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Understanding Good SAT Score Range

Mar 2, 2024

SAT scores play a pivotal role in college and university admissions, as well as in securing scholarship opportunities for eligible candidates. The significance of these scores is well-acknowledged by all students aspiring to pursue higher education. However, determining what constitutes a good score on SAT can be challenging due to the subjective nature of the answer, based upon the individual goals of the test taker. Read on to gain insights into what defines a top SAT score.

What is the Possible SAT Score Range?

The SAT score is the sum of the two sections of the test, which are the Reading and Writing sections and the Mathematics sections. Each section allows earning a score ranging between 200 to 800. Hence, the overall SAT score will range anywhere between 400 and 1600. Under general considerations, the top SAT score is around 1350, and the candidate scoring it is considered among the top 10% of the test takers. 


What is a Good SAT Score Range?

A specific good SAT score range is subjective. It depends on the student’s scholarship requirements, other goals, and the university you plan to apply for. A high SAT score does not guarantee acceptance to a dream college due to the wide number of factors involved in acceptance of the scheme. However, it does increase student’s competitiveness. To specifically define the SAT scores good range for you, identifying the acceptable range in the college of interest is a recommended step. Look out for the score that crosses the range of 75 percentile. The number or score found here will be considered a good SAT score specific to you. With multiple institutions in mind, repeat the process and get yourself a good SAT score range.

How to Earn a Good Score on SAT Test?

Earning a good score on SAT test requires consideration of multiple factors such as: 

  • Deciding the Target Score 

Studying for the test without a target score in mind is similar to aiming with an arrow without a light source at night. The target score offers you a direction. It allows you to break down each section and the type of question according to the maximum marks required for the target score. Follow the method (to get a good score on SAT) discussed in the previous section to set the target score. 

  • Consistency 

The importance of consistency is unnegotiable on the pathway to clearing an exam. The frustration you might feel on the inability to solve a question despite knowing the concepts will all go away once you become consistent. Regular revisions and a broad perspective in understanding the concepts will remove the problem of forgetting minor or major details. 

  • Schedule 

Studying any subject or topic is neither a strategic nor smart approach. Rather, it will only lead to the path of chaos. Deciding the schedule completely depends on one’s situation. Beginners are recommended to schedule according to the subject weightage and number of topics. However, experienced candidates or the ones retaking the exam with clarity in concepts must set schedules according to their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Quality over Quantity

Learning with quality and delivering the same is critical. While learning, simply completing the target number of pages or topics isn’t helpful. Rather, studying with an attentive mind is important. Never compromise with the quality on your low days. Additionally, while answering, deliver the requirements. Filling up the pages with irrelevant content will make it hard to earn a good score on SAT exam. 

  • Identify the Reasons for Shortcomings 

Make it a practice to go through your mock and practice tests. Don’t just read them or learn the right answer. Rather, focus on the reason for marking it wrong. Write it down somewhere and reflect to identify corrective measures and strategies. Conscious efforts and hard work are more valuable than simple luck. Understand the logic of actions rather than judging their worthiness. 

  • Preparation Time 

Preparation for the SAT exam should begin early. With the requirement to get familiar with the test style, decide one’s strategy, prepare, and practice, the presence of ample time is a necessity. Preparation of short-term duration generally ends up in rote memorization of the information and lack of clarity and thoughtfulness. Hence, candidates must be aware of the dates and accordingly decide their schedule at least three months before the test in order to attain a good score on SAT.  

  • Practice 

Practice will encompass going through questions. However, it also includes enhancing the strategy, increasing speed, and improving analytical abilities. The ultimate aim of the practice is to make the candidate so used to taking the test and handling the questions that their mind does not need to be overwhelmed by the sight of questions or with the thought of taking the test. Reflect on your methods and increase the difficulty level of your practice sessions by aiming for higher scores or completing the test accurately in less time.

How to Improve SAT Scores?

With official freedom to retake the test as many times as needed, the opportunity must be availed. However, the strategic choice of number and time of attempts is recommended to avoid wasting resources and to earn a good score on SAT. Here are some tips: 

  • Practice through PSAT or Preliminary SAT to understand the format and questions.
  • Identify the weak topics and give them more time to understand better.
  • Engage with the seniors, teachers, and experienced individuals for deeper insights into key points and develop the strategy to take the test
  • Understand the reason for wrong decisions, answers, and judgments and find measures to eliminate them
  • Identify the patterns in SAT questions and decide your strategy accordingly.


Regardless of the result, if you do not perceive your SAT score to be good, there is still a chance for improvement. The exact good score varies among the students depending on their goals and dream institutes. To improve the score for a better number or to retake the test to reach the desired goal, making a checklist from the above-listed points is critical. Focus on your improvement through quality materials, conceptual clarity, and practice. Give time to reflect on the shortcomings and formulate strategies to overcome them. A good score on SAT surely awaits the hardworking and dedicated candidates.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose the ACT exam over the SAT score?

Choosing the exam is solely the candidate’s decision. It should be judged based on the requirements of the test and the candidate’s ability to handle them well. For instance, the SAT focuses on mathematical and logical skills, while the ACT is more inclined toward assessing verbal skills. While both scores are generally acceptable, the choice should be well thought out.


What factors other than SAT score determine admission to college?

Colleges also consider GPA, recommendation letters, candidate activeness, extracurricular activities, knowledge and experience level, and personal statement besides SAT scores.

Is digital SAT harder than traditional SAT?

The digital SAT is more customized to the candidate’s level and is more efficient than the traditional SAT.

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