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A Complete Guide to SAT ID Requirements

Jun 28, 2023


The SAT Suite of Assessments annual report estimates that as of 2022, approximately 1.7 million students have taken the Scholastic Assessment Test at least once. Are you planning to appear for the exam in the coming years? One of the essential aspects and initial steps of taking the SAT is staying aligned with the SAT ID requirements. Your SAT ID has everything from the perfect photo to verifying the most intricate details. Along with the admission ticket, your SAT ID assures your entrance inside the exam center.

You don’t need any other problems creating a blunder on your exam day. Refer to the below-mentioned guide for SAT ID requirements, and stay prepared beforehand.


Acceptable ID for SAT: What are the Parameters?

The College Board has curated certain specific requirements when it comes to SAT ID. Test-takers must comply with these requirements to carry out their exam process smoothly. This is a key part of the SAT process.

The applicant must submit a valid, government-issued original photo ID to be acceptable in the Scholastic Assessment Test. In simple terms, the government must issue the ID, and it must have a clear, good-quality photo of the test-taker. Moreover, the ID must also contain the full name and signature of the candidate.


If the applicant does not have a government-issued ID, they can use a school ID or other form of identification with a photo, name, and signature. However, this is only allowed if the test-taker obtains approval from the College Board before the test date. The approval process may require additional documentation or verification, such as a school official’s birth certificate or letter.

It’s important for test-takers to carefully review the ID requirements before the test date and ensure that they have a valid form of identification that meets the College Board’s guidelines. Failure to provide proper ID may result in the test-taker being denied admission to the test center.


Some examples of acceptable SAT IDs are:

  • Driving License
  • Official Student ID from your current school
  • A government-issued US Global Entry Identification Card or Passport
  • A government-issued military or national identification card

A lot of attention is given to the photo on your ID. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your photo ID must be:

  • Clear and Precise
  • A solo picture
  • Your shoulders and head should be visible, and every aspect, from your eyes to your hair,
  • should be clear.
  • Focus on your face.
  • Do not have any head coverings other than for religious purposes.

What is Unacceptable for an SAT ID?

After carefully evaluating the acceptable parameters of the SAT ID, you must also know what not to do. Listed below is a list of documents that will not pass as acceptable in the SAT exam center:

  • Any document that is expired or photocopied 
  • Any document without a recent and recognizable photo of the candidate
  • Any document that does not have your name exactly as it appears on your admission ticket
  • Any damaged document or part of the text is unreadable or unidentifiable.
  • Any document that shows signs of digital altercation or has been hampered with 
  • A debit or credit card 
  • Social security card 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Employee ID card 
  • Fishing or hunting license 
  • Any irrelevant and temporary ID card

SAT ID Rules: Mark it Important!

Along with the acceptable documents, you need to be aware of a few important rules of the SAT ID. These are: 

  • Your name on the registration form must be identical to your acceptable ID. If there is any discrepancy, you can contact the College Board and rectify it. Even if your name is too long for the form, type the name as much as it matches your valid ID. 
  • If you are taking the test in Ghana, Nepal, India, Pakistan, or Nigeria, the only valid and acceptable form of identification is your government-issued passport with your name, photo, and signature. 
  • If you do not have a government-issued photo ID, your College Board’s student ID form will come to the rescue. If you are homeschooled, this form must be prepared by your current school or by a notary. Moreover, the College Board student ID form is only acceptable if you are under 21 and taking the exam in the United States. For applicants above 21, the only acceptable ID is a government-authorized document like a driver’s license or passport.


Along with being equipped with critical and analytical thinking skills and a knack for good decision-making, you must know SAT ID requirements properly. Therefore, the first step on the ladder to ace your Scholastic Assessment Test is getting the right acceptable documents. It is important to remember that by taking the necessary steps to meet the ID requirements, you are ensuring a fair testing process and streamlining your academic and professional endeavors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the SAT without a photo ID?

A photo ID is a mandatory aspect of the SAT. You will not be allowed to take the exam if you do not have an acceptable or valid photo ID. 


How many times can I retake the SAT?

As per the College Board, no limit is set for the times you can take the SAT. However, you do need to pay the registration fee every time you apply for the exam.

What is the duration of the SAT?

 The Scholastic Assessment Test is of 3 hours and 15 minutes; this duration also includes breaks. If you opt for the optional essay part, the time is 3 hours and 50 minutes. 


What is an SAT student ID? 

The SAT student ID or College Board ID is a unique number assigned to you when you create an account with the college board or register for the test. If you don’t have a valid ID, your SAT student ID is acceptable as an alternative.  

sat id requirements


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