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Is 24 a Good ACT Score? List of Colleges that Accepts 24 Act

Apr 4, 2022

Did you get a 24 on the ACT and now wondering if 24 on the ACT is a good score or not? If yes, then read out this article. Here we will discuss everything regarding the 24 ACT score and help you find the answer for “is 24 a good ACT score”. However, let’s know about the ACT exam first.

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What does ACT mean? 

For those who have passed their high schools and are looking forward to getting enrolled in the colleges, the ACT plays a significant role for them. So what exactly is the ACT? Well, the ACT, or American College Testing, facilitates college admissions in the United States. The majority of colleges and universities use this test to make admissions decisions. Pearson VUE administers the ACT exam, a 100-point offline multiple-choice exam. 

The ACT allows universities a single point of comparison for all candidates by evaluating their suitability for the college. The college administrators consider your GPA, LOR (letter of recommendations), high school classes, extracurricular activities, and so on. Students should be aware that the significance of ACT scores in the application procedure varies by school. Your college admissions and financial aid options will grow in direct proportion to your ACT/SAT score. 


Some colleges may value a specific ACT section more than others. For example, when applying to a humanities-focused college or university, higher SAT Reading and Writing scores may be more important than higher SAT Math and Science scores. However, the overall composite score is the most crucial factor in ACT scores and their importance in college admissions.

What is a 24 ACT Score?

The ACT’s Math, Science, Reading, and English components are scored separately, and your ACT Composite Score is the sum of those scores. Since each ACT section is scored out of 36 points, a 24 on the ACT may indicate that a student scored approximately 24 out of all sections or more or less than 24 on different parts. 


If you ask us, “is a 24 on the ACT good? We will say ‘Yes’ because it places you in the 73rd percentile of the country’s 2 million ACT takers. Your score indicates above-average performance in English, math, reading, and science. However, if you feel a 24 isn’t good enough to get you into your first-choice school, consider taking a test prep course to see if you can improve your score. 

What SAT score corresponds to a 24 on the ACT?

Many students may want to know what SAT score is equivalent to a 24 on the ACT or the equal comparison for any other ACT or SAT score. Students who perform well on the American College Testing Program (ACT) can expect similar results on the SAT, but this does not guarantee that they will achieve identical scores on both tests. Some students are better prepared for one test than the other, and as a result, they may perform better on one or both. 


Assuming a student’s ACT and SAT scores are nearly identical, a 24 composite ACT score translates to an 1160 and an 1190 composite SAT score. In terms of percentiles, that range falls somewhere between the 67th and 74th percentiles, putting you roughly in the same place as other test-takers across the United States, if not slightly better placed than the SAT.

Finally, you should compare ACT and SAT scores. So, what should you exactly compare? The averages, medians, and 25th/75th percentile score range for the SAT and ACT at the colleges you want to apply to. Also, do not forget to take practice tests and consider the relative aptitude for, experience, and confidence with both exams. 


Is 24 a good ACT score?

Following our discussion of what a 24 on the ACT means, you may be asking, “is 24 a good ACT score?”

There isn’t any specific answer to whether or not you can get into college with an ACT or a 24 ACT score. GPA, essays, extracurricular activities, the average, and 25th/75th percentile ACT scores play a vital role in college admissions. However, the significance of standardized exam scores cannot be overstated. The ability of a student to gain access to the schools of their choice or to obtain scholarships based on an ACT score determines whether or not the score is considered “excellent.”


Am I eligible for a scholarship with the 24 ACT score?

Several colleges and private organizations make merit-based awards solely on SAT or ACT scores. In some cases, a combination of test results and GPA may be required for admission. Unfortunately, scholarships that do not require SAT or ACT scores are hard to come by.

Standardized tests are undeniably a primary source of anxiety and stress for high school students. This negatively impacts students who are preparing to enter college in their junior and senior years. If you want to get into your dream college and compete for a scholarship, you should relive your glory days of taking the SAT or ACT. However, taking the standardized test is not enough; you must also achieve a high SAT or ACT score!


The medians and averages of ACT scores can help you determine whether your 24 composite ACT score is competitive for the scholarships you’re applying for. In addition, college admissions can help you determine whether your SAT score is competitive.

You may not be eligible for the most prestigious scholarships in the country with a 24 ACT score, but you still have a good chance of receiving various other types of financial aid. A good rule of thumb is to research any scholarships you’re considering applying for and see if your academic record qualifies you.

So now you may want to ask how is a 24 on the act good? Let us find its answer in the following sections.

How is a 24 on the ACT good?

As we previously stated, whether or not a composite ACT score of 24 or any number is reasonable depends on your circumstances and ambitions. Most universities and scholarships accept a composite ACT score of 24 if it is higher than or close to the average or median ACT score for the schools you are applying to. Because every situation is different, you should research the universities that interest you and determine whether a 24 composite score or any other score is appropriate for your situation. However, if you ask us again, “is 24 a good ACT score”? We will definitely say yes! And if you are still not clear, why? Keep with us till the end, and you understand “is a 24 on the ACT good or not”.

Are there any colleges that accept a 24 ACT score?

A 24 on the ACT may not be enough for students hoping to gain admission to one of the country’s most prestigious universities, which typically admit students with ACT scores in the 99th percentile or higher. However, many college options are still available to those who score a 24 on the ACT. And as we mentioned earlier, we will prove our answer for “how is 24 a good ACT score”. Here’s a list of some of the best colleges that accept students with a 24 on the ACT. 

Colleges that accept 24 ACT scores
S. NoName of the UniversityAcceptance RateSAT RangeACT Range
1.Michigan State University76%1100-130023-29
2.San Diego State University37%1090-130022-29
3.University of Delaware66%1150-133022-29
4.University of Alabama80%1070-133023-31
5.University of Kentucky96%1070-128022-29
6.University of Arizona85%1090-135021-29
7.The University of Illinois at Chicago73%1030-125021-29%
8.George Mason University89%1100-130024-30
9.Miami University92%1160-137024-30
10.Texas Tech University70%1070-124022-27
11.Georgia State University82%1030-126020-26
12.The University of Hawaii at Manoa84%1070-128021-27
13.University of California Riverside66%1080-128022-31
14.Utah State University91%1080-133021-29
15.Old Dominion University95%960-117018-25


A 24 on the ACT isn’t necessarily “excellent” but can be considered reasonable. It depends on your situation and goals. Don’t let your ACT score of 24 deter you from applying to colleges that have previously admitted students with ACT scores as high as 32. On the other hand, extracurriculars, awards, academics, or community service activities that are exceptional and strong may be beneficial to gain admission to a school that usually prefers students with higher ACT scores. We hope this article helped you to find the answer for “is 24 a good ACT score” and make the right decision for yourself.

is 24 a good act score


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