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Huntington SAT Preparation

Mar 14, 2023

For some children, learning in a school environment might be difficult. Tutors are frequently required in the classroom since a teacher might only be able to devote a certain amount of time and attention to each student. The highly regarded tutoring business Huntington Learning Center can assist students in various areas and college exam preparation. Dr. Ray and Eileen Huntington launched the Huntington Learning Center, a chain of academic learning institutions, in 1977. 

The Huntingtons, the first onsite tutoring company in the US, launched its franchise program in 1985 after opening its second location in 1978. Huntington Learning Centers now provide tutoring in phonics, vocabulary, reading, writing, study skills, science, elementary and high school math, and test preparation for the ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, GED, and other exams.


Why Huntington SAT Prep?

Huntington employs highly sophisticated tests to determine a student’s first strengths and shortcomings. Based on these findings, an individualized tutoring plan is developed to meet the student’s needs. Parents are urged to be involved at every stage to ensure that their kid has the support and motivation at home they will need to finish the tutoring trip.

Huntington is known for improving retention, enabling children to do well in their present grades, advance, and feel ready for the following academic year. The Chicago Public Schools, the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Indiana Department of Education, and others have all conducted studies on Huntington Learning Center and determined that it is the top tutoring program with a very high success rate. That’s why students choose Huntington SAT Prep to learn from the best. 


Customized Plans

What distinguishes Huntington from many other academic tutoring organizations is its custom approach to creating services for its pupils. Your child’s learning deficits are highlighted in their onboarding exam, and they develop a personalized learning plan to help them catch up to grade level and beyond.

Regular Communication

Students participate completely in a curriculum for the academic year that meets twice a week during the school year and more frequently during the summer. Most high school students notice a significant increase in their Huntington ACT and SAT prep scores during the year.


Tutors in Huntington Collaborate with your Kid’s Teachers

Another strategy Huntington uses to engage with children is to get in touch with their instructors and, with permission, inform them of progress. They link the two to keep parents informed about what their child is working on about their particular requirements. For the youngster to be as successful in their tutoring program as they help foster a sense of synergy.

Issues with Learning

Huntington tutors may also provide a rich learning environment for kids with ADHD or other recognized learning difficulties that cater to their unique requirements.


Qualifications of Tutors

Huntington’s tutors hold four-year college degrees in addition to their tutoring certification from Huntington or another fully authorized institution.

Student Outcomes

According to Huntington’s research, children improve by two or more grade levels in reading and arithmetic, earn 5.3 or more ACT points, and gain 226 or more SAT points following three months of tutoring with Huntington.


Do you Think your Kid Needs Tutoring?

Parents should consider several factors regarding their child’s academic progress. Many kids might be unable to express themselves when they require assistance in topics like arithmetic, reading, or English. So why would one use a learning facility for tutoring?

They Lack Comprehension

If they slip behind the rest of the class, they may feel confused and ashamed. They give up trying because they cannot comprehend what they are taught. They run the risk of receiving a failing grade and being sent back.


They Feel Ashamed to Seek Assistance

They could be reluctant to seek assistance from their parents, classmates, or instructors. For this reason, speaking with teachers during parent-teacher conferences is crucial to acquire their frank assessments of your child’s performance in the classroom.

They Exhibit Inappropriate Behavior

Some kids who are struggling academically may ACT out or be disruptive in class when they don’t comprehend the topic, or they may go the opposite path and retreat. Sometimes losing their academic concentration might result from bullying or a school move.


They are Unconfident

A child’s self-esteem may suffer if they believe they aren’t smart enough, which can be detrimental. A tutor can be helpful in this situation since they are trained to identify a student’s areas of most difficulty and determine the most effective ways to assist them in succeeding.

You can’t Assist because of your Schedule

You would like to contribute, but your job schedule prevents you from doing so after school. Or you can only retain a certain amount of science and math before it becomes overwhelming.

Tutors frequently specialize, which is advantageous when offering their time and attention to students who most need it. Even kids with unique needs may succeed with the help of tutors, and most parents will discover that hiring a tutor is crucial to their child’s academic progress.

Does Huntington Match My Child’s Needs?

Before you make a final choice, there are a few things you might want to consider if you choose to work with a professional tutoring organization like Huntington rather than an individual tutor for your child. Find out whether other parents and educators have experience with and can suggest Huntington by asking around.

Compare outcomes on several review sites and whether expenses appear reasonable compared to other learning institutions. Before committing to a complete tutoring program, ensure all costs—including assessment fees—are outlined in detail so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Finding the correct instructor for your children to get the most significant outcomes, whether they select a private tutor or a particular firm, should involve a comprehensive screening procedure.

How much does Huntington SAT Prep and ACT Prep Cost? 

A student must take an assessment exam before tutoring can start to decide the best course of action. The cost of the assessment test by itself can range from $150 to $200. A parent should budget between $40 and $75 per hour once the evaluation strategy has been decided. The topic and particular geographic area will affect this hourly rate.

Parents could be apprehensive about pricing regarding their child’s tutoring requirements. After the pupils complete their specialized examination, payment is arranged, considering the student’s budget and the time they will require tutoring.

Although service charges may differ by region, they typically range from $40 to $75 or more per hour at Huntington Learning Center. The Huntington SAT ACT prep prices range from $1,220 per topic for 14 hours to $2,645 for 32 hours.

Since individualized tutoring often lasts 150–200 hours, parents could be required to cover a portion of the tutoring fee. Huntington provides a range of payment plans and original financing options to ensure the kids get the attention they seek. Parents can relax knowing that tutoring is feasible for their family and is both reasonable and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I save costs?

A. Compare the ideologies and price categories of at least three local learning institutions. Sylvan and Kumon are two such franchise-based schools to take into account.

You should consider using an online program or hiring a private teacher if your child struggles with a particular subject. You can find these tutors by contacting your neighborhood school. Before deciding to use a costly institution like the Huntington Learning Center, explore these alternatives to see if they can be of assistance.

Watch out for any promos or unique events. For instance, the center is now allowing students to win a free scholarship that they may use to offset the cost of their tutoring sessions. Although they are uncommon, Huntington Learning Center coupons can also be found online. If you buy a block of sessions in advance, you might be able to bargain for a lower hourly rate.

2. Name a method for a track record of success for students.

A. The first steps are a thorough academic examination that assesses the student’s strengths and shortcomings. The center utilizes a range of assessments to gauge students’ proficiency in topics including arithmetic, writing, and reading.

Once an evaluation is completed, the center will examine the test to decide the best course of action. A parent-tutor conference will be used to accomplish this. The center will present its findings, interpretations, and suggested takeaways during this meeting. The parents will contribute to choosing the best lesson plan based on the conference results.

The student will attend tutoring sessions after a lesson plan has been decided to achieve their academic objectives.

3. Mention some tips for Huntington SAT prep

A. Most people who have previously utilized tutoring services intensely advise exploring private tutors before selecting a franchise-based organization. However, if you want to join a franchise business, research in advance to be sure it is the proper course to follow. It’s been claimed that no expense is too great for your child’s academic success.

To notice any gains in your child’s academic performance, be prepared to put in hours of tutoring time. This will entail giving your child more assignments and working with them at home. Otherwise, the tutoring sessions could be ineffective.

Hungtington Sat Prep


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