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North Carolina State : Acceptance Rate, SAT Scores & GPA

Oct 6, 2022

Have you thought how wonderful it would be if you got to enrol in one of the universities where the world’s most famous personalities study? Moreover, if you get a chance to study where once Jada Pinkett Smith, Rusell Wilson, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Mackie, and many other famous personalities studied?

Tempted! Yes, it is North Carolina State University. Do not worry if you think it is hard to get there. With your SAT, ACT, and GPA, you can easily get a chance to be a part of this prestigious university.


Read this unit to know their acceptance rate, NC State SAT scores, ACT, and GPA details.

Overview of North Carolina State University

NC State, North Carolina State University, was founded in 1887 in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a public research university. Every year this university provides a chance to 37,000 students to get in. As NC State University promotes quality education, only a few courses are offered to students.


It is one of the top universities among Southeast and North Carolina colleges.

Acceptance Rate of North Carolina State University

The acceptance rate of NC State University is recorded as the lowest among other universities. It only offered a 46% acceptance rate. It means among every 100 students, North Carolina State University (NCSU) gets admission to 46 students.


It makes NC State’s admissions process quite competitive. This school has very high admission requirements in terms of SAT, ACT, and GPA. It mostly accepts students with SAT or ACT scores under the top 18%. It readily accepts straight-A students.

North Carolina State SAT Scores and Requirements

You must submit NC State SAT scores to be admitted to this school. The SAT NC State’s requirements are moderately high. It prefers the candidates who score under the top 20% among all test takers.


So, the school will give you admission willingly if you have scored in the top 20% of North Carolina State SAT scores.

Previous records show that around 47% of students get their admission to NC State University via SAT scores. The NC State SAT average statistics are shown in the following table:

SAT Section25th PercentileAverage Percentile75th Percentile
Evidence-Based Reading610650690

The NC State SAT scores range from 1230 to 1410 at 1600. Below 1230, getting admission to North Carolina State University is quite challenging.

The previous SAT records show that 50% of the applicants scored 620 to 690 in the NC State SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. While 25% scored below this range, the other 25% scored above 690. Similarly, in the NC State SAT Mathematics section, 50% of the applicants scored from 630 to 730. While 25% of students were below this range and 25% were above.


The estimated SAT NC State’s composite scores for first-year students are 1320 out of 1600.

SAT North Carolina State Requirements and Score Policy

The NC State University only considers the highest scores of the students in each section of the SAT. It means you do not need to take SAT Writing section for NC State admission. In 2021, NC State accepted 52% of first-year students without submitting their SAT scores.


You can send your highest SAT scores among all attempted tests. It is considered the SAT NC State score policy. Their fore, if your SAT scores are below the average composite scores, take the test again to boost your admission chances.

The superscore or score policy of NC State University lets you focus all your energy on improving your scores. For this, you can concentrate on one section at a time. Prepare for the section with the lowest score first and then move to the next.

North Carolina State ACT Scores and Requirements

Like SAT requirements, NC State ACT requirements are also very high. It usually accepts students who score among the top 15% nationally. The previous records show that 50% of students submit their ACT scores to get into this school.

The NC State ACT average statistics are shown in the following table:

ACT Section25th PercentileAverage Percentile75th Percentile

Previous records show that 50% of students admitted to this school score from 27 to 32. While 25% scored below this range and 25% scored above 32.

NC State ACT Requirements and Score Policy

Like SAT, NC State does not ask to attempt the ACT Writing section. Students must only submit their highest ACT scores during NC State’s admission. It is their superscore policy.

This policy highly affects your testing strategy. You have complete control of your ACT scores. You can submit whichever you find the highest one among your all ACT dates. So, if you have ACT scores below 27, take the test again and get your maximum score.

North Carolina State GPA Requirements

North Carolina State requires exceptionally good grades to get in. The high school GPA that NC State accepts ranges from 3.75 to 3.99. The average GPA for 2021 admissions was 3.81 on a scale of 4.0. It means the typical high school grades were A.

 NC State has enrolled 65% of students under the top 10% with the highest GPA in their high school. It all symbolizes that the GPA is quite competitive and makes the admission process challenging for the students.

Admission Chances for North Carolina State University

Admission to NC State University is a moderately selective process. Having higher SAT or ACT scores boost the chances of getting in. Apart from your GPA and SAT or ACT scores, this school focuses on your diligence in the high school courses, your strength in writing application essays, and your extracurricular participation.

The students with A grades and high test scores have higher chances of getting admission here.

How North Carolina State University Rates Applicants

During the admission process, the NC State University admission committee focuses on four factors. These are given below:

  1. Accuracy of the secondary school record.
  2. The class rank of students.
  3. GPA grades.
  4. SAT or ACT scores.

Apart from these factors, NC State also puts admission essays as an important factor. You need to show your talent, skill, and efforts through your essays to prove that you are eligible to enter this school.

Tips for Applying to North Carolina State University

Every year more than 37,000 students apply for admission to this school. So, it is easy to imagine the competition level. Still, some tips can help make your admission procedure a smooth journey.

  • Mention the program directly on your application for which you want to join this school.
  • Certain programs are very competitive. So, ensure to mention a backup program.
  • No need to give any interviews. University does not support this.
  • You can ask any queries from admission officers directly. University entertains this approach of students.
  • You need to write three supplemental essays with a limit of 250 words to get admission.
In Brief

NC State is established in Raleigh, NC, as a public college focusing on only a few programs. It has high requirements for admission.

The average SAT scores are from 1230 to 1410, and the ACT composite scores range between 27 and 32. Based on previous GPA data records, it is estimated that the NC State’s average GPA range is around 3.75 to 3.99.

The acceptance rate of NC State University is about 45%, with 35% of applicants selecting to continue and enroll. Based on previous acceptance rate records, the projected NC State acceptance rate is 44%. So, buckle up your belt and start your preparations diligently if you want to get here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Apart from SAT or ACT scores and GPA grades, what are the other reasons to get rejected from NC State University?

A. The acceptance rate of NC State University is quite high. This school provides quality education and is the best public university in the country. 

The admission committee uses a holistic review. So, your essays, extracurriculars, ethnicity, state you are from, gender etc., all play into the admission process. Lacking any of them will result in the rejection of an application.

Moreover, The admission rates for in-state and out-of-state are 52% and 19%, respectively. NC State mandates more than 80% of first-year students be from in-state. Due to these reasons, your application may get rejected.

2. What are the factors that make NC State University a good choice?

A. Certain reasons that make it a good choice are given below:

  1. Beautiful campus.
  2. Classic college town with well eating and drinking facilities.
  3. The state has a young and well-educated population.
  4. Have technology and pharmaceutical Research at Triangle Park.
  5. Pretty climate.
  6. Easy to go around the university campus.
  7. Have a free bus system on the campus.
  8. Facilities to part in various sports or other extracurricular activities.

3. Can a higher ACT score make up for a lower GPA for attending NC State University?

A. In general, no. You can get admission if you score 35 on the ACT and have a 3.9 GPA. It shows you are taking a rigorous course load and had a single B. However, having a 3.5 GPA is not the same case. You have very low chances of getting in here.

North Carolina State University


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