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How to Prepare for the Digital SAT Format

Dec 26, 2023

As we look ahead to 2024, the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) prepares for a significant shift—from the familiar writing setup to a new digital SAT format. For students, understanding and getting ready for this shift is super important. It is not just about the test being on a screen now—there is more to it than that. This guide aims to illuminate the path forward, providing information on the differences in the new SAT and offering smart tips for readiness.

Differences Between the Digital SAT and the Old SAT

Format and Structure

Say goodbye to the era of bubble-filled answer sheets; the digital SAT significantly changes how questions are presented and answered on the screen. Think of it as a guidebook, sketching out the landscape of this new digital journey and making sure the students efficiently move through these innovative changes. The Digital SAT also allocates 2 hours and 14 minutes, enhancing the testing experience with separate timed modules. This upgrade allows for better pacing and flexibility, reflecting the evolving landscape of standardised testing.

  • Adaptive Testing: The digital format adapts to the student’s skill level, providing a personalised testing experience.

Question Types and Sections

The digital SAT covers reading, writing, math, and an optional essay. However, wait, there is more! The digital format introduces new question types, preparing students to explore new territories. The test will have two sections instead of the previous four. Reading passages will be shorter, with each passage linked to one question. It is a shift toward a more focused and engaging experience!

  • Question Difficulty Level: Questions vary in difficulty, allowing for a more nuanced assessment of student’s capabilities.

Digital SAT Scoring Unveiled

The 1600-point scale students are familiar with is going nowhere in the digital SAT. What is even better? No more losing points for wrong answers! Here is a glimpse into the scoring game of the new 

  • No Penalties for Wrong Answers: Unlike before, students will not lose points for incorrect responses. Guess with confidence!
  • Instant Score Reports: Experience the convenience of immediate score reports after completing the digital test.

Calculators in the Digital SAT Format

The new digital format of the SAT has been upgraded to calculators. It is like having extra tools in the toolbox! Here is the lowdown on how one can make the most of it:

  • Calculator Freedom: Forget the restrictions. The digital SAT lets students use calculators throughout the entire math section. It is like having a trusted friend for all sorts of problems.
  • Get Comfortable with the Digital Setup: The calculator is now part of the digital format. Practice using it on platforms like Turito or other digital SAT prep tools to get the hang of it.
  • Smart Problem-Solving: Calculators are excellent, but remember to use brainpower. The digital SAT is like a mix of tech and traditional skills. Use a calculator strategically while keeping those problem-solving skills sharp.
AspectOld SAT (Before 2023)New Digital SAT (2023 Onward)
Format and StructureOn PaperOnline
Duration of Test3 hours2 hours 14 minutes
Test Sections– Reading- Writing- Math– Reading: Shorter passages with interactivity- Writing: Editing tasks within digital texts
Question Types– Reading: Passages with questions- Writing: Sentence improvement, error recognition- Math: No Calculator Section– Reading: Shorter passages with interactivity- Writing: Editing tasks within digital texts- Math: Calculator allowed for all questions
Scoring– 200-800 for each section- Essay (optional): 6-24 (three categories)– 200-800 for each section- Additional subscores for specific skills- Optional Essay (separately scored)

What is The New Digital SAT?

Overview of the Digital SAT

Imagine taking a test on a computer screen—the Digital SAT! It is like the usual test but upgraded. It is shorter, simpler, and more high-tech. Here is what students can expect in the digital world of SAT:

  • Computer-Based Testing: Say goodbye to paper and hello to screens. The Digital SAT is all about test-taking in a digital environment.
  • Streamlined Experience: Shorter and more straightforward – the digital version trims down the usual complexities for a smoother exam experience.

Benefits of the Digital Format

Why choose the digital SAT format? It aligns more with what students will encounter in college and their future careers. Plus, it is easier to take and quicker to finish, with results in student’s hands sooner.

