Tips For Tutors And Parents On Teaching The SAT

Sep 8, 2022 | Turito Team USA

Most of today’s students prefer to go abroad for their higher studies, hoping to have a great career on their way. Considering this aspiration, clearing standardised tests like the SAT is the most crucial step to keeping their dreams alive. But clearing the exam can also be the most stressful for students, and as a result, their parents and tutors tend to become more concerned and equally responsible for making this dream come true. While some students search the internet for “best SAT tutoring near me,” others tend to seek online SAT tutoring. 

In this article, we will take you to some best tips for tutors and parents that can work out things with a desirable outcome, and students can avoid unnecessary stress on this journey.

How To Teach The SAT: Tips For Parents

Besides approaching a reliable SAT tutor and studying hard, the involvement of parents plays a crucial role in quality performance. The best teaching tips for parents are:

Tip 1: Begin as soon as possible

Starting as early as possible could be the best decision to make and follow when clearing exams like the SAT. Starting the preparation early not only ensures you have enough time to prepare, it also makes you familiar with the exam in every possible sense. 

For example, the questions’ format, style, and trends are in the SAT examination. An early start ensures you have a better chance of performing at your best in the later exams that don’t create unnecessary pressure or stress on the student. Make sure you are not imposing this act dliberately; instead, make your child understand the importance and benefits of starting early preparations.

Tip 2: Gather the best SAT prep materials 

Another great tip is to gather the best materials for SAT preparation for your child. Having the best SAT prep material will direct your child on the right path to preparation and offer a complete understanding of how the SAT examination works. In addition, The College Board has recently transformed SAT prep by making ten official SATs available online. The College Board also offers online courses featuring video lessons, interactive problem sessions, and personalised study plans. 

Tip 3: Practice required skills

While your child is practising the best SAT prep material, you must also guide them on practising the necessary skills to perform better in the final examination. Identify your child’s strengths and highlight them so that your child can work on the same. Skills like time management, comprehensive skills, and aptitude must be the focal point while preparing for the SAT exam.  

Tip 4: Find Best SAT Tutor

Please help your child find the best SAT tutor possible while practising the necessary skills. A tutor helps in ways where you are not competent enough to assist your child. The SAT tutor needs to be more familiar with the SAT examination and must be eligible to be a tutor for your child. 

SAT tutoring helps your child with different aspects of the exam to perform better and improve test scores. An SAT tutor focuses on the exam content and a student’s required skills and knowledge. Also, an SAT tutor emphasises the formats and question types to familiarise the student. 

Tip 5: Recognise Your  Weaknesses

Identifying the student’s weaknesses is also essential when guiding the student. Finding out what section of the exam is the weakest and the student is unable to perform well can be the last best effort you as a parent can make. 

How To Teach The SAT? Tips for tutors:

The fact is, without an eligible SAT tutor,  SAT preparation is like fighting without knowing the potential. Apart from the parents’ involvement, the student also needs a tutor who works on the below-mentioned tips:

Tip 1: Identify the Problems

As an SAT tutor, you must first identify the difficulties you may encounter while teaching the student. You need to make sure that you can make the student understand everything about the SAT and clear every doubt. As an SAT tutor, you must stay current on SAT guidelines and exam format in order to teach the student effectively. Also, you must motivate the student to give their best effort to achieve the best possible SAT score. 

Tip 2: Familiarise Yourself With The Exam

Another tip is to get familiar with the SAT and its sections. You need to be aware of the SAT reading, writing, and math sections to answer the student queries related to the test logic. Additionally, as you become more familiar with the test, you can work on strategies and methods to assist the student in practising and performing better on the exams.  

Tip 3: Gather the Best SAT Prep Material 

Before you start tutoring the student, you need to collect the best prep materials for the SAT. Find out SAT prep material that includes official tests( that can be available online), subject-specific materials( to identify key concepts in all three sections), and general strategies( to find out a different set of questions). 

Tip 4: Fix A Score Goal

Although every student’s goal is to get admission to their prospective colleges, not every student is looking for the top colleges. Hence, approaching the SAT exam should not be based on high scores but ranther on the prospective college to which the student wants admission. To know what score the prospective college considers, you can search online using the name of the college while searching on the internet. After you know the score range, fix a goal score for the student that is clear enough. 

Tip 5: Create An Action Plan

As an SAT tutor, you must teach the student according to an action plan. An action plan helps the students to be on track, identify their weaknesses early so that enough attention can be given, and realise the importance of time management. 

Tip 6: Teach Every Module

Teach your student every module of the SAT exam that covers the factors related to every module. For example, ways to read passages and questions and save time while reading and answering them. Also, teach your student how to approach the writing part. 


As a parent and SAT tutor, you both need to ensure the student doesn’t get demotivated in a prepping way and start as early as possible to work closely on the weakest points. Your role is to ensure the student is well-prepared with all the best efforts to put on the final examination date.

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