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Digital SAT 2024-Dates and Deadlines

Mar 6, 2024

SAT, referred to as the Scholastic Assessment Test (earlier popular as the Scholastic Aptitude Test), is specifically conducted internationally to evaluate the student’s eligibility for admission in institutions around the world, majorly in the United States of America. 

Did you know SAT school day preparation has risen to 17% in the last few years?


However, keeping students updated about the exams, motivating them, and providing a platform to build skills to stay ahead in the competitive world is crucial. In the article, we have covered the important dates for registration for different exam dates along with the basic information to help them in their learning process. 

SAT Registration 2024

Candidates are required to register themselves to appear in the digital SAT exam 2024. They must check the eligibility criteria before filling out the application form to avoid mistakes that can lead to rejection. For SAT exam registration, candidates have to attach the necessary documents and registration fee along with the filled application form. The SAT registration fees is $60 per candidate. Candidates must choose their test centers close to them at the time of registration.


The College Board has released the deadline for submitting the application form on their official website. In case a candidate fails to submit the application form with essential documents and fee by the deadline, there is a provision of late fee by late registration. However, late registration deadlines are also released by the board to ease the application process.

SAT Registration 2024: Dates and Deadlines

SAT exam is administered seven times a year, i.e., March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. Candidates willing to apply for the SAT exam must check the available dates for exams through the College Board’s official website. The released registration deadlines for SAT exam test dates in India are March, May, and June. The rest of the dates will be decided later. 


The registration deadline for the March Digital SAT exam is February 23, 2024. The College Board offers additional facilities such as changes in applications or documents, regular cancellations, and late registration. However, different deadlines are provided for doing all these activities. The late registration deadline for March Digital SAT is February 27, 2024.

Like the March 9 SAT exam, there are other deadlines for different SAT exam dates. You can register for the May 4, 2024 SAT exam by April 19, 2024. In case you fail to register yourself before the deadline, you can do late registration by April 23, 2024. 


Similarly, for the June 1, 2024 SAT exam, the registration date is May 16, 2024, and the rate registration deadline is May 21, 2024. It is recommended to keep track of the date modification on the College Board website to avoid mess. Note that there are different fee structures for candidates who are taking the SAT exam outside the US, and late registration may cause additional fees.

SAT registration: Eligibility Criteria

Typically, students from classes 11 and 12th seek admission to international colleges for their undergraduate. The SAT exam conducting authority from the College Board has not mentioned any specific criteria. However, some basic guidelines must be followed during the SAT registration, such as:


Age Limit: SAT can be given irrespective of age. However, the age groups that appeared most often were 17 to 18 years of age.

Qualification: Students appearing or completing their 11th and 12th are allowed to sit in the SAT exam.


How to Prepare for the Digital SAT?

Here is the process for preparing for the Digital SAT exam that can help you ease the loan.

Step 1: Register yourself for the exam on the day you want to appear in the exam, for instance, on March 9.


Step 2: Download and install the Bluebook application. It is the application required to appear in the test and submit your answers on the test day.

Step 3: Plan your schedule before 2 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months, depending on your preparation level. It is recommended to start early.

Step 4: Take a full-length practice test in the Bluebook before 2 weeks of the exam. If you need guidance for better preparation techniques and strategies, you can connect with Turito experts.

Step 5: You must complete the setup in Bluebook and get your admission ticket. Avoid last-minute mess.

Step 6: Take enough rest before the test day.

Note that preparation demands hard work, consistency, and perseverance. If one of these key points is missing from your preparation, you might face difficulty in the preparation. Avoid last-minute references from any website. Stick to one authentic platform like Turito, where you get expertise and help in your preparation and increase your score.


Now you know the eligibility criteria, distinct dates and deadlines for SAT exams conducted in different months, and preparation tips. You must be updated enough to not make further mistakes during registration and preparation. It is advisable to work hard and learn consistently if you want to qualify for the exam in a minimum amount of time. If you face trouble in preparation, you need experts’ guidance. However, choosing the right platform for SAT exam guidance is challenging. 

We advise you to join Turito, as it is the most trusted platform by candidates and their parents for guaranteed success in their tests. You will learn the fundamentals, strategies, and basic to advanced level learning with better time management to build your confidence and score high in the exam. Book a free demo without wasting time and transform your dream into reality.

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