  • Reflects Real-World Skills: The digital SAT is designed to mirror the skills needed in college and later in life career. It is a more realistic preview of what is to come.
  • Easier to Take: Forget the hassle of paper. With the digital SAT, taking the test becomes simpler and more user-friendly.
  • Quicker Completion: Time is precious. The digital format allows students to finish the test more efficiently, saving valuable minutes.
  • Faster Results: No more waiting anxiously. Results from the digital SAT are available sooner, giving students a quicker insight into their performance.

Consistency in the Digital Format

Even though we are going digital, some things remain the same. The skills one needs to ace the SAT stay the same. Here is what remains unchanged:

  • Tests the Same Skills and Knowledge: The digital SAT still assesses the skills and knowledge that matter. So, what the students have been preparing for stays just as relevant.
  • SAT Score Ranges: The familiar score ranges the students have come to know to stay consistent in the digital format. One can still gauge their performance using the same benchmarks.

How to Prepare for the Digital SAT

Get Comfortable with the Digital Interface

Imagine a favourite video game – the digital SAT is similar. Here is how one can get familiar with the digital experience:

  • Practice on Turito: Turito is the perfect platform to train students for the SAT exam. With the guidance of SAT experts at Turito, one can prepare oneself better with weekly and bi-weekly tests. Students also have access to class recordings and paper discussions. Turito provides a comprehensive way to gear up for the digital format of the exam.
  • Take Practice Tests Digitally: It is like a trial run. Take digital practice tests on Turito to get the feel of the digital interface so that one is ready to conquer when the real deal comes.

Optimise The Approach for the Digital SAT

Speed up a bit! The digital SAT has a quicker pace. Adjust how to read and use scratch paper wisely for math. These minor adjustments can make a big difference.

  • Faster Pacing: The digital SAT moves faster than its paper counterpart. Modify the pace to keep up with the lively flow of the digital format.
  • Different Reading Patterns: The way one reads matters. Adopt different reading patterns for the digital screen to enhance comprehension and efficiency.
  • Use Scratch Paper for Math: Math is still a game of numbers, but now, students can use scratch paper digitally. Learn how to use this tool effectively for problem-solving.

Refine The Study Plan for the Digital SAT.

Think of it as gearing up for an adventure. Customise the study plan to conquer new question types on the digital SAT. Concentrate on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. Take complete practice tests to sharpen skills and get a feel for the digital format.

  • Practice New Question Types: The digital SAT introduces fresh question formats. Incorporate these into the study routine to familiarise oneself with the evolving test structure.
  • Emphasise Core Reading, Writing, and Math Skills: Strengthen the basics. Focus on enhancing core skills in reading, writing, and math to ensure readiness for any question that comes one’s way.
  • Take Full Practice Tests: Simulation is vital. Immerse in the whole digital SAT experience by taking complete practice tests. It is the best way to gauge one’s readiness for the real thing.


In a nutshell, the digital SAT brings change, but core skills will guide students through it. Prepare strategically, understand the digital world, and conquer the SAT with flying colours. Let us embrace this exciting journey together!


Frequently Asked Questions

How should one adapt to the study routine for the Digital SAT 2024?

Consider integrating online practice tests into the study plan to simulate the digital testing environment. Familiarise oneself with the online tools and features, and practice using them regularly.

What technical preparations should one make for the Digital SAT 2024?

Ensure computer and internet connection are reliable. Familiarise oneself with the online platform’s navigation and features. Conduct a system check before the test to avoid technical issues on exam day.


How can students manage time effectively during the Digital SAT 2024?

Practice time management strategies by taking timed digital practice tests. Develop a pacing plan for each section, and learn when to skip challenging questions to maximise the overall score.

Are there specific strategies for success in the Digital SAT 2024?

Utilise online resources Turito provides for digital SAT preparation. Focus on both content review and familiarising with the digital format. Incorporate adaptive study techniques based on one’s performance in practice exams.

Digital SAT


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