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Sep 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

Are you wondering what is the FSU score, the Florida State University GPA, and what SAT score is required for FSU?

Our blog will focus on FSU SAT requirements, what marks you need in your SAT (that is, the FSU score) to get admitted into FSU, the FSU GPA, and how you can improve your chances by collecting more knowledge on this topic.

So, read on until the end to find out about FSU SAT scores and how you can ace your exams to boost your chance of getting a seat in your dream college! 

FSU score

Here is a detailed breakdown of the FSU score section by section and according to the latest reports of the 2019 SAT exam:

Subject 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Average
Reading 560 640 600
Math 550 640 595
Total 1110 1280 1195

This shows that the acceptance process at FSU is quite selective. And so, a solid academic background with high scores is more than necessary for you to improve your shot of admission.

FSU Admission requirements and statistics

Let us look at the Florida State University admission requirements and statistics.

To get admission to FSU public college, you need the following things:

Conditions Requirements
School Record Required
School Rank Recommended but not necessary
GPA Required
SAT (or ACT) Score Required

FSU admission statistics:

To understand the FSU SAT requirements, we first need to go through the FSU admission statistics as it will help us understand the admission and criteria process of the college. And using the same, you can accordingly prepare for your entrance and get the upper hand compared to the candidates who enter without prior knowledge and preparation.

The acceptance or admitting rate of FSU is 36 percent. That means only 36 out of 100 candidates get admitted to the university in every 100 applicants who register annually. And this makes Florida State University highly selective and competitive regarding the admission procedure. Thus, to get admission, you’ll have to ensure that you are above average and belong to the top 25 percent of the scoring candidates in the SAT exam.

And not only that, but you also must have your FSU SAT score of 1330 (minimum 1220) to have a better chance of cracking the admission procedure and making your way to the 36 percent of candidates who get their acceptance to Florida State University.

FSU SAT requirements

Here is a table reflecting the SAT score average and its breakdown at Florida State University:

Section 25th Percentile Score 75th Percentile Score Average
Reading & Writing 640 610 670
Math 630 590 670
Composite 1270 1220 1330

Therefore, the average SAT score at FSU is 1330 while the composite of the 25th and 75th SAt scores is 1270 and 1220 respectively. Thus, you need to score at least 1220 out of 1600 to increase your chances of admission to Florida State University.

Florida State University GPA

Flordia State University does not only focus on the GPA part. Instead, the FSU board prefers to go through your entire application before granting you admission to their courses.

That said, the average FSU GPA is 4.07, making it an extremely competitive university for GPAs. And with a GPA of 4.07, you must be at the top of your class, have a profound knowledge of the subject’s concepts, and possess a stellar academic background to be one of the admitted candidates at FSU.

It means you must have straight A’s to prove yourself as a better student against other applicants competing for each seat at FSU. And if you have done several IB or AP classes to showcase your solid academic background and excellence and be a better competing candidate for getting acceptance at the college.

So, if you have a GPA of 4.07 and above, you are in the right direction already! But if your GPA is lower than 4.0, you must make up for it by scoring higher on the SAT than the required cutoff for admission to FSU. A score above 1400 on SAT exam usually compensates for a lower GPA.

What is SAT score required for FSU?

You need a minimum score of 1330 and an average FSU GPA of 4.07 to get admitted to FSU. Since their acceptance bar is too high, you must be a stellar academic student with good grades, a promising academic background, and a good history of extracurricular activities to reflect your outstanding abilities and brilliance as an applicant.

  • SAT FSU Score Requirement = 1330 (Above 1220)
  • FSU Average SAT Score (on a scale of 1600) = 1195 (Math) and 1210 (Reading)
  • Florida State University GPA (average) = 4.07.

Thus, the stronger your academic scores are, the better your chance of getting admission. If you want admission here to Florida State University, you must always aim for a score of 1280 out of 1600 on your SAT exam.


We conclude our FSU SAT Scores and GPA guide blog. Now you know everything you need to about the FSU Score, GPA, and SAT requirements to help yourself get an edge over other candidates applying for admission at FSU. Using this information, you can prepare accordingly and set your target to achieve your goal of getting admitted to your dream college. And not only will it help you adapt to the demands of various colleges for their acceptance, but you can also successfully secure a job for your bright future ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should my SAT score be for getting admitted to FSU?

Ans. You should have a minimum SAT score of 1220 to get admitted to FSU. A score above 1330 is a sure shot of getting accepted, while a score below 1220 and 1195 will make things challenging for you during the admission process.

2. What is the acceptance rate at FSU? How likely can I get admission to FSU?

Ans. The acceptance rate at Florida State University is 36 percent (36 candidates out of every 100). So, you must have a solid academic background with a decent SAT score, a high GPA, and excellent grades to improve your chances of admission.

3. How much GPA should I maintain to meet the FSU admission standards?

Ans. To enhance your chance of getting admission, you must meet the standard of the average FSU GPA of 4.07. If your GPA is 4.07 and above, you will most likely get accepted during the admission procedure.

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