 400 to 1600. 

All the top-rated colleges and universities seek high school applicant’s SAT scores to compare competitiveness for admission offers. Although other factors influence the acceptance rate of applicants, such as high school GPA, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, personal essays, and admission interviews, the SAT score is very crucial. If you have a 1450 SAT score, you must be thinking is a 1450 a good SAT score and which schools accept this score. In this blog, we will provide detailed information on the competitiveness of the 1450 SAT and the list of colleges that have 1450 as their average SAT score.


Is 1450 a Good SAT Score?

A good SAT score depends on the average score of the schools that are on the priority list of a high school student. For example, if students aim to get into Ivy League Schools, they must have SAT scores around 1470 to 1490. In addition, the average SAT of MIT is nearly 1500. Similarly, Harvard University accepts students with an SAT score of above 1500. 

On the other hand, Georgetown University has a 1450 SAT as its average score. While certain schools like the University of California, Irvine, accept students with SAT scores of 1310. This variation in the range of average SAT score across colleges indicates that a good SAT score entirely depends on the student’s choice of college. However, to know is 1450 a good SAT score for college admission, you must look at the percentile of 1450 SAT score.


Understanding 1450 SAT Score Percentile

The SAT score percentile provides information about how well you performed among your competitors. For example, if you are in the 45th percentile, you performed better than 45% of the candidates who appeared for the test on the same date. On the other hand, if you are in the 90th percentile, you are included in the top 10% of the test takers. This score places you among the best candidates. 

The following table elaborates on the percentiles of different SAT composite scores:

SAT composite scorePercentile 
1600Above 99%

Now let’s understand what it means to convert 1450 SAT to ACT.

Comparison of 1450 SAT to ACT

In the states, nearly 50% of college applicants take either ACT or SAT to increase their chance of selection. Moreover, all the colleges accept applications with these test scores to compare applicants’ readiness for higher education. If you have a 1450 SAT score, you must be eager to know the conversion of 1450 SAT to ACT. 


The following table provides information for the conversion of SAT to ACT:

SAT composite (1600 to 1420)ACT composite 
1570 to 160036
1530 to 156035
1490 to 152034
1450 to 148033
1420 to 144032

Top 8 Colleges that Accept Applicants with 1450 SAT

As you know, your standardized test score’s competitiveness only depends on the colleges to which you want to apply. So, if you are thinking is a 1450 a good SAT score, you would be happy to know that this is an excellent score for the following colleges:


This is a mid-sized university that offers graduate and undergraduate courses to students across 58 majors. The admission standards here are exceptional, and its acceptance rate is 5.2%. The recent admission records validate that nearly 45,227 students applied to this university, and around 2,349 received the admission offer. Moreover, the admission officers accept students whose SAT score falls between 1420-1570, 3.96 GPA and 31 to 35 ACT score. 

  • Florida University 

It is a large university located in Gainesville, Florida. With an acceptance rate of 31.1%, Florida University offers undergraduate and graduate programs to students in 95 majors. The most popular programs here include Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Biology, and Health Professions. Last year nearly 48,193 candidates applied for admissions, and of these applicants, the admission officers selected 15,002 for their preferred course. If you think that is 1450 a good SAT score for Florida University, you would be happy to know that the applicants with composite ACT scores above 1290, ACT above 29, and a 3.88 GPA have a great chance of getting admission.

  • The University of Texas at Austin

This is a public college that is most preferred for offering major programs in Social Sciences, Communication, Business, Engineering, and Biology. From the past year’s admission data, its acceptance rate is estimated at around 32%. If you want to get into this college, you must have an SAT score in the range of 1210 to1470. Moreover, you need a GPA of around 3.8 and an ACT score above 26.

  • University of Michigan 

It is located in Ann Arbor, and it is a competitive school for pursuing both undergraduate and graduate courses. In recent years the college received 65,021 applications for admission. Out of these applicants, the admission officers offered admission letters to 16,974. These figures estimate the school’s acceptance rate to be 26.1%. Moreover, the selected applicant’s SAT scores ranged between 1340 to 1520. Apart from SAT, the university requires its students to have a 3.87 GPA and 31-34 ACT score. 

  • University of California Los Angeles

This public college located in Los Angeles consists of nearly 44,589 students enrolled in different graduate and undergraduate programs. It is a highly competitive college with an acceptance rate of 14.3%. If you dream of getting admission to any of its 96 major programs, you must have an SAT score of 1300 to 1530. To increase your chance of selection, it is crucial to have your GPA around 3.9 and an ACT score above 29.

  • University of Southern California

This is one of the most competitive universities in Los Angeles. In recent years nearly 59,712 students applied for admissions. Out of these, 9,618 received the admission letter to their preferred program. If you aim to acquire higher studies from this university, it is necessary to have your SAT score in the range of 1340 to 1530. In addition, you need to have a composite ACT score above 30 and a GPA of around 3.83.

  • University of Georgia

This university is located in Athens, and it has a midsize city setting. It offers graduate and undergraduate programs across 129 majors. Of all these programs, Business has the most number of students. The admission procedure of this university is moderately competitive, with an acceptance rate of around 48.2%. If you aim to get admission to this college, you must have an SAT score in the range of 1250 to 1460. Moreover, to outshine your competitors, it is essential to have a 4.02 weighted GPA and 29-33 ACT score.

  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

It is a large university that offers graduate and undergraduate programs across 64 majors. The recent admission records show that nearly 41,773 students applied for admission, and the admission officers selected 10,445 applicants for enrollment in their preferred course. These figures estimate the acceptance rate to be around 25%. Moreover, the SAT score of selected applicants ranged from 1280 to1490. At the same time, their ACT score ranged from 28 to 33.


The SAT score is a crucial indicator of a student’s knowledge of critical academic topics. Most top-rated colleges and universities in America seek the applicant’s SAT scores to evaluate their readiness for higher education. However, each college has a different average score and acceptance rate for selecting suitable candidates. So, if you want to know if a 1450 is a good SAT score, you first need to prepare a list of the colleges where you want to take admission. Afterwards, determine the average SAT score of those colleges. If it is around 1450, you have a good chance of getting admission. In contrast, if your score is below the university’s average, you should take a retest to improve your score.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the tips to improve my SAT score?

A. To improve your SAT score, you can take a preliminary SAT as a junior or sophomore student. This familiarizes you with the examination environment in advance and enables you to understand your weaknesses. This way, you can focus on improving your preparation and score high marks on the SAT exam.

2. How can I set a target SAT score in high school?

A. To set your ideal SAT score in high school, you need to take the following steps:

  • Prepare a list of all the colleges where you aim to take admission.
  • Find out the average SAT score of each college from their past-year admission data.
  • Lastly, arrange all the schools in descending order according to their SAT score. Further, find out the 75th percentile of the most competitive colleges and set it as your target score.

3. Name some colleges with average SAT scores below 1450?

A. There are many colleges in the states with an average SAT below 1450. Some of them are listed below:

College Average SAT
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1409
Villanova University 1395
Binghamton University 1375
University of California, Santa Barbara1355
University of Texas at Dallas1350
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 1335


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