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FAU SAT Requirements

Oct 8, 2022

Would you like to join a university where you can complete your passion with your studies? A university where you can join any sports team or musical band? Then what about Florida Atlantic University?

It is one of the famous universities in the US where you can do jobs or internships with your studies or complete your passion side by side. Many famous personalities like John Franklin III, Tecia Torres, Sharrod Neasman, Lucky Whitehead, Austin Gomber, Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, and many more are alumni of this school. 


If you want to know the admission requirements of Florida Atlantic University, read this section till the end.

Overview of Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

In1961, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) was established in Boca Raton, Florida. It is a public university and famous for its intensive research. It offers over 150 undergraduate, graduate, certificate, research, and other programs.


It offers 28 graduate and undergraduate courses to students and has ten academic colleges under its wings. Some most popular courses at FAU are Biological Sciences, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Kinesiology, Economics, Liberal Arts, Engineering, and Sciences.

Every year, Florida Atlantic University offers more than 25,000 students to get admission, and out of these, more than 1,000 international students. It aims to make students socially responsible leaders; hence, it is one of the favorite universities of students in the US.


Acceptance Rate of Florida Atlantic University

If you are looking for any school to get an education, it will be best if you look at its acceptance rate at the very first moment. The acceptance rate lets you know the competitive level of the school you are looking at and its admission requirements.

Previous records show that the acceptance rate at Florida Atlantic University is 75%. It means for every 100 applicants, it accepts 75 students. It is considered to be quite high compared to other schools. FAU accepts students admission at a moderately selective admission rate. So, to get admission to Florida Atlantic University, you must complete all the FAU SAT and ACT scores requirements.


This school will readily accept your application if you have scored in the top 46% of test takers. It shows that FAU has average admission requirements for SAT or ACT.

Last year’s records show that out of more than 25,000 applicants, more than 18,000 students get the chance to join FAU. However, if you are lacking in any admission requirements, there is a high chance of getting a rejection.


Apart from the standardized test scores, the applications for various courses are evaluated based on the personal statements of the students and their performance in academics and extracurriculars.

FAU SAT Scores Requirements

Like other schools, Florida Atlantic University has its requirements in terms of standardized tests. Although you can take anyone from SAT or ACT, previous records show that students prefer SAT over ACT to join FAU.


Last year, 74% of students submitted their FAU SAT scores. The average SAT score is 1140 on a scale of 1600. The composite FAU SAT scores range from 1060 to 1220. The statistical percentile distribution of FAU scores for the SAT is given in the below table:

SAT Section25th PercentileAverage Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing540580620

Florida Atlantic University prefers students to have their SAT scores under the top 49% of test takers.


FAU SAT Scores Policy

FAU score policy for the SAT is known as the super score. According to this policy, you must submit all your attempted SAT scores with their sections. The admission committee will select the highest sectional scores among your all attempted SAT dates.

Therefore, if your SAT scores are below the average FAU scores, it is highly recommended to retake the test. You can take it many times till you score satisfactorily. After that, submit your scores. It will escalate your chances of getting in here.

It will be best if you concentrate on earning SAT scores section-wise. This way, you need to focus on one section at a time. Then move to the next section. In this way, you will receive your highest possible super score.

ACT Requirements of Florida Atlantic University

Similar to SAT, the ACT requirements of FAU are also not so high. However, having below the average FAU scores, you may get a rejection letter. So, it is better to score above average to ensure your possibility.

Last year’s results show that 27% of students submitted their ACT scores during admission at FAU. The average ACT score of Florida Atlantic University is 23.5 making the admission process moderately competitive.

The statistical percentile distribution of FAU scores for the ACT is given in the below table:

ACT Section25th PercentileAverage Percentile75th Percentile

Florida Atlantic University prefers students to have their ACT scores under the top 43% nationally.

FAU ACT score policy

Like SAT score policy, the ACT score policy of FAU is also based on super scores. You can submit your highest earned ACT scores from all attempted ACT dates to the admission officers. Please plan your testing strategy wisely before sending your ACT scores.

Among all your ACT scores, the admission committee will only consider your highest scores. So, if you have below the average ACT score, it will be best if you retake your ACT. It will also boost your admission chances.

You can retake the ACT exam till you get satisfactory scores. Florida Atlantic University does not restrict your number of ACT or SAT attempts.

GPA Requirements of Florida Atlantic University

FAU has some GPA requirements. It is similar to SAT and ACT requirements. If you have scores below the average, your application has the highest possibility of getting rejected.

Florida Atlantic University has an average high school GPA score of 3.66 on a scale of 4.0. It requires very good students’ grades during their high school and secondary school education.

So, if your GPA is below average, you can join AP or IB courses to boost it. Joining these courses or classes means you can handle more academic difficulties than other high school students. It also makes your portfolio impressive for admission officers.

However, if you are a senior student, there is no chance for you to change your GPA in time for college admission. So, you can take the SAT or ACT and can earn high scores. It will compensate for your GPA and let you compete with students having a higher GPA than you.


Florida Atlantic University stands among the top 55 universities in the US. It has admission requirements that involve standardized test scores. Apart from the Reading and Mathematics sections, FAU needs you to attempt the ACT Writing or SAT Essay sections.

Besides your GPA, SAT, and ACT scores, your admission also depends on other factors, such as your extracurricular activities, coursework difficulty, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. It boosts your admission to FAU if you have records of these other factors. It will be best if you treat these factors as an important tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the deadlines for admission to FAU?

A. Florida Atlantic University admits students three times a year, i.e., during the summer, spring, and fall seasons. The deadline for the undergraduate courses is given below:

Type of AdmissionSummer Season DateSpring Season DateFall of the Year
First-Year15th of February15th of June15th of April
First-Year Priority15th of February15th of January15th of February
First-Year Early1st of May
International Students15th of February1st of October1st of April

The deadlines for admission applications are different according to the selected course. Therefore, it is advised to visit the relevant website for more details.

2. What tips should I follow to get into Florida Atlantic University?

A. The given below steps can maximize your chances of getting into FAU:

  • Focus on your academic results. Maintaining your GPA, SAT, and ACT scores per FAU’s requirements will enhance your chances of getting in.
  • Join extracurricular activities that are in the range of FAU’s values. You can any team-based organization, be a volunteer in your hometown, or perform some activities that show your leadership qualities.
  • Prepare all the necessary details to fill out your application and complete all related requirements.

3. What are the conditions for international students’ admission at FAU?

A. The admission requirements for international students at Florida Atlantic University are quite different from those of domestic students. They require to submit some additional details that are given below:

  • English language proficiency scores
  • Academic transcripts
  • Supplemental requirements as specified by the programs
  1. SOP for the US
  2. Essays or Writing sample
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Portfolios
  5. Reference letters
  • Various standardized tests to study in the US scores
  1. GRE or GMAT
  2. ACT or SAT

International first-year students must submit two copies of academic transcripts. One in their native language and another in the English language.

In addition to this, the applicants are required to submit valid ACT or SAT scores. The transferred and second-year students must get their coursework judged by a recognized NACES evaluation center.

FAU SAT Requirements


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