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SAT to Las – Acceptance Rate, ACT Scores And GPA

Oct 17, 2022

To get the opportunities for a better future, you may consider enrolling in UNLV. Where the “Rebels make it happen,” so if you are a rebel and want to write your destiny, you need to fulfill all requirements, including SAT, ACT, and GPA scores, which are your primary weapons to invade and capture your position in the college. 

A Brief Description of University of Nevada Las Vegas 

In 1957, the University of Nevada Las Vegas first class was held. And from then, the University underwent a fantastic transformation, and today it is one of the thriving research institutes.


It has 25,412 undergraduate students, 4,237 graduate students, and 1054 professional students in all the offered courses. UNLV offers 80 majors and 68 minor courses and also provides 175 graduate degree and certification programs. Law, Medicine, and Dental medicine schools are popular.  

The University offers the most affirmative and dynamic academic environment in the country. According to U.S. News and World Reports, UNLV ranked in the top spot among the nation’s most diverse undergraduate universities. Also, the University offers a fee waiver facility so that students can take their education cost-free and devote themselves to a better future. 


Know the Acceptance Rate of UNLV

The acceptance rate of Las Vegas University in 2019 was 81.9%. For the class of 2022, there are 8,553 applications submitted, and out of those, 7,064 applications were accepted. The significant acceptance rate has an internal value for the educational system. UNLV focuses on providing education to all the students who strive for it. 

The demographic changes increased the competition for enrollment. Most states are seeing a decreasing number of high school graduates. At the same time, Nevada makes education available for all so that you can enroll in UNLV with an average GPA score and SAT/ACT score. That resulted in an increasing number of graduates. 


UNLV’s SAT requirements

Taking the SAT for better chances in college is essential, and you need to make a good score. But unfortunately, if you cannot make it as good as you thought, there are many other colleges that will let you achieve your dream. University of Las Vegas Nevada decreased their SAT requirements; you can have either SAT or ACT. 

For students who took the SAT, you need to score 970 for the 25th percentile and 1190 for the 75th percentile. So if you score any number between these, you are good to enroll in UNLV. However, a better SAT can compensate for your lower GPA and vice versa.  


ACT Requirements of UNLV

The ACT score for UNLV is 18 for the 25th percentile and 25 for the 75th percentile. These scores change every year, but you can enroll in a number between these ranges. With a better GPA, you may compensate for your ACT score and vice versa. It would be best if you had a 22 ACT composite score for better chances in the University. 

GPA requirements of UNLV

To get admission to UNLV, you need to have a 3.0 GPA in 13 core subjects, which include English-4, Math-3, Social Science-3, and Natural Science-3. It is the basic requirement for admission. But it would be best if you made your grade point average more attractive to confirm your chances in the University. A better GPA undoubtedly has a better chance of enrolling in the University. 


Other Requirements For Admission In UNLV

  • As the University accepts both common applications and UNLV applications, you need to submit one of them. 
  • You need to add your high school transcript to the application. 
  • UNLV does not require SAT or ACT scores, but adding them can help the University understand your academic excellence. Also, these test scores will help you with getting course placement.
  • Aslo UNLV provides need-based aid and merit-based scholarships. You must complete your free federal student aid application (FAFSA) using the school’s code.  
  • Also, Non-FAFSA-eligible students can apply for institutional need-based grants and scholarships. You need to apply for the Alternative Need Determination Form. 
  • You can add other details like your athletics, extracurriculars, and recommendations. It will make a good impression on your college application. 
  • You need to pay a $60 application fee. 
  •  The deadline for the fall semester is 1st July, and for the spring semester, it’s 1st December. If you are considering applying for financial aid, you need to do that before the deadline on 1st November. 

UNLV Students Statistics of Fall 2021

Here are some data about the students who are enrolled in UNLV 

Category Number of Students
All Total 30,679
Graduates 4,237

Out of these, 42.7% are male, and 57.3% are listed as female. 86% of the students are Nevadans, in which there is much diversity. 


Here is a breakdown of minorities students according to their ethnicity

Native american or Alaskan Native 760.2%
African American2,6368.6%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander2400.8%
Two or more races3,34711.1%
Unknown Race/ethnicity 3701.2%

Many students choose to stay at the university. Here is a table to show you the exact number of students using the residence facility of the university. 

Resident 26,37886%
Non resident 4,30114%

If you are a student from San Antonio, you can’t possibly fly back and forth from SAT to LAS to attend Class at UNLV. So you can take residential facilities from the university by applying for them. And you can enjoy the campus life with the residents.  

UNLV Tuition Fee Structure

UNLV’s yearly cost of attendance is high as $23,872. But with financial aid from the university and an average award of $6.006, you can breathe fine. 

Wrapping Up 

Thousands of students try for universities of their choice, and many make it to their goal, and many don’t. And it is acceptable and common; you need to be rational and strategic about taking admission.

 So you need to make an extensive plan and execute it through your junior and senior years. And Get a good GPA and try to score above average in various tests.

SAT to Las


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