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Digital SAT: Reading Comprehension Strategy

Mar 13, 2024

This year, each student willing to present themselves for the SAT exam will acknowledge the exam in a digital version. There will be some major differences in the digital SAT exam as compared to the paper exam, which also means that your SAT exam preparation should also transform eventually.

What is the SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is a multiple-choice, three-hour exam crafted and administered by the college board. This exam covers math, writing, and reading and also monitors the preparation of the students for college. This is an entrance exam implemented by multiple universities and colleges to make decisions related to students’ admissions.


The digital SAT exam is a small test that includes only two sections. The sections of this exam have been made much more concise and shorter. As the test focuses more on analyzing the analytical and reasoning abilities of the students, the testing points have also been changed.

Digital SAT: Reading Comprehension Strategy

As reading is one of the major sections in the SAT exam, you must focus on preparing for it in the best ways possible. Let us discuss some of the points to focus on while you prepare for the reading section of the SAT entrance exam.


Practice with Multiple Resources

In addition to the official test, you must also practice reading questions from the Turito online learning platform, which offers multiple digital SAT reading practice questions. This platform offers a wide range of practice questions sorted into their knowledge and domains. While practicing with this online learning platform, you create a target for specific types of questions. 

To test your readiness, you can also take reading tests to enhance your preparation. Moreover, the questions available on this platform offer detailed answer explanations explaining the logical reason behind what answer is correct and why.


Solve Official Practice Tests

The College Board provides four official practice tests for the SAT entrance exam. You can find these four tests on the Bluebook software formatted digitally, and they can even be downloaded. These tests include multiple types of questions from the reading section, along with a comprehensive explanation of the answer.

Brush up your Grammar Skills

You must polish your grammar skills by learning the grammar rules. However, there is no need to dive deep into learning the grammatical rules. As for the reading section, you can only revise your school lessons on multiple topics such as punctuation, tenses, speech, sentence structures, and verbs. When you are well-versed in the grammar rules, you can quickly answer each type of question related to reading, and you will be confident in your performance.


Work on your Vocabulary

Even though the SAT entrance exams are crafted to monitor your reasoning and analytical abilities, you must also have a good knowledge of the English language. For the reading and writing section, you are required to answer questions related to the vocabulary, and this is why you need to polish your vocabulary. You can work on your vocabulary by reading blogs, articles, journals, and books. 

Moreover, this exam consists of passages from multiple domains like social studies, science, and history. Hence, create a habit of reading statistical reports, historical pieces, and informative blogs as well to polish your reading and writing abilities.


It can be challenging to prepare for the digital SAT entrance exam with the renovated pattern. However, by focusing on enhancing your analytical and reasoning abilities and working on your grammar and vocabulary, you can score high in all the sections. Hence, the only way to master the reading and writing section is by practicing as many questions related to the English language as possible through multiple informative resources.

For practicing a broad range of questions, you can prepare from the digital SAT reading and writing practice questions book. In addition, you can also give an attempt at the five complete practice tests from the practice test for the digital SAT book, or you can practice mock tests and other questions, along with explanations from the Turito online learning platform.


Digital SAT: Key Points to Increase Your Reading Score

As per research in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture journal, it was acknowledged that today’s younger generation takes a minimal interest in reading, resulting in damaged reading comprehension skills. In the absence of a strong hold on reading, you might not be able to score well in your digital SAT exam. Hence, listed below are some major strategies to increase your SAT reading score.  

Work on Your Weak Points

In order to enhance your performance, you must be aware of your weak points. Many students face the problem of time management and take ample time to read. Look at your weak points and work on them to enhance your reading skills. You can also practice the reading sections from the digital SAT mock test. Set up a timer and see if you have improved your reading skills or not, and work accordingly.


The Elimination Technique

If you are not confident about your answers, go for the elimination technique. While choosing the right answer in the reading section, eliminate the wrong choices, as it will increase your chances of going for the right one. Once you have eliminated all the wrong options, you will be left with the right one, and your chances to score higher might increase. 

Multiple Passage Reading Strategies

There are several ways to read a passage. The strategy that aligns the best for you is the one that refers to your strengths and weaknesses. A strategy might be good for you but may not hold similar value for the other person or vice versa.

Reversed Relationship

Sometimes, the choices of answers given to the question are tricky as similar words are used in all the options. Try analyzing the relationship between the words given in each option, and then go for the right answer, as in many cases, tricky options for answers are given to confuse the students.


The best way to excel in the reading section of the SAT exam is by polishing your grammatical skills and constant reading. Follow and focus on the key points and strategies discussed above to increase your reading score.

You can also master the reading section by practicing a wide range of questions and practice tests available on the Turito online learning platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many reading passages does the digital SAT consist of?

There are short passages in the digital SAT of around 20-150 words.

How do I reduce my SAT reading errors?

When the students misread the passages, they make errors in answering the questions. Hence, to reduce your errors, ensure that you read the passage carefully twice and then answer the questions.

From where are the reading passages taken for the SAT exam?

The reading passages in the SAT exam come from college-level reading sources. The passages can be from history, science, social studies, or literature topics.

Digital SAT Reading Comprehension Strategy


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